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Published at 28th of February 2017 11:58:26 PM

Chapter 11

The white cat that swore vengeance was just lazying on the dragon king’s lap -v1c11 Home Visit

After the event with the 2 thugs and the suspicious man, I checked myself into an Inn and called it a day .

The next day, I headed to Klaus’s place and was greeted with the figure of the 2 individual I met yesterday .
Unlike the town I used to frequent in the past, I do not know anybody in the capital .
The possibility of meeting the same person two days in a row in this busy capital was close to slim .

Yet here they are . My face went stiff when our eyes met .

“Ugh…” -Ruri

“Hehehe, what a coincidence, young lady . ”

“The way you left yesterday was quite something . ”

The smile both of those men gave me was giving me goosebumps . I promptly turned tails and ran .

Throwing out insincere apologies to the people whom I bumped into while running, despite being under the same situation as yesterday, I was unexpectedly calm .

This time around, I entered into an alley with no people on purpose .

The entire road ahead was just a straight line . However, the moment I reached the corner at the far end of the road…

“Aa? Where did she disappear to?”

“We were right behind her the whole time . There’s no way we would lose sight of her! Find her!”

The men were causing a scene on the road .
I was observing the situation behind a small box .


I wore the cat transforming bracelet the moment I made the turn into the corner and hide behind some wooden boxes .

Once I’ve confirmed the voices were gone, I jumped on top of the wooden box and gave myself a pat of relief .

Thanks to their acute sense of smell, demi-humans are able to differentiate the odor emitted by humans and demi-humans .
So it stands to reason that the men chasing me knew I was a human from the get-go .

I kept the bracelet within easy reach just for a situation like this . Nobody would’ve guessed that a human would turn into a cat and hide behind a small box .

The concealment magic infused in the bracelet was one so strong that not even demi-humans with their superior senses were able to see through it . It would be better to say that I’ve actually become a ‘cat’ .
I could actually feel the obsession of the creator .

Thanks to the cat-tify of my outward appearance down to the body odor, I was able to protect myself just like that .

This was a technique I thought of in case I was gonna get into a situation not unlike what I just encountered . To think that I would use it this early…

(I might bump into them again . Better for me to take cat form as much as possible while I’m in the capital . )

With that in mind, I resumed my journey to Klaus’s place in cat form .

In my current form, I can’t hide the fairies like how I did with a robe . So I had them follow me at a distance .

Upon arrival at Klaus’s place, instead of a standard looking house you would come to expect a normal person to have, what the eyes behold was a large mansion .

Looking through the thick front door, the actual entrance to the house itself could be seen at a distance . At first glance, it would be hard to imagine the whole structure of the house .
Just how huge is this place I wonder?…

I was definitely not expecting this since we are talking about Chelsea’s son here .
Self-sufficient Chelsea that lives quietly in the forest, THAT very Chelsea .

What’s even more surprising was the tiger that was standing in front of the thick door .

… That’s right, standing there was without a shred of doubt, a tiger .

The tiger that was covered in yellowish-brown fur had a large physique and fierce looking cat eyes with a thick looking paw that could easily send anybody away flying if punched with .

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was wearing normal clothing and was standing on both its feet, one would mistake him as a normal tiger .
Excluding a small faction in the beast man community, most of them are actually quite gentle . Anybody who doesn’t know that would run the moment they saw the tiger .

The tiger was probably the gatekeeper .

Ignoring the stares he was giving, I started approaching him . However, I was troubled with my current cat appearance .
Only just now that the reality of not being able to return to human form dawned on me .

It’s a good thing that I was able to transform into a cat, and turning back into human form is a simple matter of removing the bracelet that has resized to fit snugly on my wrist .
Here comes the problem: It doesn’t seem that I’ll be able to do that anytime soon with my squishy cat paw pads .

Although fairies are beings that could come in contact with things from the natural world and magical powers, I couldn’t ask for their help while I was in the middle of the street .

If I were to ask for the help of those eager-to-please-me fairies, forget about just one, the whole lot of them would come flocking to me in a heartbeat .

There’s also the method of asking the tiger in front of me to help me with the removal of the bracelet, but I was heavily against that .

I wasn’t courageous enough to extend my weak looking cat’s arm that was even smaller than the finger of the tiger that was in front of me . His huge arm could probably easily break a stone .

My bracelet would definitely be shattered into pieces…

Conversations could be done telepathically, so there’s no rush for me to return to human form . The problem in that is whether the host would agree to meet with a weird cat .

(I would definitely send such suspicious individual away .

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A cat that could speak… Hmm, but there are demi-human from the cat race, so something like a talking cat shouldn’t be that uncommon)

While having such internal monologue, without noticing, I was already standing in front of my destination in no time . Upon seeing me standing frozen in place, a worried fairy approached me .
They probably knew that coming in drove wouldn’t be a good idea, so it was only the one representative .

『Ruri, not entering~?』

『Oh no, I’m entering . I was just deep in thought . Hey, my bracelet . Could you… ah, someone is coming out . 』-Ruri

Since the fairy came at a good time, I was thinking of having him remove my bracelet . However, before that could happen, a well-dressed person emerged from within the door .

The gatekeeper tiger gave a bow respectfully and gave his greeting to the person .
I wasn’t sure if it was the owner of the house, but he was definitely a resident of this house .

He had scarlet colored straight hair and light yellow colored eyes .
From his intellectual oozing appearance, my guess is that he was about 30 something in age .
However, looks could be deceiving for demi-humans . So in truth, he could very much younger or older that that .

When I first laid eyes upon this person, I somehow instinctively knew that he’s Chelsea’s son, even though his appearance is nothing like Chelsea’s .

While pondering on why I thought that was the case, noticing that our gaze met, the man walked towards my direction .

However, instead of me, he was aiming his sight at the fairy that was beside me .

“That’s quite a rare combination, a fairy and a cat . What are you doing in such a place?”

Because he was sending that line of questioning at the fairy, I butted in .

『Ah, I’m the one here to see you . 』-Ruri

At first, The man showed a slightly shocked expression when I telepathically answered him . However, he quickly gave a smile and take up a kind demeanor akin to talking to a small child by squatting to my height and concentrated on me .
As I thought, even if it’s kinda uncommon for a cat to be able to express its will in this world, it’s not something that would cause havoc or anything .

“Are you here for something?”

『Are you Chelsea’s son, Klaus? My name is Ruri . I was asked to run an errand by Chelsea-san, thus my visit today . 』-Ruri

“Ahh, yes . I’m Klaus . So you’re Ruri? It’s true that my mother told me that she would send me a helper…” -Klaus

Klaus gave a doubting gaze .

To proof that I was telling the truth, I opened up my alternative space in front of Klaus .
A letter came dropping out from the opening, which Klaus promptly caught and gave his confirmation about my identity after seeing his mother’s writing on the front of the letter .

“This is my mother’s handwriting alright .

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I apologize for the rudeness . You’re welcome to enter my home . ” -Klaus

Before anything, I really wanted to have my bracelet removed . However, since I’ve missed the chance to do that yet again, I followed behind Klaus in my cat form .

I had trouble deciding on where to sit after entering the room, but Klaus kindly pointed out a big sofa which I then jumped onto and sat in the middle of .

Soon after, someone which I presume was working as a servant in this mansion appeared with a plate . He placed the plate on the table in front of me and promptly poured milk into it . Right…

I regretted not turning back into human form when I had the chance .

All the while, Klaus was reading the content of the letter I gave him with a frown on his face .
After some time has passed, he rubbed his temple and gave a sigh while looking at me .

“May I ask a few questions?” -Klaus

『Yeah, please go on . 』-Ruri

“How long did you know my mother for?” -Klaus

『About 2 years, give or take . 』-Ruri

After that, he continued to ask me a few more questions which I answered honestly .
Most of it was concerning life in the forest and the general wellbeing of Chelsea . Halfway through, I passed Klaus the herb that Chelsea had requested me to give him .

“Lastly, in my mother’s letter, she mentioned that your magic power attracts fairies . But there is only one fairy beside you…”

『Oh, I asked the rest of them to stay away from me . If too many of them gather around me while I was on the street, there will be a huge commotion .
I could call them over if you like . 』-Ruri

Excluding the one fairy that is currently with me, I could feel the presence of other fairies anxious to know whether it was their turn to be beside me or not right now from outside the window .

Since Klaus was interested anyways, I gave the okay to the fairies outside after receiving his permission . Then, the fairies came pouring in into the room one after another, filling the whole place in an instant .

Upon seeing the army of fairies that overtook his house, Klaus straightens his body in shock and gave a dead eye look .
As for me, since I wasn’t expecting this many of them to gather here, I gave out a weird fake smile that caused my mouth to twitch uncontrollably . My cat whisker was making a dance on its own, going up and down, up and down .

Other than the usual fairies that had followed me from the forest, it seems that the fairies that were natively from the Capital joined the ranks of my fairy minion . Mayhem ensues .

『Wah, so this girl is Ruri? Nice to meet you』

『It’s a white cat~』

『She smaller than rumored, though?』

『Her magic power is so comfortable~』

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Because the fairies were all stating their opinions all at once, it was very noisy .
And because they were telepathically sending their thoughts, the action of me cupping my ear does not help at all .

As I was covering both my ears with my paw, I could see that Klaus was doing the same thing as me with his hand .
Although we know that this action in itself was useless, we still did it nonetheless .

『Everybody, stop, STOP~!! My head is splittinggggg』-Ruri

After saying that a few times, the fairies finally quieted down .
It would be bad if the same thing happened again, so I asked that the fairies from the capital to leave the room, and only the ones that accompanied me from the forest to stay .

After both I and Klaus gave a sigh of relief, we continued with our conversation .

“Fairies are indeed attracted to your magic power . ” -Klaus

After accepting the truth in front of him, Klaus pause for a thought . He then resumed the conversation with a serious face .

“If that is so, I won’t be able to look after you here . ” -Klaus

I was fully prepared to make this place my home for the duration of my visit here . Upon listening to the rejection Klaus gave me, I can’t help but ask him for the reason .

『Eh?! Why is that?』-Ruri

At first, I thought the reason was because the fairies semi-tortured him with the barrage of questions a while ago . But Klaus said that that was not the case .

“I’m sure you’ve heard this from my mother, but your existence is something really rare . Be it in the Dragon Kingdom, or any other country for that matter .
The security over here is seriously lacking… A better place would be the castle . ” -Klaus

『There’s really no need to go that far for me in my opinion…』-Ruri

This is the castle the Dragon King is living that we are talking about .
Just the thought of staying in this huge mansion alone was already overwhelming enough for me . I would definitely not be able to relax at all if I were to stay in the royal castle .

“No, If it was up to me, that wouldn’t even be enough . The thought of anything happening to you is something I wouldn’t dare think about . ” -Klaus

“I will first go over to the royal castle to ask for the permission of his majesty . I’ll be back real soon, so please don’t leave this house no matter what!” -Klaus

Without even waiting for my answer, Klaus left the house in a hurry .

『Ah, before that, could you help me with my brace…』

The sound of the door closing finished my sentence .

(What should I do…)

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