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Published at 13th of May 2018 06:44:38 AM

Chapter 23

A lot of time has passed since Chelsea began to live in the Cursed Forest . Selfishly living alone was nice and quiet except when my son and grandchildren came occasionally . The quiet was broken two years ago .

Two years is a short time for someone of the dragon family, but Ruri had made a strong impression .  
After Ruri left, Chelsea repeatedly made the mistake of making meals for two people every day .
She got used to living alone again gradually recently .
As Chelsea was making a meal for the afternoon, she felt someone come through barrier stretched around the house .
In recognition to the well-known magical power, she headed to the front door to welcome the visitor .
Immediately, before she even got to the door, Chelsea’s eyes widened when she saw the fairies who entered without hesitating .

"Chelsea! Please listen to me!”- Ruri

Chelsea hesitates, and says with a complaining voice .

"No . . . no matter where you are, so noisy, so what are you doing?” - Chelsea

Chelsea sighs, and Ruri speaks quickly of the conversation she overheard between King Nadasha and the priests .

"Oh, I knew about that,”- Chelsea

Ruri looks at Chelsea with a surprised face .  

"You knew, Chelsea knew !?”- Ruri

Chelsea directed Ruri to a chair, and got tea leaves from the shelves and starts preparing tea .

"Well, have you met my grandchild Joshua?”-Chelsea

“Did Joshua tell you about Nadarsia’s Shrine Maiden… When I looked at the prophecy written about Shrine Maiden, there was a funny part . “- Chelsea

"A funny part?”- Ruri

"That's right, even though it is an old prediction, it seems that some of the text was quite new .
Especially about the appearance of the Shrine Maiden there was a trace as if it was added recently . It seems that handwriting was from the chief priest's official“- Chelsea

"Why do they do that?”- Ruri

Chelsea placed the tea in front of Ruri then sat opposite her . She took a sip of her own tea and started talking .

“The King of Nadarsia wants a war because he wants the land of the Dragon Kingdom .
And the upper part of Nadarsia's church is a monumental goddess . When the war starts, the people pray to God for safety and pay a great deal to the church . That's why he wants a war . “- Chelsea

Ruri becomes uncomfortable thinking about the King and the Priests, but she continues to listen to Chelsea’s story without saying anything .

"But Nadarsia does not have anybody who wants to fight, there was a moderate faction who opposed the war because of internal domestic affairs . That power kept the king trying to advance the war . “- Chelsea

“So why is war going to happen?”- Ruri

"The King and the Chief Priest chose to make a presence of a Shrine Maiden to advance the war .
The people who were exhausted by the collection of war and taxes would have hoped for the Shrine Maiden to give prosperity .  And if the shrine maiden recommended war, they thought they could go to war . Anyone who could be the Shrine Maiden was good .  However, since there was a good-looking girl among those summoned, they chose her to be the Shrine Maiden . “- Chelsea

"For that reason …………”- Ruri

Although it was expected to some extent from the conversation she overheard between the king and the priest chief, Ruri received another shock .

Although she is unwilling to accept, she is still calm inside . Ruri says a doubt .

"Well, The King did not have to summon us all . Isn’t it fine to make someone in Nadarsia the Shrine Maiden? Anyone says it's good life…“- Ruri

“The King wanted the Shrine Maiden to be summoned, in order to emphasize her as being someone special .  The citizens of Nadarsia will not trust the moderate, and those who are summoned to it do not know anything about the state of Nadarsia . He thought it was easy to handle . “- Chelsea

“…………”- Ruri​

She got caught up in Asahi’s way of doing things again . The protest came to her head, but she only felt resignation again . If only she had stayed away from Asahi and her friends . Why was it Ruri . Why couldn’t I have stayed in the other world? It was just a bad luck . Complex emotions that can not be reigned in swirl through the Chosen One .

“Will you continue?”- Ruri

Chelsea nodded and starts speaking calmly .

“Asahi was told her childhood friend was kidnapped by the Dragon Kingdom, and the King suggested war with the Dragon Kingdom when he was the one who exiled you .  Nadarsia worships a unique god, not a spirit, and they have strong faith in the power of the church, but believing in God is not the same as believing in the summoned Shrine Maiden .  When the faeries went on strike and the priest could not use magic, because the priest did not believe the Shrine Maiden, it became clear that Asahi had no effect on the magic power . However those who believed in the existence of the Shrine Maiden believed in her words and wanted war, and the weakened opposition faction could not resist . ”- Chelsea

When Ruri heard the story from Chelsea, she appeared uncomfortable . She was afraid to look at Chelsea's face .

"That's pretty much my fault …”- Ruri

Asahi had been saying, it is definitely a matter of war that her friend was kidnapped by Dragon Kingdom .
And it was probably the retribution that the faeries had done for the sake of the Chosen One as a result of the Priests being unable to use magic .

"Although it would have been an opportunity, even if there was not a Chosen One, the result did not change because the King would have manipulated the result . ”- Chelsea

"But if the faeries had not taken the magic away, it would not have been used as fuel for the war . ”- Ruri

Ruri thought of the conversation she overheard, the voice of the king and the priest chief who both cunningly smiled while talking about the present situation of the citizens, and she attacked by a terrible feeling of guilt .

"It's okay, you could not have known the faeries had taken revenge on Nadarsia, and so I told you the truth . I protected you and send you to Dragon Kingdom after you were exiled to the forest .  That's why you can not feel guilty about it . “- Chelsea

Ruri is relieved to hear that . She felt sick that strangers will die from their war .

"If we defeat the current royal powers, We can leave Nadasha to the people . . . . . . . . . So, what do you want to do Ruri?“- Chelsea


"You said you wanted to beat the people who where summoned together with you and the leaders of Nadarsia? Those who were summoned together with you would not be as severely punished as they were victims, but the leaders will be severely punished, it would be better to consult with the Dragon King first . “- Chelsea

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"I am very angry, so angry that my anger surely pierces the sky, but right now I can not think about that”- Ruri

It is still a big shock to know the unreasonable truth that Nadarsia is not ruled in aim or prosperity but ruled by powerful men who where power hungry and had private interests .

"In the first place, Ruri, what are you depressed about?”- Chelsea

"I never wanted to fight for a reason like that!" Ruri said .  "Why me! Hmm? Do not you think?“

"That was something I thought from the beginning .  If you had not been brought to Nadarsia - or to this world as a Chosen One, you would still be ignoring the will of the faeries? “

“………surely I would be”

Chelsea is right .
War is coming, but for the sake of helping, the Chosen One has nothing to do, and the fact that she has been thrown away in the forest with innocent sin will not change either .
As Ruri thought of it she felt a little calmer .
. . . . . . . . . But in the last two years Ruri had become accustomed to the life of this world . And the obsession with the world she lived in before had faded a little . But as she thought of the desire of the King and the Chief Priest, to have a war, She thought about how nice it would be to be home . Ruri can not keep the emotions down and speaks again .

"But I still think about my old world .  If it was okay to have anyone from my world, if I had only left home five minutes later, I wonder if everything would be different .  If only I hadn't got up early to go to university, why I did not get away from Asahi and her friends at that time, whyyy! “- Ruri

"yeah, I guess you would have avoided coming here . . . ”

With regret Ruri starts banging her head on the desk with a bang bang .  Originally, even if a path opens, a road big enough to accommodate people does not open .  Even if there were a Chosen One there, the path between the worlds would only be big enough to pass a couple of pebbles from underfoot .  Nadarsia's summoning was not only big enough to accommodate one person, but multiple people, and to designate the exit to be one of the rooms of the castle . It was designated to a room where people do not necessarily come . Nadasha's chief priest, though he is deranged and erratic , seems to have been a top - ranking person in terms of ability, so as to pave the way to the place where people gather and to improve the life of the citizens by repeated research . The first time the Priest opened a road, all that came though was beams of light .
When the road opened to the palace that day it was bad luck that Ruri was there .  However, it is truly poor to point out the bad luck of the Chosen One any further so Chelsea stopped .  

"Does Ruri hate being in this world? It looks like you're living happily in my eyes, though? “
"It's fun - a life that is not bothered by Asahi has been my dream for a long time, and here there is Chelsea and Jade and I am happy every day .  However how pleasant it is, I really want to see my family .  I never see them again . “

I never thought long ago that I would miss my parents as I have over this past year . I would like to see what I would like to see, regardless of whether I am a child who is forever separated from my parents .
However, it seems not to have been transmitted to Rin until now .
Distorting facial expressions, Ruri remembered the conversation she heard earlier .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . Ha ha! Yes, they said that if they wanted, they could call out new people .
If we investigate the method, we may learn something about how to go between worlds!“- Ruri

Ruri said with joy in her face as she found hope, but Rin finally cut it down .

"Oh, that's impossible . You can come from over there, but those with a physical body can not pass the boundary between worlds .  Once you come here, you can not return . “- Rin

Ruri had suffered from these troubles for the past few years and was exposed with the answer of the question which she was searching for, and she saw the faerie with expressions of tragedy .

“Rin………”- Ruri

“I told you the truth, and the results it wont change, right? “-Rin

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"Yes, but there are things that can not easily be thrown away ………”- Ruri

Ruri sighed darkly above the table .

"Why was I brought here, I can't go home!”
Ruri pouted and  didn't speak for a minute, like a spoiled child .
One way, only once, I can not think of a way to get home .
In contrast to Ruri, Rin was calm .

"It's no use, because it's something complicated like that . I can not do anything about it .
You should give up and live here and become a bride, right?“ - Rin

"Bride . . . . . . married to a place where even letters do not reach . . . . . . …”- Ruri

"Oh, if it is a message position I can deliver it”- Rin

The moment she heard the words from Rin, Ruri jumped up vigorously .

"Can you !?”- Ruri

Ruri grabbed the faerie that was floating above her head and brought it in front of her face . Ruri's face is sharp and afraid with eyes that are desperate 

"You can, you can! Before that, it is hurts!“ -Rin

Rin who escaped from the hand of Ruri settles on the table and breathes a sigh of relief .

"From here to Ruri's world the road opens at a certain periods . I do not know where or how big that way will be . But most of them are not big enough to pass people .  By the way, Nadarsia's summoning is to designate the entrance of this side of the road and increase the speed and transfer people .  And the road is a single road from there to here . As long as you have a physical body it will not change .  But we spirits have no physical body like a man . “ - Rin

"Well, if you are a spirit ………” -Ruri

"Yes, we can come and go as soon as the road opens .  And go over there to tell Ruri's words and take a message to your family . “ - Rin

The fact that she can at least get in touch, makes Ruri's expressions clear and bright .
Chelsea felt some doubt and said .

"But Ruri's parents are human beings, if there is not enough magical power to see the spirits, they won't be able to relay the message?” - Chelsea

"Oh my, You can see my body now, I have entered a physical body now . ” - Rin

Chelsea is convinced and nodded .
After getting over to the other world the faerie can get a body, they can then tell the message to Ruri's family .

"Will Ruri's parents believe the message, if there no faeries or magic over there?” - Chelsea

"I think that my parents are fine for that point . ” - Ruri

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Ruri said with confidence .
Both of my parents, are strong willed and bodied .
And there was something she began to wonder recently .
Maybe her mother and grandfather would have a similar body ……… .

"Hey, anything else? Is there anything else Ruri is uneasy about?“ - Rin

Rin asked Ruri anxiously .

“Rin?… . ” - Ruri

"Kotarou was saying .  Ruri is alone in this world . You still miss seeing your family .  Because I want Ruri to laugh, I want to make Ruri less lonesome even a little .  So I told myself to go see Ruri . “ - Rin

"Kotarou said such a thing ………” - Ruri

Kotarou who understands the heart of the Chosen One without worrying about it and worries for her wellbeing .
Ruri reconfirmed the faithful dog of Kotaro and was impressed .  And she wanted to embrace that massive body gently .

"Everyone is worried about Ruri .  I can not be Ruri's parent, but I can become something similar to a parent .  It may be lonely, but I and the spirits are now Ruri's family . “ - Chelsea

Chelsea pats Ruri’s head with a PonPon, and Ruri’s eyes tear up .

"Yes, thank you” - Ruri

Chelsea and Rin smile at Ruri, where nature and a soft smile both come to mind .
Chelsea 's movement suddenly ceases when a gentle breeze comes through the house .
Maybe because she was the Chosen one, Ruri noticed that someone came through the boundary around Chelsea's house .
But Ruri knows that Chelsea  only lets strong people through her barrier, so both Ruri and Chelsea are calm .

"It looks like a customer,” - Chelsea

“Oh, there are a lot of visitors today . . . . . . . . . , this magical power . . . … . ” - Chelsea

Chelsea stood from her seat to welcome guests, but stopped its movement due to the presence of certain magical powers .
As I was wondering why this visitor came, the door of the front door was beaten hard, as Chelsea stopped moving, Chelsea headed for the front door in a hurry .

"This was an unexpected welcome,”

Chelsea 's polite tone sounds a little from the front door, and while thinking about who it is Ruri is drinking tea sweetly,  she freezes when she hears the voice .

"Chelsea, is Ruri here?”

Ruri eyes widened listening to the distressed voice that could be heard clearly from the door .

"Why is Jade here!?"

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