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Published at 29th of May 2018 09:46:41 PM

Chapter 24

CHAPTER 24 - The Misunderstanding I solved .



Joshua, who had just arrived back to the castle, put his hand on his shoulder and massaged the muscles . He cracked his neck while heading to the kings office .
When he knocked on the door of the office, he could hear a voice through the door, the reply was from Euclase, not the king .
After entering the room he found the King was not in sight, Euclace was there . Ewan was also in the King’s office, which was odd because he was not granted permission to enter the first district after his quarrel with the Chosen One .

“Where is his Highness? And why are you here? Have you reconciled with Ruri? That whole situation made me feel bad . “ - Joshua

Ewan glanced at Joshua and his mood worsened .

“I had to get my work from here because Finn is not here to get it for me, and because Ruri has left the castle, I did not think there was a problem . ”- Ewan

"What, Ruri left the castle?” - Joshua

“The King left the Kingdom and went to pick her up from Chelsea's house, they had just got back from Spirit Kingdom . But thanks to my tireless efforts while they are gone none of the work should be wrong . “ - Euclase

"ah I see” - Joshua

As he agreed Joshua looked at Ewan . If the King had gone out, Finn would have followed as he is the Kings guard and escort .
The brocon that would have been waiting for Finn’s return would have been disappointed to learn that he had followed the King chasing after the Chosen One .

"I do not mind that you love your older brother, but do not be cruel to Ruri” - Joshua

Joshua warns Ewan with a joking tone, but Ewan’s face still shows an irritated emotion toward the King who had dragged Finn out of the palace in search of Ruri .
The tone is light, but the thought of the consequences behind Ewan’s irritation is serious .
Ewan has already angered the spirits twice .
Joshua has appealed to the King so that Ewan will not meet Ruri, but it will be impossible to make them never meet .
Joshua will explore the first district, and since Ewan is high in the class order he roams the upper districts of ​​the castle .
Keep in mind that Ewan is not very forgiving of anyone close to Finn .
Ewan received the document from Euclase, did not reply to Joshua's comment and went out of the office without even glance in his direction .

“Oh well, it’ll be hard for Ewan to meet Ruri . ” - Joshua

"Totally . . . . . . . . . . Even if it does not involve Finn, she’s a good girl who is patient, a hard worker that can also give consideration to those under her . Can't you advise Ewan a little more seriously? “ - Euclase

"That is my father asking me . He has such a personality” - Joshua

Euclase sighs, and gives up the conversation .

“So, why did Ruri run away?”- Joshua

"I think she went to visit Nadarsia on a sunny day, not as a runaway, which is what the rumors circulating through the Kingdom say . ” - Euclase

“Ah-ha, there is a rumour that maybe the Shrine Maiden is a conspiracy of the King?” - Joshua

"Did you not tell Ruri?” - Euclase

"But even if Ruri was thought of as kidnapped by Nadarsia's Shrine Maiden, it has only brought the start of a war quicker  than expected . I am ready to fight a war, but when fighting and the enemy is in front of me and everyone else is fighting and killing  easily, I get angry at the slaughter and don't want to fight anymore .  Moreover, Euclase you are too smart, and it seems to get in the way of your fighting, so keep to your books . ” - Joshua

"I'm angry if thats the way you think,” - Euclase

Euclace responded immediately .
Bring it, if his intelligence gets in the way, he can rely on instinct .
But if he only see’s human life as a target, he would even feel nauseous seeing his own people .

"Well, I will appreciate that my grandmother is good . She should let Ruri know the situation . However, it is best to tell his Majesty that Ruri was summoned to Nadarsia soon . The war starts soon with Nadarsia, doesn’t it?" - Joshua

"Well, that's right . Let's talk to Ruri as soon as she get’s home . ” - Euclase


“Chelsea, is Ruri here?” - Jade

"Yes, she is here . ” - Chelsea

Jade is reassured by Chelsea's answer .

Meanwhile, in the room Jade was about to enter, Ruri was frantically looking around .

"How come Jade is here? I properly wrote a letter but did he not read it?” - Ruri

"Hey, isn't the human you fine?" - Rin

Ruri tilts her head in reaction to Rin’s .

“What?” - Ruri

“You aren't hiding your human self, are you?“ - Rin

" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ha ha! It would be bad if they knew”- Ruri

After a brief silence, Ruri remembered her appearance and panicked .
She was in a good place, but she will be in trouble if she stays like this .

"Bracelet -! Where is the bracelet!” - Ruri

While trying to remember where the bracelet was left, it seems that Jade had entered the corridor and the footsteps were approaching the room .
Bad, this was very bad .

"It was in the pocket of your robe surely” - Rin

"Yes, my robe!” - Ruri

Returning to a human just before entering Chelsea's house, Ruri remembered that the robes she was wearing were put in her dimensional space, the space looked after by the time spirit . Ruri took out the robes from the space and hid behind the furniture quickly ruffling through her robe looking for the bracelet .

Just at that time Chelsea, and behind her Jade, Klaus and Finn who were both short of breath due to desperately sticking to the speed of Jade, burst in .

"Ruri, where are you?” - Jade

Chelsea looks around the room, but she can not see the appearance of the Chosen One seated in the chair so and she tilts her head .
After a little while Ruri appeared from the shadow of the furniture . In the form of a cat .

"Ruri? You… why a cat …"

`Ni ~yaa unya ~tsu!!’

Ruri cries hurriedly as she can not let Chelsea's words asking why she became a cat be heard .

Chelsea, who saw something about the appearance of the lapis, closed her mouth quickly .

(Phew, that was close) - Ruri

Ruri was in a cold sweat but breathed a sigh of relief .
As Rin approached Chelsea to explain the circumstances, Ruri faces Jade .

"Jade, what's wrong?“- Ruri

When Jade looks at Ruri's appearance, he relaxes his expression for a moment, but then his expression quickly becomes sad .
Jade bends over his knees in-front of Ruri .

"Ruri, why did you run away from home? If there is something you do not like, I can change it, you only have to tell me . So why don’t you return home? “

"Yes? Running away from home? “

Ruri wonders why they said running away from home . It was Klaus who finally breathed in and answered Ruri’s question .

"Because you wrote that ‘I am going, I am leaving home’, on the letter you left behind, your Majesty thinks that you ran away from home . ” - Klaus

"Ruri, If you leave something like that, it would be natural to worry . Why did not tell someone directly? “ - Chelsea

Chelsea looks at Ruri as if she is amazed .

"No, I thought that words wouldn’t be passed on with the atmosphere . But, did I write home? I intended to have written  castle . “ - Ruri

"Because you wrote it with such perfection that only some words can be read, of course this would happen” - Chelsea

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Well . Ruri can not refute the words of Chelsea .

However, Ruri had no courage to disturb Euclase who works like a demon, and even she said something to a person in the neighborhood, she thought that if they heard her say she was leaving, they would follow .

It seems that Ruri thought it would cause a different problem if she went out after getting permission .

"Oh, uh, Jade?
I am sorry for making you worry . I wanted to write something like going out, not running away from home . “ -Ruri

"Are you just going out?” - Jade

Ruri nodded many times .

“Really” - Jade

At last Jade seems to be convinced, and his expression loosens to a smile .
Behind him, Klaus had dropped his shoulders as if it was exhausted, “So, Isn’t that what Euclase said?”

I do not put out Finn, but it looks tired like Klaus .

Chelsea begins to prepare tea for whenever they felt that they needed a break .

While the tea is being prepared, Jade put Ruri on his lap, which is becoming a common place for Ruri to lie, and the dragon king was in ultimate happiness .

Although Klaus and Finn did not care about the familiar sight, they where enjoying the tea that Chelsea gave them, but Chelsea was watching it with an indescribable expression .

Jade who raised his eyes suddenly saw figure of the Sea Angel sitting in a cup of water and remembered the story he heard in the Spirit Kingdom .

"Ruri . I heard about it when I was in the Spirit Kingdom, but the Spirit King said you have contracted with three spirits of the highest rank and have made the wind and water spirits your named subordinates .
Does this Sea Angel have a faerie in it?“ - Jade

"Yeah, call me Rin" Rin responds in his spirited way, but Ruri is confused .

"Who is my subordinate?
I have a contract with the spirit called Lydia, but I have not contracted with Rin and Kotarou . “ - Ruri

Klaus and Fin were surprised at Ruri’s words, and Jade was sure that she didn’t know “Did not you know that it is the same?” .

"It couldn’t be helped when you named Kotarou, but did you not know when you named Rin?” - Chelsea

"No, because Rin hurried me to give her a name .
. . . . . . . . . What does it mean if a faerie is named?“ - Ruri

“Naming a faerie is one way of contracting .
The contract that you and Lydia have is a contract where the spirit and the contractor are equal to the end .
But the contract made by giving a name to a spirit is a more binding contract than your contract with Lydia . “ - Chelsea

After Chelsea’s explanation, Rin adds information that Ruri didn’t know .

"Well, for example if you order Lydia and I too kill someone . . ” - Rin

"I would not say such a thing!“ - Ruri

"I know, it’s just for example .
If that happened, Lydia, who made an equal contract, can refuse your order, but I can not refuse it because I am named and a subordinate .
If you name a faerie, you have control over them“ - Rin

Ruri did not know such a thing, she had named them both so lightly  that she has no right to call Kotarou, I am stunned that I did something serious .

“I did such a thing . . . . . . …" - Ruri

"Do not think so deeply” - Rin

Unlikeruri who received this new seriously, Rin was unexpectedly different .

"I think you heard it earlier but Kotarou and I are some of the most powerful faeries in this world .
You had enough power to reach Kotarou and I .
So you can name us . . . . If I do not like being your subordinate, I’ll kill you .
However, you didn’t dislike Kotarou on the contrary you seemed happy, weren’t you?“ - Rin

“Yup” - Ruir

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The thought of Kotarou who comes gladly every time Ruri calls, he does not seem to hate being her subordinate .

“Then to answer that .
I thought that if Kotarou wanted to be a subordinate to Ruri, It would be fine for you to give me a name .
It was me who asked for a name as well . I would not have said such a thing if I did not like it .
. . . . . . . . . Besides, Ruri you will not do anything unreasonable to us, right?“ - Rin

“I wont” - Ruri

Ruri nodded without hesitation .

"Hehehe, At first, I was trusting what Kotaro told me, but now I know and love Ruri .
I think its nice for Ruri to have named me . “ - Rin

"I also love Rin! “ - Ruri

Ruri and Rin hug and rub their cheeks .

On the pretty sight of a White Cat and Sea Angel seems to be agonising, Chelsea's expression collapses watching the sight .

. . . . . . . If it feels that nice then, we also like Ruri! The faeries who where watching gathered together and rushed towards Ruri and Rin, and the shout of the buried Ruri echoes through the house .


They all return to the Dragon Kingdom .

"Well, let's go . ” - Jade

"Oh, come back anytime” - Chelsea

Like before, Chelsea watches Ruri as if she were her mother, then turned her eyes to her real son .

"Klaus, you seem to have said some strange things to Ruri” - Chelsea

“What about?” - Klaus

“Before Ruri arrived at the castle, I heard you said to Ruri that it was good that the Cherished One was not a human being?
Finn also agreed” - Chelsea

Klaus and Fin faced each other and tilted their heads .

"It must have been told that way because Ruri is unfamiliar to common sense .
Don’t confuse it, the Dragon race are aware of how humans can be . “ - Klaus

Chelsea who had heard the reason from Rin about why Ruri was in cat form, and that Klaus had only tried to tell Ruri of the dangers of the humans . Scolded Finn .

However, Ruri had been convinced that humans where bad, and Klaus and Finn where wrong to tell her that .
They thought about what they said - did they say that? It seems like they did .

However, it seems that they’ll remember a little later .

"That said, It may be because listening to the report about Nadarsia from Joshua, it was good that the Cherished One wasn’t like the King and Priest, so full of greed, and so they said it was good, that she was not a human . “

(They are awful humans…)

Again the cause is the King and Priest of Nadarsia again .
The first time Ruri literally had murderous intentions for them .

"Did you solve the misunderstanding after our talk?” - Chelsea

Chelsea approaches Ruri and secretly says .

"Yes, thank you” - Ruri

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Ruri feels indebted to Chelsea .
This time Ruri secretly decided, in appreciation, she would buy a gift for Chelsea .

On the way back home, Jade's body changed to a dragon . Ruri asked Jade .

“Jade," - Ruri

“What?“ - Jade

This was the first time Jade spoke telepathically, and Ruri felt a bit shocked by the voice that sounded directly in her head .

"When I return, there is something that I kept a secret from you, will you listen?” - Ruri

“A secret? Isn’t it useless now?“ - Jade

"There is something that I want Joshua to explain, and it will be troublesome if you are shocked too much . ” - Ruri

"What, Joshua knows?” - Jade

After Jade hears that Joshua knows the secret, Jade has a somewhat rebellious voice .
Afterwards, Ruri hears a booming laughing sound from the dragon .

"I'm looking forward to this amazing story . ” - Jade

Ruri is surprised . Her heart thumps .

And then Ruri suddenly remembers Kotarou .

He said that he would change his body to enter the kingdom, but he still had not come to see Ruri .
Where is he and what is he doing?

"Hey, Rin . When did you last see Kotarou?” - Ruri

"If you ask me, it has been a while since then . ” - Rin

It was Jade who answered that question .

"If that spirit is Kotarou, we met in the Spirit Kingdom .
He claimed a body of the Holy Beast of the Spirit Kingdom and then left saying that he would go to see Ruri, did not he rendezvous with you yet?” - Jade

"Er! Kotarou! What kind of body are you getting!?“ - Ruri

At that time, Kotarou who got a new body is . . . . . . . . . .
He was still in a town in the Spirit Kingdom .

"Well, Holy Beast, how about this one?” - Villager

"I am not a Holy Beast but a spirit . ” - Kotarou

"Either way, It does not matter .
How about that? “ - Villager

"Umm . . . . . . . . . let's get it” - Kotarou

"I will wrap it for you now!” - Villager

Because he came all the way to the Spirit Kingdom, Kotaro had went to the town to ask for a souvenir for Ruri .

A Holy Beast emergerging into the town made the people in the town surprised, and they caused a bit of a fuss .
The body is of a Holy animal, but when the Beast declared that it was a spirit, the townspeople realised the reason the Holy Beast was in such a city and they settled down .

But the people in the town who came to the conclusion that the Holy Beast was a gift from the God’s, offered a souvenir either way .

And among the souvenirs Kotarou found a variety of things that Ruri might like .

It might take some more time for Kotarou to get back to Ruri .

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