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Published at 20th of June 2018 08:14:06 AM

Chapter 29

The hidden stairs found in the summoning room .

Ruri’s cat form is small, and it is likely she will be stepped on, so she is picked up Joshua, and they descend the stairs .
Everyone looks at Joshua with envy, and Ruri feels the tension disappear, but we couldn’t afford it at such a time .

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, it was dim and there was  a bad smell of moisture, there was a heavy iron door .

Slight light and speech are leaking out from inside .

Ruri jumped off of Joshua and went to Kotarou’s side, Joshua signalled with his eyes, one of the soldiers opened the door and the others rushed into the room all at once .

Ruri could hear a violent bustle from the inside the room .
In that Ruri heard the voice of Joshua impatiently saying “Damn, I really can’t use magic!”

Cautiously looking into the room, unlike the dimly lit outside, the interior is bright and things are clearly visible .

Because magic can not be used, Joshua was battling the Priests one after another using weapons and martial arts .
Although they are priest’s who attack with the Faerie killing magic, they do not have any endurance or strength otherwise, and they are knocked down to the ground one after another .
Even if magic can not be used, Joshua and his soldiers have the strength of the Dragon Kin . It was hard to avoid killing the enemy .

As the number of enemies is larger than I expected, it will take some time yet, but Ruri is relieved that Joshua seems to be doing okay without magic, next she looks closely at the interior .

The interior was about the same size as the summoning room, it was quite a beautiful room .
However, one thing that is different from the room above is that a huge magic square was drawn on the floor of the room, which was shining light .

"Kotarou, is that Faerie Killing magic? Im sure the magic being used is summoning magic . ” - Ruri

"Ah . Summoning magic called Ruri here .
Opening the road between worlds requires considerable magical power . I guess they were compensating by taking magic from this world .
I feel the magic power flowing in that magic square . It's an unpleasant sign . ” - Kotarou

Ruri could also feel the power flowing in the magic square .
And when she understood the meaning behind it, Ruri had a bad feeling .

"Hey, the power flowing in that magic square, is it because they are trying to summon people again?” - Ruri

“Probably" - Kotarou

They are trying to bring out more victims? For their selfish reasons .
Do they realised how much Ruri suffered and grieved, due to being summoned?

Ruri felt anger that could not be suppressed .
And soon she could not stop .

Looking around the hall, she found the root of all the evil, the High Priest, and Ruri appeared before him .

“Ruri!” - Kotarou

Kotarou called out to Ruri, but it fell on deaf ears, as the blood rushed to her head .

"This bastard -!” - Ruri

Ruri’s sharp claws, which she had sharpened for this day, scratched the cheeks of the High Priest .

"What is this cat!?” - Priest

The High Priest held the wounds on his cheek, he saw Ruri and was frightened .

"I think this is over!” - Ruri

“HIIIIII” - Priest

At that time, as Ruri jumped towards the Priest again, the Priest took out a transparent stone from the box behind him and threw it towards Ruri .

Immediately after an explosion occurred .

“Nyahhh!” - Ruri

In a moment Kotarou became a shield in front of Ruri, and he made a wall of wind that protected everyone from the explosion, no one injured .
However, in the blast, Ruri’s small form tumbles onto the floor .

"Is everything okay, Ruri?” - Joshua

Ruri is rescued by Joshua and she says her thanks in a shaky voice whilst swaying unsteadily .

"Thank you, Joshua . . . . . . . . . . What the hell was that just now?” - Ruri

“I don’t know what it was” - Joshua

Only thing Ruri can remember was the stone . She did not know why the explosion occurred .

When she looked around the room, she could see the influence of the explosion, the ceiling was burned and crumbling in some places .
The priests were rolling on the floor, and the High Priest was detained by Kotarou's wind .

“Kotarou . ” - Ruri

"Is everything okay, Ruri?” - Kotarou

"Yeah . What was it?” - Ruri

“It might be kind of like a magical tool, simian to the bracelet you are wearing .
As with Faerie Killing magic, the power was absorbed by the stone, and the explosion occurred shortly afterwards .
I never thought that you could make such a thing . . . … . ” - Kotarou

When he heard Kotarou’s explanation, Joshua’s expression becomes impatient and he checks the box behind the High Priest .
Inside, there were transparent stones, like the one that caused the explosion earlier, of various sizes large and small piled up like a mountain .

"If this was used in war . . . . . . .
Hey, get a report to Finn soon!
Magic will be useless, and if a big explosion happens now, even the sturdy dragon tribe will cease!” - Joshua

Joshua's voice bellows, and a single soldier leaves the room with a stiff face .

“How should we manage these stones . ” - Joshua

"In the middle of the move, you might get magical power in one of the stones and it will explode . . . . . . …" - Ruri

" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

Ruri and Joshua look as if they were at a loss all together .
As for the Faerie Killing magic, Joshua knows a little .
They are in a state where they do not know what will trigger the stones to explode .
It is dangerous to move the stones . But they can not be left here forever .

Hearing Joshuas plan the priests are stunned and they all fall foaming at the mouth, Kotarou ignores them .

Ruri worries that they might be dead for a second, but they seem to be breathing tentatively .  

Then Kotarou says .

"Ruri, you can put the stones in the dimensional space . ” - Kotarou

“The dimensional space?” - Ruri

“It'll be with Lydia . There is no problem if its in the dimensional space . ” - Kotarou

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"But the stones absorb magical powers to activate, right?
Then, the risk doesn’t change?” - Ruri

"The time in the dimensional space is special .
Its an isolated space where time does not pass . Even if the stone absorbs magical power and you throw the stone in the space just before the explosion, it will be preserved without exploding in the same state is was in when you put it in .
Keep it in the dimensional space for the time being, if you want to dispose of it, we can take it out in a secluded room . ” - Kotarou

"Well, there was that method . ” - Ruri

This is a dangerous item that we don’t know when it will explode while we’re moving them, but there won’t be much trouble if they are destroyed .
They can easily be erased using the dimensional space .

Ruri threw the dangerous stones into her space, and sighed .

Meanwhile, the soldiers were divided into two groups, one that guards the priests and a team that searches for the Faerie Killing magic .

Ruri immediately stands in front of the summoning priests .

"How can I break this magic square?” - Ruri

“Easy" - Kotarou

As Ruri spoke, Kotarou chopped the cobblestone floor in half using wind magic .
Then, the light that had been shining all this time disappeared, and there was no sign of the magical power that has been flowing .

"It's impolite . But even if this magic is destroyed, it will be made again if the knowledge remains . ” - Ruri

“Oh, I see .
I'll search every single one of them . ” - Kotarou

After a while, because the magic square was extinguished, the faeries who where left behind arrived, and they all split up to search the castle .
Thanks to many faeries who arrived suddenly, the search was over sooner than Ruri thought .

Just to be sure, after obtaining Jade's approval the castle and temple where burned down .

And the time of confrontation came .

In order to talk with the King and the High Priest who where being escorted to the Dragon Kingdom, we had them isolated in separate rooms .

Already Nadarsia has begun to be like it was in the past, when Nadarsia was protected by the Dragon Kingdom .
The former King and the former High Priest who have no position here .
However, the expressions they have are unfaithful, they don’t seem to understand that this is the result of what they caused .

Then, let's break that derogatory attitude!

"Joshua, take the bracelet off me” - Ruri

"Oh, I’m going to fully enjoy this . ” - Joshua

Joshua has a brilliant smile and takes Ruri’s bracelet off the as she asked .
Ruri returned to her human form, and the King and the High Priest are surprised .
However, they where shocked that they saw a cat become a human, but it seems they didn’t recognise her .

Ruri reaches into her dimensional space and takes out the wig .
It wasn’t the same wig she used when she was with Chelsea and Kotarou, but this wig was similar in colour and length .

The King and the High Priest who saw Ruri with the wig on, their astonishment became stonger .

"You, you ………" - King

The King and the High Priest where pointing at Ruri’s face as if they had seen a ghost .

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"Good evening, scum” - Ruri

Ruri says slowly with a big smile .

“Are you ready? Even if you aren’t prepared, it doesn’t matter .
Well then, I will make you remember my grudge  that I can never return home again! ! !” - Ruri

In the room, you could hear the screams of the King and the High Priest’s spirits .

After that, a brighter face left the room wiping the sweat of her forehead .


Fins that received an explosion caused by the stone Asahi threw .

Preparing for the impact, Finn closed his eyes and crossed his arms in front of him .

However, he did not feel and pain in his body .
He opened his eyes slowly, but he could not see what had become of the other squads because of the poor visibility .

Meanwhile, explosive sounds are heard intermittently from various places near and far .

At the same time as the worst prediction passed through Finn's head, Finn wondered why he was safe .
And as the sand covered the surroundings, there was no sand or smoke around the Finn’s body .
Taking a good look at it, a semicircular wall around Finn protected him from the outside world .

When he reached out to touch it, it feels wet .

"Is this water? …" - Finn

After a while, the explosion sounds stop, the sand and smoke settle and the view becomes clearer .

Finn who had been worried thinking about his allies gently sighs .

In the surroundings, Finn saw the figures of his allies guarded by a wall of water just like Finn .
No one knows what happened, but Finn cannot see anyone who seems to have been injured .

The walls of water disappear all at once as if they fulfilled their purpose .

"That was dangerous” - Rin

The water faerie in the form of a small demon beast comes flying down to Finn .

"Rin . . . . . . Why are you here?
And are you the one who protected us just now?” - Finn

"Yes, that's right . ” - Rin

Finn express his appreciation by lowering his head deeply with his hand on his chest .

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"Thank you sincerely .
But, I thought that you went to Nadarsia with Ruri?” - Finn

"That was what I was going to do, but Ruri remembered something before leaving .
The King of Nadarsia and the High Priest are trying to kill the Shrine Maiden in the war .
So I came to watch .
I never thought that Faerie Killing magic would be used . ” - Rin

“Faerie Killing?” - Finn

Finn had never seen Faerie Killing magic, but he had heard of it .
Magic that forcibly robs power from the world and kills the faeries .
As soon as the faerie disappears, the natural world becomes more unstable, hence the magic is forbidden in the Dragon Kingdom and many other countries .

“When I was defending, it seemed that the barrier I used was absorbed by the stone ………" - Finn

"It's not my imagination .
Faerie Killing is a magic that absorbs magic power and manifests itself . Any magical power is absorbed and the magic becomes useless .
But, it would be a trivial thing for a faerie like me . ” - Rin

Rin says boastfully, laughing .

"There was a call from Kotarou, it seems that the priests in Nadarsia had a lot of stones,” - Rin

Recalling the size of the previous explosion, Finn’s expression becomes grim .

“They have been put in the dimensional space .
If you do that, they’ll never explode, so if you find any more, put them in space as soon as possible . ” - Rin

"Thank you for everything . ” - Finn

Then Rin settles down on Finn’s shoulder, and Finn looks towards the group of people containing the prince .
In the explosion, the prince was protected by Rin in the same way and was not injured, but it seems that he was unable to endure and had fainted .

Only Asahi was conscious, but her face looked pale with a fearful expression as a result of the explosion .

There had been multiple explosions .
Which means, that not only Asahi had the stones .

Finn raises his voice toward the surrounding soldiers .

"Find out if there is any other enemies who have a transparent stone!
Put it in the dimensional space as soon as you find it!” - Finn

“Yes, sir!” - Soldiers

The soldiers that are still alive are scattered on the battlefield .
However, there is too much difference in the number of soldiers, and it seems to be difficult to find each and every soldier .

Then, the water barriers that protected Finn earlier appeared in several places on the battlefield .
There seems to be people inside the barriers .

Finn looks at Rin who is sat on his shoulder .

“Things would be troublesome if the stones exploded again” - Rin

“I've been saved . ” - Finn

Finn orders the surrounding soldiers to "Search the people contained in the water barriers" .

Thanks to Rin, Finn could find the stones easily, so the search ended much sooner than he thought .
However, there was a place where an explosion took place before the stone was picked up, but the explosion was contained by the water barrier Rin had put up .

They captured the Prince and the Shrine Maiden, and escorted them to the Dragon Kingdom’s capital, and the war against Nadarsia was over .

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