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Published at 4th of July 2018 09:35:19 AM

Chapter 31

"Then I’ll explain it to you, you stupid girl!” - Ruri

Ruri entered the room, her voice shaking with anger .
She didn’t intend to see Asahi, but after hearing what she said Ruri couldn’t resist .

After seeing a strange woman entering the room, Finn immediately returned to Jade’s side, fulfilling his job as the King’s Guard .
However, Jade’s voice stopped his caution, "Wait Finn" .

Finn looked back at Jade in confusion, he saw Jade looking at the intruder with a gentle eyes, and Finn’s eyes widened .

Klaus and Agete were surprised at Jade’s look, but their surprise deepens when they hear the words Asahi cried immediately after .

"Ruri-chan !!” - Asahi

Asahi cries and rushes towards Ruri with a full smile .
She was delighted to see Ruri after meeting for the first time in several years and she extended her hand out for Ruri to hold Ruri, but Joshua steps out in front of Ruri and blocks Asahi .

Asahi glares at Joshua .

“Leave" - Asahi

"No, I have an order to protect Ruri . ” - Joshua

"I will not do anything to Ruri-chan!” - Asahi

With Asahi glaring at Joshua, and Joshua realises he cant do anything to change her mind .
In the threatening air, Ruri spoke with a surprisingly cold voice .

"Asahi, why did you do such a thing?” - Ruri

“What kind of thing?” - Asahi

Asahi talked to Ruri with a bright expression, not concerned about Ruri’s expression .

“You believed Nadarsia's king, causing a war . ” - Ruri

“Because I could not help Ruri-chan by myself . . . . . . …” - Asahi

“You haven’t helped me, why do you say that I was kidnapped by the Dragon Kingdom?
I was happy in the castle then . You should of thought of the Nardarsian citizens first . "

That said, Ruri then talked about how she was abandoned in the forest after being charged falsely .
She talked about the plot of Nadarsia’s King and High Priest, and how Asahi was to be killed in the war .

Asahi listened to all of it, and was shocked at what happened .

"Such . . . . . . . . . . That is terrible, I was deceived . . . …” - Asahi

Everyone was fascinated by the pained look Asahi had on her face, but Ruri grinded her teeth with anger .
She raised her right hand, and swung it down against Asahi's cheek with the power of her whole body .

A loud sound echoed in the room, and Asahi who's cheek was hit looked at Ruri whist holding her face, which was turning red and painful .

"Ruri . . . . . . chan …?" - Asahi

"You are . . . . . . Do not say those words, you are terrible !!
Guess how many people have died in this war . ” - Ruri

"That is what the King caused, right? Why are you angry at me?” - Asahi

"It certainly caused by the King and the High Priest, but something might have changed if you were to think by yourself a bit more .
Didn’t you think it was strange?
If I was kidnapped by any chance, normally you would negotiate first? If you start up a war because I was kidnapped, my safety is not guaranteed .
First, a country would not just start a war because of one person, who is a stranger . Wake up, can you not see there is some kind of speculation! A country like that who bothers to call people from another world?” - Ruri

"I don’t understand when you tell me such difficult things ………" - Asahi

With Asahi’s irresponsible words, Ruri keeps the anger that pushes up down, and with a sigh continues speaking .

"In general, Nadarsia is the same as a kidnapper, there is too many problems in their story to believe . ” - Ruri

“It cannot be helped because I was in trouble .
I was deceived, and I didn't know at that time . . . “ - Asahi

"Well what then? Do you feel crime is legal?
You can’t trust those people who force you to do something with what seems to be good intentions!
Just remember to think for yourself . ” - Ruri

Joshua nods, agreeing with Ruri’s words .

Ruri tries to make Asahi understand with cold eyes .
However, after seeing Asahi who has no sense of guilt, Ruri gets angry again, and resignation occupies her heart .

With a sigh, Ruri abandoned making Asahi understand .

“Enough . There's no one here to listen to your selfishness, and you don't want to see reality . ” - Ruri

“My selfishness………" - Asahi

Asahi has a sad expression after hearing Ruri’s brutal words, but she did not hear Ruri’s anger .

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“I cannot return home, so I’ll be more firm . ” - Ruri

"That's what the King said, it's alright since we can return home at the end, like in a game………… tsu . ” - Asahi

Stopping Asahi’s words, Ruri once again brings her hand down on the cheek of Asahi who is still in a dream .
Asahi was beaten twice .

"Oh, it hurts, Ruri-chan ……" - Asahi

"Oh yeah it hurts, even if there is magic, even if there are enemies, this is not a world of games, it is reality .
It is not convenient like a game, we can not go back home anymore . ” - Ruri

Ruri did not have such hope . However, she understands, that even if it is not unpleasant, this is the reality they are living in .

"Both the King of Nadarsia and the Priests were taken down .
There is no embassy in this place, and there is no sense in wanting to go home . You are supposed to live by your own power alone in this world, without depending on anyone, without family or relatives .
We cannot just stop and go home because we’re bored, like in a game . We have to live in this world forever until we die . ” - Ruri

Somewhere, in Ruri’s words, it seems she is telling herself the bad news, and the summoned people except Asahi raises their faces looking at Ruri, startled .
It may be that Ruri has begun realizing things gradually .

It is impossible, they where suddenly brought to an unreal world that has magic, and their clothes, shelter, security was guaranteed it was not realistic .

Ruri also may not have realistically survived if she was summoned here and thrown away in the forest without help from the faeries .

However, Asahi was Asahi no matter what .

“It’s ok . If I have a Ruri-chan, I can work hard anywhere!” - Asahi

Asahi said with a smile, and Ruri realises that everything she has said has not been understood, but she was too weak for anger, so she resigned .

"I'll tell you now, I'm not going to be involved with Asahi in the future . ” - Ruri

“Ehh ……why?” - Asahi

"Why? I want to ask you, why should I look after you?” - Ruri

"I am not only going to take care of Ruri-chan, I will try my best and cooperate and live together . ” - Asahi

A smile without evil . She pardoned Ruri, but Asahi was not thinking of her .

"Look back at my life in the other world .
I always granted your requests, but you did not listen to my requests at all .
Tell me that is a good friend . It is just a servant . Im sorry for being such a convenient friend .

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I do not want to be friends with you, I can only see a future full of troublesome problems . ” - Ruri

It is clearly conveyed to Asahi, and her expression distorted as if she is going to cry .

"Well, If Ruri-chan thought that way . . . . . . . . . … . I wish you had told me, then I …” - Asahi

(I did tell you!) Ruri’s anger exploded in her heart .
Asahi said that although Ruri had told her over and over, she didn’t listen .
The summoned people are still fascinated and begun to complain about it to Asahi who seems to have been shocked more than before, but in Ruri’s ears, it is only noise .

When realising if the conversation continued it would only cause more pain, Jade speaks, timing himself as if he had read Ruri’s heart .

"Finn, take them away” - Jade

After Jade's order, Finn brought the soldiers waiting outside and instruct them to take Asahi and her friends away .
Asahi cried out Ruri’s name until she was out of sight, but Ruri did not see it at all, and after Asahi was gone, she fell onto a nearby sofa .

She is exhausted .

“Its been a long time, talking to Asahi, its exhausting ………" - Ruri

The conversation with Asahi that was not technically a conversation, and after not speaking to her for several years after being summoned, Asahi had only talked about herself .
It's been a long time since she had exchanged words that she could call a conversation like today .

However, Ruri was tired and she did not want to talk to her again .

"How can a child grow up like that?” - Euclase

Euclace muttered, Ruri had no energy to respond, but she agreed with him in her heart "Absolutely" .

"Euclase, please do not let Asahi close to me” - Ruri

"Do not worry, that girl is being held in the surveillance room for a while . You won’t see her unless you go into the room . ” - Euclase

"I definitely will not go” - Ruri

(Are you going to ask me?) Ruri thought

Ruri sighs, stands up and looks at Jade .

"I got back late, but I am back now . ” - Ruri

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"Oh, welcome back” - Jade

The wrinkle between his eyebrows that had been there in the useless exchange a while ago disappears, and he smiles softly .
Looking at Jade, Ruri is not smiling, but gazes at him with somber eyes .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . Jade, you where not shocked when I came in .
Euclase is the only one here who knows my human figure . ” - Ruri

Speaking of which ……… . Jade’s reaction was different from the others, then Ruri turns and glances at Jade .

"Maybe you took my bracelet off while I was asleep?” - Ruri

Ruri thought that there was no other opportunities to take the bracelet, so she asks .
Jade did neither confirm nor deny, but he turned away, his gaze left Ruri and that told her everything she needed to know .

Ruri knew that he wanted to see her human figure so much, but she now knew why he stopped asking to see it .

"It's the worst of you to attack a sleeping maiden, Jade!” - Euclase

“I’m not a bad person . I took off the bracelet a little bit, and then I re-attached it properly . As a person responsible for the country, I needed to know Ruri's appearance in case something happens . ”

Jade said defiantly .
He quotes responsibility, but a slightly diverted gaze spoils everything .
It was interesting that everyone was moved my his words, but they now know the truth .

Ruri didn’t really want to conceal her human form, so she decides not refute any more, and she sighs .

Ruri heads to Finn and Rin who was riding on his shoulder .

"Finn, I’m glad you’re fine . Thank you for protecting everyone, Rin” - Ruri

“You're welcome . ” - Rin

Rin drifted away from Finn’s shoulder, and moved to Ruri’s side, rubbed against her cheek, and landed on her shoulder .
Fine kneels in front of Ruri and makes the highest grade of bow .

"Thanks to Ruri all of my men were also saved, please let us express our thanks on behalf of all the soldiers .   Thank you . ” - Finn

Ruri sighs a relieved breath .
Many of the soldiers who were on the front line were Dragon Kin, and there were not many of Ruri’s acquaintances .
No-one would have come back if it hadn’t been for Rin .
Ruri thanked Rin again .

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