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Published at 11th of July 2018 09:17:44 AM

Chapter 32

Ruri and Joshua exchanged information with Finn about what happened during the war with Nadarsia . And finally someone asked .

"How was it Ruri? You must have scratched the King . ” - Euclase

Euclace asked while grinning and laughing, Ruri responded with gloating smile .

"Of course . They cried . They didn’t think I was alive, so they were surprised when they saw me .
Oh, that's right . Thank you for the wig . ” - Ruri

That said, Ruri takes the wig off of her head, that she had borrowed from Euclase .
At that time, the eyes of Agete, Klaus, and Finn are glued to Ruri’s platinum hair lightly falling .

“It’s okay . It is originally made for your disguise . ” - Euclase

"Is that so? Well, without hesitation . Thank you . ” - Ruri

Ruri opens her dimensional space, and throws the wig and a pair of glasses inside .
Klaus raised his voice cautiously, speaking to Ruri .

"Ruri, that’s a very rare hair color, is it your normal hair?” - Klaus

"Yes, it's my normal hair” - Ruri

Ruri pulls her hair saying "Look" to show Klaus that its real .

As well as the platinum color hair, if you look closely Ruri’s eyes are a bright blue color .
Klaus, Agete and Finn, turn to look at Jade, all nodding with a small smile .

“Right under our noses, it seems there was no need to ask Joshua . ” - Klaus

Then everyone all turned to look at Euclase and Joshua .
Everyone looked at them with an unspoken question . Euclase and Joshua nodded .

"I'm sorry . It was because you kept it quiet .
But the biggest victim is Joshua . ” - Klaus

"It's dad’s fault .
Oh, I will be free from that wasteful work at last . ” - Joshua

"Well . . . sorry” - Klaus

Only Ruri does not understand the conversation, and she tilts her head .

"What is it?” - Ruri

“Don't worry Ruri . It’s just a conversation .
Besides, Ruri come over here . ” - Jade

Called by Jade who beckoned to his lap, Ruri put on the bracelet and became a cat, jumping onto Jade’s knee as he was sitting in the chair .

After seeing Ruri’s actions, Jade furrowed his brows with a pout .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . why did you turn into a cat” - Jade

“Somehow?” - Ruri

It’s exactly as Jade says .
It was not necessary to take the trouble to turn into a cat, but habits are hard to break .
Ruri was already holding the bracelet without thinking .

"Well, it's not bad, cats are lighter .
Anyway, what will happen to Asahi and the King after this?” - Ruri 

Jade has an odd expression, and he sighs .

"The King and the High Priest will be handed over to Nadarsia's new regime and be judged by them for the Faerie Killing magic .
For Asahi, I will use a method to seal her magical power, called the Demon seal, making her unable to use her attraction magic .
The four other summoned humans will listen to us properly once the charm effect disappears . ” - Jade

"Demon seal . . . . . . . There is such a thing .
Can I follow you when you go to talk to the four people, after Asahi has been sealed?” - Ruri

"I don't care, but you didn't want to see Asahi, did you?” - Jade

“You’re right about Asahi, but I would like to ask how the four summoned people found it being under Asahi’s spell all that time . ” - Ruri

How did they feel, do they hold hostility towards Asahi?
How does their fascination of Asahi change when her charm magic is sealed? Ruri who had been the victim up to now was very anxious .

“Will Asahi also be sent to Nadarsia?” - Ruri

“She will live under surveillance of the Dragon Kingdom for a while .
After that she will be sent to Idoclase and she will live there . ” - Jade

“Idoclase?” - Ruri

“It's a province of the Dragon Kingdom, but in the opposite direction to Nadarsia, it’s the territory of which Finn's parents rule as lord .
It is a province where there is vast agricultural land, it seems that there is not enough manpower working the fields currently . It will be necessary for Asahi to work to live .
Ewan went to work after being rude to Ruri, and he’s saying that he will make amends . ” - Jade

Finn's parents are Ewan's aunt and uncle who looked after Ewan after he lost his parents .

"He doesn’t have to worry about that” - Ruri

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Ruri mutters that she does not care at all, Jade has a wry smile .

"Ruri, it is better to worry a little more .
Apart from being the Cherished One, I will be in a bad mood if you where treated unfairly .
That person seemed to not listen about the Cherished One, he was spoilt by the lord and lady . ” - Jade

"I can only ask that the Lady could give me some stomach medicine, because all this stress is giving me a stomachache, but I won't complain to much about it . Well, I feel a little bad for Ewan .
But it is like a child's tantrum, and it seems that Ewan understood the story, compared to Asahi who doesn’t listen no matter what you say, he has left a better impression . ” - Ruri

"Do you think that most people are likeable compared to Asahi?” - Jade

“Absolutely . ” - Ruri

Besides, considering the growing speed of Dragon Kin, Ewan is older than Ruri, but the baby Ewan looks younger than her and it seems to be awakening her maternal instinct .
It’s also that, from the viewpoint of Ruri who has never had a  brother, the love of a younger brother for his older brother is so much he acts like a jerk . Its a pleasant feeling .

While Ruri is thinking about what Ewan, who is receiving his punishment, is doing at this time, Euclase approaches .

"Well, Let’s not think about Ewan for now .
It's more of a celebration day today! . . . . . . Your Majesty, excuse me . ” - Euclase

As he says so, Euclase grabs and lifts up Ruri who was lying on Jade's knee, and leaves the room .

"Euclase, what are you doing all of a sudden?” - Ruri

“We are celebrating . When we have the victory celebration tonight, we want you to show off your human figure .
Otherwise, the people who work in the castle will be troubled when you walk around the castle in your human form, you might be mistaken for a suspicious person .
Not everyone in the castle can see the faeries around you . ” - Euclase

In the room Ruri was taken to, a selection of dresses had been prepared for her to try on .
Ruri returned to her human form to change her clothes and the few maids who had come to help with the fitting, immediately saw the Euclase who was still there .

"Whoa! You are a man Euclase, please get out!!” - Maid

"Silence! My heart is a pure and innocent maiden . Take it off without saying anything . ” - Euclase

The pure and innocent maiden was sent to the training ground to look at the topless men fighting, and Ruri relaxed .
Although Euclase tried to stay, the maids had thrown him and his innocent heart and manly figure out .

After the change of clothes, and doing her hair and make up, Euclase’s satisfied face was in front of Ruri .

"Ohohoho, Thats to be expected of my skill!” - Euclase

Ruri wanted to complain to Euclase but after looking in the mirror, Euclase had prepared an A-line dress, with pale pink fabric, with lace and small flowers hanging, a big blue ribbon conspicuously placed at the small of her back . Her hair had lots of small ornaments in, like pink pearls, they matched surprisingly well with Ruri’s platinum hair .

Ruri who was taken out of Jade’s office for preparation, headed back to the room .

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When Jade saw Ruri, he stopped moving and watched her with a face as if he had been defeated .

Ruri is a bit uneasy about Jade’s lack of reaction .

"I s there something wrong with me? I got a pass from Euclase, and I thought it looked good, but …” - Ruri

"Ah . . oh, no, thats not it .
I was charmed because Ruri is too beautiful . ” - Jade

Jade who returned back to reality speaks to Ruri with a smile .

With his frank words, Ruri blushed and Jade, who saw her reaction, reaches out to touch Ruri’s cheek, raising a low laugh .

“Ruri’s cat form is cute, but as you can see, this figure is better .
I can understand your expressions better” - Jade

Ruri is troubled by this, and her face turns redder and redder .
Her heart was beating and beating violently, and she was screaming on the inside, and then suddenly they were called to join the celebration .

Jade clicks his tounge .
Ruri did not notice it, but she was relieved .

Ruri was not used to being told that she is beautiful, and when said by Jade it causes her heart to go crazy, and she did not know how to respond .

Even in human form, Jade treats her the same as he did when she was a cat, Ruri is happy but a little sad . Ruri was glad that his attitude didn’t suddenly change but she thought that she would be treated a little different, and she is quietly depressed .

Ruri thought that he should find the one he loves soon .

The victory celebration began in a big hall, and she was escorted by Jade .
It was a celebration held at the castle, so you might imagine a strict party where gorgeous and elegant people chatted with each other ……… .

Actually it was a wild party with a lot of drinking and singing .
There are few people who carefully tilt their glass .
One man is lifting a container the same size as himself, drinking directly from the barrel, and corpses roll on the floor after loosing the drinking game .

The hall was full of laughter with a smell of sake and no grace, the spectacle was like a tavern in the downtown area, it was far from a strict party .

Ruri legs where loosing their strength because she was so nervous .

"It is amazing………” - Ruri

Overwhelmed in another sense, Jade makes a wry smile and touches her cheek, Jade runs his eyes over the familiar sight .

"The dragons are hot blooded and they like to make a lot noise . So much so that other fellows also get tagged along .
But today is a better one . There aren’t many people because there are still people who are cleaning up the mess caused by the war .
As usual, the castle will be destroyed . ” - Jade

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“Is this okay ………" - Ruri

On the day after, it is customary to see the people who are suffering with a hangover doing repair work on the castle .

Even among such fuss, when Ruri and Jade pass, people stop drinking, drawn by the Dragon King, and they are surprised to see a woman .

A woman accompanied by a Holy Beast of the Spirit Kingdom and a small demon on her shoulder .
The unusual platinum coloured hair and purple-tinged blue eyes are eye-catching by themselves, a women who is not inferior in beauty even when standing by the side of the Dragon King who has a manly beauty, they are so beautiful that even the people who are drunk can see it .

On the other hand, many people are puzzled by the fact that even the faeries who are supposed to be by the side of the white cat Cherished One are floating near the woman who has never been seen before, but it didn’t take long for the news that this woman was  the same Cherished One to spread from someone who knew the truth .

It was a standing buffet party, but Ruri and Jade have a chair and sit there .
There was a table in the vicinity, but there was the figure of Rin putting her head into a glass of red wine twice the size of her that had been poured out .

Rin who was using the body of a Sea Angel, ate the same way as Sea Angels do, and so the head cracks open, from which short tentacles appear, moving like Medusa’s hair, landing in the wine and sucking it up like a straw .

Ruri will never forget the shock she felt when she first saw it .

Gradually Rin’s body became slightly reddish in colour because she got drunk on alcohol and red wine isn’t transparent .

Suddenly when Ruri looks away from Rin something is pressed against her lips .
Focusing on what it is, it is a small tart . It was Jade who was pressing .

"Jade, it's okay I can eat myself!” - Ruri

"What, do not you like this?” - Jade

Jade takes a different sweet and puts it against Ruri’s mouth .
That's not the problem! Ruri wanted to protest, but Jade seemed to like giving her food from his hand, and she knew by experience so far that he did not listen no matter what she said, so she opened her mouth .

After all, Jade thought that she was only a cat, Ruri thought, making herself depressed .

Unlike Ruri’s dissatisfaction, the surrounding people where looking at it completely differently .

"Oh! Your Majesty is giving her a meal” 

"Has spring come to His Majesty?"

"The anxiety of the adviser will also be dismissed, and for the other person to be the Cherished One, how fortunate!”

When a Dragon man gives meals from the hand is called feeding behaviour, it is an expression of love that a man of the Dragon tribe only does to those he deeply loves .

From this moment on Jade's feelings were to be known by everyone in the castle, but it is a while before Ruri, who seems to be depressed, knows the meaning behind Jade's behaviour .

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