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Published at 9th of February 2017 11:35:51 AM

Chapter 8

*This translation was brought to you by Keromaster of froglation . xyz*

As the plan to get rid of Ruri went without a hitch, The Prince of Nadarsia and the former classmates were laughing in content .

Hidden from the truth, Asahi was told that Ruri escaped the castle because she hated the lifestyle .
Thinking that a simple explanation like what would suffice, they really didn’t know the obsession Asahi had for Ruri .

“There’s no way Ruri-chan would leave me!! Nobody knows more about Ruri-chan than me!!” -Asahi

If Ruri was here, she definitely would have flat out denied that .
But Ruri wasn’t here . The prince and the former classmates could do nothing about Asahi’s cry of dismay .

The Prince stopped Asahi’s rash attempt to leave the castle to go after Ruri and was forced to send a search party the same day Ruri was released into the forest .

If they were lucky, they could make it in time before Ruri was thrown into the forest . Unfortunately, when they met up with the soldiers that went before them, Ruri was already gone .

The magic forest is home to magic beasts and other dangerous beasts .
Time was of essence .
More soldiers were sent into the forest to search for Ruri’s whereabout . But after a few days, Ruri was still nowhere to be found .

The truth was Ruri almost met up with the soldiers at one point . But the fairies brilliantly guided Ruri away from them . It was all thanks to the perfect backup provided by Kotarou that the soldiers were forced to run in the other direction . In the end, Ruri and the soldiers never got to meet .

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As the days goes by without any news about Ruri, Asahi was throwing tantrums of increasing severities . Seeing that, the people of Nadarsia and the former classmates were starting to show their impatience .

However, a king is one that controls a country, no matter how shitty he is .
The King used the situation to his advantage .

“It seems that the friend of the Shrine Princess has been abducted by people of the Dragon Kingdom . ”

At this point of time, the king and the others were certain Ruri was already dead . But they did not show a single sign of remorse or regret .

“The Dragon Kingdom?” -Asahi

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“It’s a country where barbaric demi-humans are living . They must be jealous of our country because we have the Shrine Princess, and abducted the weakness of yours that is your best friend . ” -King

“No way… It’s because of me that Ruri-chan was…” -Asahi

“Rest assure we will not let those barbarians get away with this . Sadly, there are a lot of people in the country that is against the deployment of the army towards the Dragon Kingdom .
If the Shrine Princess that is going to bring glory to our country stands in the frontline, I’m sure the resistance will also change their mind and join the fight .
Could I ask for your cooperation to save your best friend?” -Sh*thead King (T/N: Can he just die?)

The king was showing a sincere outlook, but in his heart, he had no plans on saving Ruri whatsoever .
He plans on pinning the death of Ruri with the excuse that she was killed during the war once his kingdom came out victorious . He rubbed the name of the Dragon Kingdom on Asahi to incite her .

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Not knowing the truth, the image Asahi had for the Dragon Kingdom was that It’s a barbarous and atrocious country .
Thinking that she has to save Ruri this very moment, she accepted the proposition without any hesitation .

“Of course! We must quickly save Ruri-chan!
… . Wait for me, Ruri-chan!”

The attack on the Dragon Kingdom has begun .

From the shadow lurked a spy that was dumbfounded by the development of the situation . He let out a heavy sigh .

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