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Heart Protection - Chapter 31

Published at 29th of January 2019 03:39:17 AM

Chapter 31

As night fell, Wang Yu Luo started to get busy . The sound of classical instruments never ceased . It was lively scene full of music and dance . However the noise of the front courtyard didn't disrupt the peace of the back courtyard . It was like the middle courtyard screened out the noise . It preserved the night's tranquility in the back courtyard .

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Yan Hui and Tian Yao were given a small building in the back couryard . Looking through the window, Yan Hui could see swaying silhouettes in Wang Yu Luo . She gobbled down some food: "When we're done eating, we're going to visit Wang Yu Luo . "

Tian Yao raised an eyebrow . He didn't say anything but gave Yan Hui a subtle look .

Yan Hui turned her head back . Upon seeing his look, she put her bowl down: "What's with the look? What do you think I'm going to do? It's a gathering place for the officials and nobles in Yong Zhou City . It has alcohol and beauties . When they get all muddled from the drink and scenery, maybe we'll be able to snoop out some information . "

That's true . This place was originally already a place to nose around for information .

Tian Yao looked at Yan Hui . His gaze shifted a little: "Didn't you tell your friend you won't investigate this matter?"

"When did I say that? I only told Xian Ge she didn't have to look into it . I didn't say I wouldn't . . . . We need to go before those people get black-out drunk . " Yan Hui shoveled two mouthful of food and gulped them down without chewing . Then without caring if Tian Yao had eaten his fill yet, she hurriedly pushed him out of the room . "I'm going to change . Then we can go . "

Tian Yao didn't even get a change to put down his bowl and chopsticks before the door was shut in his face . He already got used to Yan Hui's impulsive and rash behavior . He wasn't the slightest bit angry . Tian Yao just looked down at his bowl of food and stood a little off to the side to finish it .

When he was thinking about returning the empty bowl to the kitchen, Yan Hui pulled open the door: "How do you do a man's hairstyle? Help me tie it . "

Yan Hui was wearing an indigo changshan . It looked like she had bound her chest because it was flatter than usual . She was brushing her hair with a comb, but she just couldn't get the bun right . Yan Hui frowned and tried a few more times before letting go of her hair: "I can't do it . You comb it for me . "

Yan Hui walked into the room .

Tian Yao stood there and stared, but in the end, he could only follow her in .

Yan Hui sat down in front of the dressing table . She brushed her her onto the top of her head and then passed the comb to Tian Yao: "Hurry up . "

Tian Yao placed his bowl down and on the table and then stood behind Yan Hui . He subconsciously started to reach for the comb, but when he saw their reflection in the mirror, his hand suddenly stopped: "Brushing someone's hair is too intimate . It's sometime a wife, husband, or parent would do . . . . . . "

"You've already bitten and laid on me . How would simply brushing my hair create any sparks between us?" Yan Hui rolled her eyes, cutting off Tian Yao's words: "Now you care about brushing hair? Don't worry, it's impossible something happen between us . "

Tian Yao mulled over it .

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True enough .

He took the comb from Yan Hui and gathered her hair without hesitation .

The two of them had an unusual relationship; each had their own plans . The current Yan Hui was completely immune to romance . For Tian Yao, he couldn't run away from it fast enough . It was exactly as Yan Hui had just said .

It was impossible for something to happen .

Tian Yao go rid of his minor worries for now . Little by little, he brushed out her hair . Then he gathered it at the top of her head and used a hair cloth to bind it .

He was completely engrossed in his task . His eyes never wavered away from Yan Hui's hair .

Yan Hui studied Tian Yao's appearance through the dressing table mirror . She never thought that as she got closer to him, he would turn out to be a careful, steady, and filial person . He truly was grateful toward the grandmother to raised him in Tong Lou Mountain . It was obvious he had a grateful heart . . . . . . It could be inferred that he was a gentle demon twenty years ago .

But now . . . . . . he had become someone who didn't even know how to smile, gloomy and indifferent .

Zhenren Su Ying could be pinned as the one who destroyed the skills Tian Yao learned over the millennium . She forcefully disrupted his life's path .

"Done . " Tian Yao lifted his eyes and saw Yan Hui's slightly dazed expression in the mirror . He frowned: "Where's the hairpin? Put it in yourself . "

He turned around and walked away .

Yan Hui randomly selected a hairpin and stuck it through her hair . She followed Tian Yao toward Wang Yu Luo .

Yan Hui took a fan and started to fan herself, taking on the appearance of a master from a rich family . All of the girls along the way recognized her . Each and every one laughed and called out: "Sir Yan, Sir Yan!"

 Yan Hui had no reaction at all . It was clear this wasn't the first or second time she had done this .

The pair walked into Wang Yu Luo . Yan Hui led Tian Yao up two stories . She found a place to sit and asked Tian Yao: "Teach me again the heart technique you taught me in the forest . The one that lets me sense far . I want to investigate . "

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 Tian Yao side-eyed her: "You should memorize things when I teach it to you the first time . "

"That time I was in a rush . I learned it and used it . There was no time to take it to heart . This time I will remember it when you teach it to me . "

Tian Yao taught it to Yan Hui again . As expected, Yan Hui learned it quickly . But this time, barely a moment had passed before Yan Hui immediately covered her ears: "Too noisy . "

"Last time in the forest, it was quiet all around . Now we are in a noisy place, you have to control it even more now . Listen to what you want to listen . Look at what you want to look . "

Yan Hui pulled a bitter face: "It's easier said than done . " Although Yan Hui muttered that, she slowly put her hand back down and endured the clamour . Yan Hui slowly grew accustomed to the gaudy surroundings .

When all was said and done, Yan Hui learned very quickly . It wasn't long before Yan Hui learned to filter out what she didn't want to hear and focus on what she did want to listen to .

She tilted her hair and delicately started to search .

The girls' light laughter, the mens' arrogant words . Yan Hui heard it all, but not a single person talked about the demon trade . It was like no one in Yong Zhou City knew about this busineses .

Yan Hui frowned .

But at this moment, Yan Hui suddenly heard a slightly familar voice coming from Wang Yu Lou: "You really saw? She came here again?"

At the same time, Yan Hui looked out the door . She saw someone wearing silk embroidered clothes . He had a scholarly air . . . . . . . A fatty walked into Wang Yu Lou . It was like some magical force . The chubby man looked toward the second floor and locked eyes with Yan Hui .

"Ah, another trouble came . . . . . . " Yan Hui muttered without even realizing .

Tian Yao heard her words and followed her gaze . He also saw the round scholar .

The man clomped in, ignoring the gazes of everyone around . He swiftly went up the stairs and went directly to Yan Hui's side . He looked at Yan Hui: "Yan . . . . . . Yan Hui . " He was extremely stirred up . Even his words were unclear . He also sounded a little cautious: "You're back . "

Yan Hui took a sip of tea . Only then did she turn to look at him: "So it turns out to be Sir Wang Peng Yuan . Long time no see . "

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Wang Peng Yuan's face turned red just from those words . He was speechless for a long time . Then, he stammered: "Long . . . . . . long time no see . I heard you were here earlier, but I, I, I was busy . I couldn't see you . Today, today . . . . . . "

"Today, I ought to be leaving . " Yan Hui stood up and smiled . Then she reached out and took Tian Yao's hand . Tian Yao wanted to take his hand back, but Yan Hui held on tight . She turned and looked at Tian Yao . Her guileless smile had a hint of a warning . "Come with me, Tian Yao . "

 Tian Yao: " . . . . . . "

Wang Peng Yuan was stunned . He looked at Yan Hui holding Tian Yao's hand . Then his somewhat shocked gaze swept over Tian Yao's face: "Yan Hui . . . . . . who . . . . . . . who is he?"

"Oh," Yan Hui casually threw out her words: "I'm with him now . "

Tian Yao's mouth twitched . Yan Hui turned her head to look back at him . She smiled through slightly clenched teeth: "Isn't that right, Tian Yao . "

" . . . . . . "

Wang Peng Yuan was thunderstruck: "To . . . . . together? You two . . . . . . "

Yan Hui ignored him . She led Tian Yao away, brushing past Wang Peng Yuan . He was left alone on the second floor . It seemed like he wanted to cry, but no tears fell .

When they reached the back courtyard, Yan Hui let out her breath: "We kept hidden when we came here in the morning . Who were we still discovered?"

Tian Yao shook off Yan Hui's hand and wiped his hand: "Was he one of the people you tricked into becoming gay?"

"The girls were just joking," said Yan Hui . "He knows I'm a female . "

Tian Yao didn't have much interest in this topic . He just said something to make fun of Yan Hui before dropping the subject . He focused back on the actual reason why they were here: "Did you hear anything about the demon trade while we were in the building?"

Yan Hui shook her head: "The people who came to Wang Yu Lou are all rich and respectable people . They didn't mention the lust fragrance, let alone the demon trade . It's like no one in this city knows about it . "

Tian Yao contemplated that for a few moments: "Or perhaps, they don't have the status to know about it?"

Those words made Yan Hui's eyes light up . According to what the fox demon said earlier, the fragrance was sold to nobility . After a fox demon was captured and their blood drained, it then had to be refined into the fragrance . When all was said and done, the amount of lust fragrance was extremely scarce . Even money might not be enough to buy it . You had to have the status . . . . . .

"Wait," Yan Hui suddenly said . "Maybe he can get some information!"


Yan Hui pointed toward back where they came from: "The fatty just now . " She continued: "Don't look at his size . He's actually the son of the mayor of Yong Zhou City . I heard before he has an older sister who entered the palace and became an imperial concubine . His dad controls Yong Zhou City . If you want to do business here, you definitely have to get permission from the dad . "

This pricked Tian Yao's interest: "With that status, even though he more on the stout side, he could have any girl . Why would he like you?"

"Ling Xiao used to come to Young Zhou City pretty often to get rid of demons . Sometimes he would bring me along . Once time, the fatty fell asleep in the city outskirts and was captured by demons . I saved him . Then . . . . . . ah, wait! What did you mean by those words? What's wrong with liking me?"

Tian Yao focused on the second floor: "Go ask him . "

Yan Hui followed Tian Yao's lead and focused back on why they were here: "We can't today . It'll be too obvious why if we go back now . He'll come looking for me tomorrow . We'll lie in wait and seize the chance . "

Yan Hui finished talking . She waited for a long time, but she didn't hear a reply from Tian Yao . She looked up and saw him staring at her .

Yan Hui thought that was strange: "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing . " Tian Yao turned his head . The corner of his lips quirked up . His voice was so soft that even the sharp-eared Yan Hui couldn't clearly hear him . "Just looking at a fool . "

When Yan Hui and Tian Yao entered the back courtyard, they passed through a small room . The two of them didn't notice Wang Peng Yuan was behind them, hiding behind a pillar . He resentfully stared after those two . Even whey their figure could barely be seen, Wang Peng Yuan still didn't move .

"Sir . . . . . . " A servent who stood off to the side softly called out . "We should go back now . Otherwise, Madam will be worried . "

Wang Peng Yuan tightly pressed his lips together: "Yan Hui is mine . "


"I want to make Yan Hui mine . " When he said those words, Wang Peng Yuan's eyes were red with jealousy .

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