Published at 29th of January 2019 08:24:00 PM

Chapter 13

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Jake felt that god is playing a joke on him that he had to go through that ridiculous experiment ,he sighed and gone near to the blue fluid placed in the vials ,he felt cold emanting from them at a distance of 10 meters .

He gone to the Black Cat and asked her a request that only she can fulfill ,by the way she moves she has a lot of powerful position in this organisation he thought .

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"Can you please promise to look after my sister until she can live on her own " asked Jake

Black Cat neither felt surprised or shock for Jake to ask such an request but there is nothing he can do, he has to participate in the experiment and his life and death cannot be determined .

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" I will promise to take care of your sister only if you can sustain after taking that fluid for about 13 minutes as your name represents " said Black Cat .

Jake felt this is unreasonable but she is not related to him in anyway and asking such a person to take care of his sister is really a unreasonable request of his own so he nodded and accepted the request of the Black Cat .

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After Jake gone to the experiment chamber ,she felt guilty to bully an orphan because all the people who performed the experiment not lasted even 3 minutes ,how can she expect Jake will hold on for 13 minutes ,she pitied him and said to herself " if you last up to 3 minutes ,I will take care of your sister on your behalf "

As Jake removed his clothes and only left with his underpants on and he laid on that cold iron bench of the experiment bench ,then assistance from both sides came and strapped him self to the bench so that he can be immobile during the experiment . one of the assistant came forward and placed a leather strap and said bite it will help you and then every one started wearing their own suits and started placing the vials in the injectors .

Jake thought every word ,every little bit information about Frozen Fluid of Alantis that Black Cat has said to him . He started thinking and going on suddenly the work bench has risen a meter and he all the injections are placed correctly at their exact spot where they marked him . The cold sensation gave him chills . The only thought that now he has on mind is to stay alive for next 13 minutes .

A loud voice of the scientist sounded out " May the experment begin ,the subject number 294 and the code of the subject is 13 and the time is morning 10:30 hrs ,the process is about to be intiated . "

Their assistants are ready with ipads to recieve and record the data