Published at 20th of February 2019 07:07:37 AM

Chapter 26

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After the space crack was formed the underground building was also started to collapse and disintegrated after sucking into that space strom and the Island got destroyed by collapsing into sea and whirpool started to form and engulfing all the surroundings ,the ship that squirrel was escaping was caught in that and he died .


After few hours of that in a different country , in a villa Cathy opened his eyes and found herself sleeping in a comfortable room ,her bag and accessories were right beside her ,she slowly walked out of the room and spotted a handsome blond guy drinking coffee and enjoying the view ,she mustered up the courage and spoke " who are you guys ,why did yo kidnap me ? "

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" Oh miss, you woke up ,we did as your brother said and as for your brother he's probably dead and here is your school papers and etc we will bare your all expenses and study well and this villa now belongs to you ,this is my bonus gift to your brother work ,work hard and study well don't let down your brother hopes " he said in a swift manner without giving her a chance to reply .

Cathy got to her senses and her eyes started getting moist and she started crying that she is all alone without any family , she now became a orphan, she asked while crying " how did my brother died ,where is his body ,I want to see his remains "

" That's not possible because your brother got burned to ashes without any remains and the building that he worked got sunk into the ocean " replied Viktor .

" Jake said that he wants you to live a long life with happy family ,he mentioned that he is going to see his parents but wants me to take care of you so I arranged every thing you ever need and you may not see me never again in your life ,If you got any trobule then call this number " as he started walking out of the villa .

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Cathy stopped crying and rushed to her bedroom and found her back pack and open it and found a small black box and she opened it & she found a letter in it .

She opened it and read " Dear sister , Iam sorry for leaving you alone but I've got no options and I have to do it to make sure you be well and dont worry if you want to know answers for what happened to me it lies in the chip at the end of the letter and don't ever think about revenge because your brother already taken revenge for his problem and my wishes also in that memory chip ,hope you fulfill it . "

She opeened her laptop and by using cardreader she was able to attach the memory card and started open the files ,it has only one file ,in that only 4 videos are in it as she opened first video , Jake explained all about accident and how he took revenge and what he left for her

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His second video was about having her graduated from a buisness school and start her own company using the money he left her .

His third video was about her marriage and her kids and what is abou their names etc he wanted cathy them to name based on their mother

His final wish was to build a orphanage and help people like them in their own house that their mother and father built .

After looking at this videos and wishes of her brother towards her life ,she cleared her moist eyes and a determined look was seen on her face .

After 5 years , Cathy completed her studies by skipping her grades by hard work and got out of campus as a young genius business girl and after 2 years of gaining experience by working she started her own company and a cold hearted, ruthless business women born ,she grown her company to such a heights that all of them tremble and started new companies and develop them etc etc

After 15 years she's the one of worlds powerful women in the world ,during this process she loved and got married and had kids and fulfilled all her brothers requests .

There are times that cathy will walk on the roof and laid down and gaze at stars and speaks ,every time she speaks ,she remembers that her brother used to tell her that our parents are over there in stars and if got sad or happy speak with stars they will bless you, now she only speaks to her father ,mother and brother every night without missing wherever she was and whatever she do .