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Heavenly Castle - Volume 3 - Chapter 89

Published at 9th of January 2020 02:30:05 PM

Chapter 89

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「The slave I bought from him ran away!」

「And as I said, your bad management is to blame……」

「Bastard, the hell did you say?!」

The shouting man and the scared man that refutes him anyway . After arguing with each other for a while they turned to me .

「Mister Noble! He is the one to blame, right?!」

「No no, Master . What this fellow is saying is incredibly selfish……」

For some reason, the two asked me to resolve this, but naturally, I had no such authority . It seems they mistook me for a high ranking aristocrat that walks around with beauties and a bodyguard capable of controlling a golem, but it’s not like I had any power in this kingdom .

Nonetheless, telling them to scram after coming to them myself would be strange as well . So I decided on getting as many details as possible from them and giving the fairest judgment I can .

「I regret to say this, but this side is right . 」

Objectively evaluating their arguments I decided to support the merchant .

「Wh-why is that?!」

The shady man opened his eyes wide and took a step in my direction .

「Well, you had a contract, and you put your name on it, I don’t think you can overturn that . After all, it states that no guarantees are given for what happens after the deal . 」

「N-noo waay……!」

The man was clearly disappointed with my decision . But it can’t be helped . A contract is a scary thing . Surely, next time he will pay more attention to a contract before making a deal .

「Sh-shit! You’ll regret this, Diego! You dirty merchant!」

Seeing the man running with such parting words, the one called Diego made a wry smile .

「……Good grief, what a brazen fellow . Well, but if it wasn’t for your aid . You really saved me here… Being killed over such unjustified resentment would be unbearable . 」

Since he can say that with a smile, this Diego fellow should be quite used to tough situations .

「In the first place, if you buy criminal slaves just because they are cheap and then go lax on supervision, it’s merely obvious that they will run away . Putting additional limitations on troublesome slaves is common sense, refusing to do that since there is supposedly no money…」

Smiling wryly at Diego mumbling in anger, I raise a hand .

「Well then, We’ll be leaving at this . 」

When I said this and tried to leave, Diego made a startled expression and spread his hands .

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「Ah, please wait one moment! If you have time available, by all means, please visit our company! It might be a trifle, but I’d like to give you at least a token of gratitude……」


I feel kind of reluctant about getting chummy with a slave trader .

Thinking so I was about to softly decline, but Diego donned a merchant-like smile .

「Other than slaves we also deal in a great variety of other goods! After all, in the country to which I belong, our Reginshion company competes for the first or second place . I serve as an assistant to the deputy branch manager there . 」

Diego said proudly .

I wasn’t sure how assistant to deputy branch manager was different from a common employee, but I understood that it was quite a large organization . If they have goods other than slaves, then I indeed would be interested in taking a look .

「If you insist this much, then I guess I’ll pay you a visit . 」

When I replied, Diego exclaimed in delight and pointed to the area further down the road .

「Ooh! Then, please, over here! Let me show the way to the company where I work!」

Looking at Diego strolling slightly ahead of us with those words, Ayla groaned with an inexplicable expression .

「……I wonder if it will be alright with a slave seal . What if they mistake me and Aifa-san for merchandise…」

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「That won’t happen . But even if it did, should I will trick them by saying that you are my slaves?」

As I unintentionally made such a black joke, I turned around to see Ayla’s with slightly reddened cheeks .

「Ta-Taiki-sama’s slave…… This is good in its own way……」

And also Aifa nodded confidently, while Ayla kept mumbling something to herself .

「It’s a jo-joke? A joke! Okay? We are going to lose sight of Diego-san!」

Feeling like I flipped some weird switch, I, flustered, ran after Diego .

After that Ayla kept acting weirdly, shaking her head with her hands on her cheeks, while Yuri looked at that spectacle with a soft smile .

What a suspicious lot . And with Diego in the lead that suspicious lot reached an intersection of the street filled with slave stores and a street where ordinary stores were lines up .

Pointing to the most splended building that stood at the corner of that big intersection, Diego spoke .

「Now, now, we arrived! This is the capital’s second branch office of Reginshion company! The one where I work! 」


Looking up at the store I involuntarily said .

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It was a three-story building, of which I didn’t see many in this town . In addition, each floor was even taller than the previous, so in fact, it was as high as a four-story building, a mammoth of a store .

Merchandize was lined up, even in front of the entrance on the first floor, the customer traffic also appeared good . Women in skimpy dresses that were waving their hands from the veranda-like section of the building on the second floor, bothered me a little, but at first glance, it appeared like a very fine building .

「Manager! Manager Rabia!」

As Diego shouted, calling the manager, in a short while a lanky man with a lean appearance appeared from the interior .

Furrowing his brows, the man hurriedly made his way towards us with a gloomy expression .

Then, struck Diego on the head .

「Don’t make a racket in front of customers . It will make people question the class of our establishment . How many times do I have to repeat this before you understand . 」

As he was scolding him, Rabia shook Diego’s head grabbing it with both hands .

And while still in the process of chastising Diego, he finally noticed us, and looking at A1 and Aifa his eyes opened wide .

「……Sorry for showing you this unsightly scene . I’m the one entrusted with this store, the name is Rabia . Diego, introductes himself . 」

And after making such a greeting he released Diego . On the other hand, the released Diego laughed cheerfully and patted himself on the chest .

「This is the nobleman that saved me in a pinch! Ah, which reminds me, I didn’t ask your names! Everyone, can we hear your names?」

After hearing Diego’s introductions, which hardly can be counted as such, Rabia struck him on the head with a fist, while still looking our way with a charming smile .

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