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Heavenly Castle - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:05:08 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – I want to check out the castle

Translator: “Drey”

First of all, I’m sure that I can understand something if I try to operate the touch-display system in front of me .

Thinking that, I touch the words whenever something that piques my interest pops up .

「Upper Air Camera… Yeah, it’s nothing but the sky, eh . Oh, Outer Castle – South?」

When I try pressing it, the stair-shaped garden which I saw earlier appeared on the huge screens .

Each spot of the garden is being displayed from various angles, I can even see places that I missed when I was on the surface .

「An orchard, a field…… Oh, there were buildings in several places, it’s somewhat similar to a house」

There are square buildings at the side of the field and orchard . They have a door about the size of a person and their appearance are similar to a small house .

There’s a small stream flowing between the steps of the stair-shaped garden, It looks like there were also place similar to a small path that is not noticeable .

When I’m looking at the situation of the garden for a while, I noticed a movement in the garden which was quiet until now .

That small houses door opened .

Robots with slender limbs showed their figure from behind the door . The robots show no expression and look quite smooth, slowly walking inside the garden, they produce a round hose and start sprinkling water at the field and orchard .

It’s like they’re not carrying anything in their hand, so I think perhaps they have a pump inside their body and the water sucked from the tip of that hose is being released like a shower from the tip of their hands .

「Maybe they can also harvest the crops for me亅

I look at the water sprinkled by the robots for a moment, then I focus my attention to the screen panel .

There are also East, West and North options besides the South in the menu of Outer Castle Camera . If the South is the garden, I think the East and West is the area where the white houses are .

So, what is in the North?

When I try pressing the North, a scenery which different from the scene I saw until now is shown on the screen .

It’s only blue . For a moment I thought if it was sea, but apparently seems to be different .

Nearly half of the segmented screens is nothing but blue, but I notice that the rest are white tiles, lodges, and walls .

「Is this, a pool or hot springs?」

I don’t know without actually seeing it, but it really has an atmosphere similar to an outdoor pool . There seems to be quite a number of buildings nearby as well, but the pool feels considerably big in comparison .

「Hahaha, To swim above the sky? There’s nothing more I could ask for」

Saying that while looking at the screen panel, I operated the touch-display again .

There are surprisingly a lot but it’s no more than the camera entries . When I was thinking about seeing the second floor and the third floor, suddenly a high alert like an electronic sound rang in succession .

It’s similar to an alarm clock .

When I look up, I noticed that all the screens are unusually dyed in pitch black .

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White letters appear in the middle of the black screen .

「…… Warning, detection of approaching object . Identification, threat, and recognition?」

Is there something serious approaching this castle?

「…… Eh? Isn’t this bad…?」

When I murmur that, I quickly looked at the touch-display . I thought of checking the appearance of the approaching object, but words different from earlier appeared on the screen panel .

「Defense Operation Option?」

Camera entries and facility operation contents are being displayed .

The Outer Island – West and South are currently being showed in the camera entries .

「No way, from both sides?」

Feeling uneasy, I tried pressing the words of Outer Island – West .

Then, the sky and sea cutting up horizontally on the screen spreads out . Towards the left edge, I saw a small dot . Something green seems to be spreading its wings and heading this way .

I can see the big wings, but the shape of its body and the rest is not clear . However, there is no doubt that it is not a bird .

「I want to zoom in . Does it not have a zoom?」

While murmuring that, I hurriedly search if there’s something will match my intention from the words skipping on the screen panel .

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And, there was a ‘Detailed information’ at the right side of the camera entry . I push it without hesitation .

Soon enough the image on the screen is divided into three sections: middle, right and left . The left side shows the distant view of the screen . The middle became a zoom-in screen . The right side is black and empty .

「…… O, Ooh!」

And, seeing the image shown on the middle screen, I can’t help but to voice my admiration .

The proprietor who spread its gigantic wings had a big ripped mouth and thin eyes . Various sizes of fangs are lined up in its mouth and there’s also a long horn growing on its head .

That figure which somewhat resembles a dinosaur was reminding me of the existence commonly referred to as Dragon .

「I mean, isn’t that literally a dragon! No no no, isn’t this bad?」

While I’m saying such a thing, white words emerged in the black part of the right screen .

「…… Emerald Dragon, estimated 80 years old . Male . Fifteen meters body length . Over 40 meters wingspan length . Approximately 50 tons body weight . Danger level A」

Amazing . Truly a dragon . I don’t know what Danger Level A really means, and how could a creature that heavy can fly?

My complaints overflows like water, but I quickly regain my composure and return my sight on the screen panel .

Pressing the ‘Defense’ entry, the facilities list is displayed .

「Oh, the Automatic Defense Barrier is turned on! Then, I should be safe now right?」

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Despite feeling a little relieved, I also checked the counter attack apparatus just in case .

Within the entries, I find something I’m curious about .

「Lightning attack? Nice, let’s try this」

After pressing that words, I raise my face and looked at the screen .

The dragon displayed in the distant view of the left screen has become considerably big now .

The next moment, a white light as if burning into my eyes overflowed from the screen .


Using my arms, I cover my face to protect my eyes from the light . After the flickering of the light that illuminates the surroundings is over, I timidly raise my face and the figure of the dragon who stopped its movement came into my sight .

The dragon freeze with a straight back in the air, but eventually, its body tilts while emitting white smoke from the whole body .

I look in a daze at the dragon slowly falling into the sea .

「…… . that was a real lightning, wasn’t it?」

While muttering softly, new words appeared at the black part of the right screen .

「Elimination of the target confirmed …… recovering the raw materials of the Emerald Dragon?」

I give a dry laugh to the following report being displayed indiscriminately .

I got a dangerous castle .

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