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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 38

Published at 25th of June 2019 03:23:35 PM

Chapter 38

Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

Ditzen looked with wide eyes at the golems with a shape that he had never seen . He goes around it in circles and observes the golems that are standing straight .

「O, ooh……! A slender and smooth bodied golems! I have never seen this kind of golem! Their raw material are also mysterious!」

While Ditzen became excited and said that, Yanual folded his arms and hummed .

「Hmm…… However, isn’t it too thin? And it’s also a little smaller . Golems like Stone Golem, which are made by scraping a rock, look stronger . 」

「They also don’t have a weapon, do they? But they feel similar to the golem which I first made, so I’m becoming a little attached to them . 」

Yuri looks up closely at the golem while saying such things .

And, that golem reached out its hand and touched Yuri’s shoulder .

「Muh!? Yuri, you will be separated!」

Yanual raised his voice in panic, but Yanual himself is already being carried by the golem .

Ditzen looked sharply towards Yanual who is being carried up as if he is being hugged from behind .

「Y, you sly! How did you get caught by the golem!?」

「I don’t know! Before I noticed it, I was already picked up from behind!」

And, while they are having such exchanges, a golem also stands behind Ditzen .

Then, Ditzen turned towards the golem while spreading his hands .

「Come on, carry me too! I won’t resist! O, ooh! What a delicate move! Gentle and solid tolerance……!」

「You look like a pervert, Ditzen」

Yanual turned his cold eyes towards Ditzen who become delighted to be held by the golem .

Meanwhile, Yuri was still not carried by the golem . Ditzen and Yanual become puzzled to the golem that turns its back in front of Yuri and kneels .

「Oh my, do you want me to ride on your back? Well then, I will be impolite . 」

Yuri rode on the back of the golem smilingly and clasped her hands around its neck .

When the golem confirmed that, it turned its hands around its back in place of the chair . With half-opened eyes, Yanual looked at Yuri who’s the only one being carried on the back and he pouted .

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「Oi, isn’t the treatment very different!? I protest!」

「Fufufu . It is normal to treat a woman kindly, Yanual-niisama . ”

“I’m happy that I had a rare experience of being hugged by a golem, though . 」

「Shut up, pervert」

While the lively three people gave their own opinions at their own pace, the golems’ feet gently left the ground .

「O, ooh, We’re floating!」

「Kuh! How could they fly even though they don’t even have wings…… I don’t get it……!」

「Oh my, this feels good, doesn’t it?」

And so, the three people soared to the sky .

When their altitude reaches the clouds, Ditzen, who was analyzing the flight of the golems endlessly, suddenly raised his face .

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「Lo, look at the clouds!」

「Wha, what is it, all of a sudden…… I’m going to faint soon . What the hell is this altitude… . . Hmm?!」

「Ara? There are trees in such a place…… What a tall tree, isn’t it? It pierced through the clouds . 」

「It’s not! Those are growing out from the clouds . There’s something inside that clouds!」

When Ditzen shouted that, the clouds drifted sideways as if signaled by it and a part of the island is exposed .

A part of the garden, which is the northern part of the island and a scene, where rows of white houses in the eastern part, spreads out before their eyes and all of their eyes became completely round .

「In, inside the clouds, an island is……!」

「That beautiful garden…… and also this number of residences…… This requires a population not less than a mid-scale town!」

「Oh my, it is a beautiful garden, isn’t it? And the white houses are also lovely……」

Ditzen and the others who approach the island which was being concealed in the clouds while they’re being surprised in their own way, went through the clouds and then the whole island appeared before their eyes .

Besides the garden and the crowd of white residences, there are large trees with their tips above the clouds and a magnificent castle which is towering up above the hill .

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After seeing all that, Ditzen fainted and lost consciousness .

「Wh, what…… a magnificent castle comparable to our Imperial Country Palace in the Imperial Country Capital, isn’t it?」

「You are wrong, Yanual-niisama . Even if the size of the Imperial Country Castle is bigger, that castle is splendid no matter how you look at it . Right, Ditzen-sama? Ara? Dizen’s eyes became white……」

「Wh, what!? Oi, Ditzen! Don’t you care even if you die before you meet with that castle’s lord!?」

「Oh my, for Ditzen-sama to be gone at this time is…… . 」

While they are raising their voices noisily, the golems, which are bringing the three people, landed in front of the castle .

When Ditzen is laid down on the ground, Yanual speaks to him while kneeling on one knee by his side . And Yuri looked at Ditzen anxiously .

Seeing the three people, Taiki, Ayla and Mea, who were waiting in front of the castle, look at each other and speaks .

「…… Is, is he going to die?」

「Taiki-sama…… Perhaps, you made a mistake in the adjustment of the golem’s strength……」

Thus, the first encounter with the humans of the Imperial Country of Fleida became full of chaos .

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