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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 46

Published at 19th of July 2019 02:46:48 PM

Chapter 46

Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

When Ditzen talked about the Heavenly Country once again, the place became noisy .

“…… And, their toilet is also very very amazing! A sound rang, water gushed out and it’s even warm to sit on the toilet seat! The lid opens automatically and the toilet seat is always clean! Furthermore, the paper that I used to wipe my butt is soooft!”

As if flowing into the heat that slightly exceeded the representation of Ditzen’s enthusiasm, everyone listened attentively as if being drawn in .

“A, a toilet is it……?”

“No, isn’t it just a lie?”

“Umu . I can’t suddenly believe in it, but… . . maybe he was misled by a mysterious magic . ”

“I agree . ”

When the middle-aged men, who are lining up behind Zepten, had such conversations, Ditzen’s eyes became wide .


Ditzen screams and everyone’s eyes becomes round .

“I saw it with these eyes! It was an unbelievable country like a dream, but it certainly exists!”

Yanual, who’s standing next to the screaming Ditzen, laughs out loud, but the other people knit their brows .

“Good grief…… what an attitude in the presence of His Majesty . ”

There was also a person who got angry while saying that, but Yanual waves his hand while laughing .

“He’s just too passionate as a practitioner”

Then, Yanual said such a thing and the others nodded while sighing .

“Well, the practitioners living in the Imperial Country Capital are also similar . ”

“Certainly, all these practitioners are nothing but research idiots . ”

“Then, it seems better to keep this story a secret to the other practitioners . All of them will definitely want to go to that unbelievable country . ”

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Seeing the laughing men having such exchanges, Ditzen puffed out his cheeks .

“We were still only able to talk with Taiki-sama who’s the resident of the Heavenly Country . It is as big as a big city, but perhaps their population is surprisingly small . ”

When Ditzen talked until there and shut his mouth, the surrounding people tilted their heads .

“…… In other words?”

“Aah, are you saying that it’s troublesome if you go with a large number of uninvited people?”

Hearing that, Ditzen gently shook his head from side to side .

“The time for me to be taught the technology of the Heavenly Country by Taiki-sama will be wasted . ”

Hearing Ditzen declared that boldly, a sigh which filled with weariness is exhaled from the surroundings . But only Yanual and Yuri laughed happily .

“Don’t be insolent, Ditzen”

“That is wonderful enthusiasm, but I am the best person to migrate to the Heavenly Country, so it is better if you just give up, you know?”

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When the two said that, Ditzen showed a smile with bloodshot eyes .

“No no, if there’s only me by the time the invitation arrives from Taiki-sama…… there’s nothing you can do then . ”

“Hohou? How challenging . ”

“I will not lose . ”

As the three glares at each other with sparks, Zepten, who had been completely left out, exhaled lightly with his arms folded .

“…… What should I do? I also want to go there . ”

Fortunately, nobody heard Zepten’s mutter, but several days later, when there was a strange movement from the Emperor, a survey team was formed and it was discovered by the ministers .

【Heavenly Country】

“They were interesting people, weren’t they? . ”

Hearing Ayla’s impression, I laughed and nodded .

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“You’re right . Ditzen-san looks like a magician of the Imperial Country, so I would like to have Ditzen-san come again and have him teach me the magic of the Imperial Country . ”

When I said that, Ayla lowers her chin while laughing awkwardly .

“You are right . But as for me, I would like him to come with Yanual-sama who seems to be well-informed with the internal affairs of the Imperial Country, but……”

“Ah, Yanual-san? Certainly, that kind of topic also seems to be interesting . But I’m also curious about the magic of the Imperial Country . ”

While the two of us are being troubled, Mea, who came while carrying tea, opened her mouth .

“Then, isn’t Yuri-san, who seems to be knowledgeable in both fields, better? If so, I will also be taught magic . ”

And, she said a very good idea .

“Oh, certainly . Then, shall we go with that?”

“Yes . In addition, Yuri-san seems to be the easiest to talk with . ”

Hearing a very appropriate opinion, I and Ayla were convinced and agreed to Mea’s opinion .

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