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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 47

Published at 19th of July 2019 02:46:49 PM

Chapter 47

Translator: Pink Tea          Editor: Ryunakama

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Yuri is acting strangely .

It’s been one week since we returned from that flying island . I and Ditzen have more or less calmed down and had some discussions considering technologies of the flying island, but Yuri, on the contrary, appeared to grow restless .

Was it yesterday that she lost her composure?

When alone, she would suddenly start grinning, and during the meal she would go「Ufufufufu」, laughing as if recalling something .

To be honest, it’s creepy, but I’m also curious about the reasons for that good mood .

「Why are you so cree……No, what are you so happily smiling about, Yuri?」

When I asked that, Yuri, who finished dinner and now was having an after meal tea, raised her head .

「Well……Did I appear that happy to you? Ufufufufu」

「You did . You look incredibly cree……No, cheerful . 」

When I said that, Yuri tilted her head .

「Oh my . It may be because this dish was delicious . Look, the red banana soup is also delicious . Right, Yanual-niisama?」

「I don’t think it’s any different from usual…」

And after such an exchange, I parted with Yuri .

After seeing off Yuri, who was returning to her own room, I rushed to Ditzen .

When I arrived at Ditzen’s house, which was adjacent to a testing site near the outer wall, I knocked on a heavy door .

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「Ditzen! Ditzen, are you there?!」

As I was hitting the door while shouting, after some time it opened from the inside .

「……You Highness . It’s time for good kids to be in bed already . 」

Telling me that with a bitter face right after opening the door, he lowers his head .

「Sorry . But the matter calls for urgency . 」

When I said that, Ditzen narrowed his eyes .

「…Could it be, an invitation from Heavenly Country—」

「No, there is no guarantee but the possibility is high . 」

Ditzen took a step back and made a gesture inviting me inside of the house .

「Please, come in . 」

「Yeah . 」

As I entered, I was welcomed by the light of oil lamps and a smell akin to that of rusty metal . Walking past Ditzen, I sensed a peculiar smell of metal and oil on him as well .

However, a quick glance over the room reveals nothing but bookshelves, tables, chairs, and racks . Most likely, on the other side of the door at the back of the room is complete chaos .

I turned to Ditzen .

「…Could you reproduce it?」

「…Do you even have to ask?」

Seeing his grumpy face I snorted without thinking . He is probably trying to recreate that flying golem, but it won’t be that easy .

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Rather, was he able to make one, there is a good chance we might be able to uncover the secret behind the flying island itself .

「However, we don’t understand the logic by which it flies」

When I muttered so, Ditzen furrowed his eyebrows .

「Flies? That toilet can fly?」

「You’ve been making a toilet?」

The wave of exhaustion came over me with Ditzen’s answer . I sighed .

「What about golem research?」

「That is… Well, of course, I will do it . Of course, I really want to research it . 」

Ditzen gave a half-hearted reply and turned his eyes away .

Certainly, when we arrived at Heavenly Country he wouldn’t stop going on about the golems, but after that toilet caught his interest that is all he thinks about .

In fact, using that toilet felt wonderful, but the golem posed much greater interest .

Well, if I had a chance to receive a piece of technology from there I would probably pick some dish recipe or tea leaves though .

And, while I was thinking, Ditzen opened his mouth and started speaking nervously .

「More importantly, did you receive an invitation to the Heavenly Country? Could it be, your Highness…」

「Don’t give me that look, Ditzen . 」

Said that I fold my arms .

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「Judging by that behavior, it doesn’t seem like you received any as well . I’m the same . But Yuri is acting strange . 」


Ditzen’s eyes lit up . Taking my gaze off Ditzen’s shining eyes I shook my head .

「It’s still unclear . But there is no mistake that Yuri is unnaturally cheerful . 」

Hearing this answer, Ditzen narrowed his eyes so much that it was hard to tell if they were even open or not .

「…Suspicious . 」

Mumbling, Ditzen opened the entrance door .

「W-Where are you going?」

「To Yuri-sama… I have to confirm it with her!」

「Ah, Yes . Got it . 」

I thought about telling him that it was already night, but I lost to his menacing attitude .

However, there was a grain of truth in his words . It would be vexing if Yuri went to the flying island alone .

When I thought so, I suddenly got a question .

「…Ditzen, what would you do if you received the invitation?」

「I would go by myself without telling anyone . 」

His immediate answer put a wry smile on my face . Because I was of the same mind .

If one wants to have a proper conversation with Taiki-dono, then going alone is the way .

Well, Ditzen is too honest .

Is what I thought looking at Ditzen straddling in front of me, as we were making our way back to the castle in a hurry, then, he raised a strange voice .

「Ah, AAAH?!」

Prompted by Ditzen, I raised my head as well and in the bright moonlight, something white could be seen floating in the air .

Swaying like a cloth, it appeared to be dimly shining, illuminated by the moonlight .

「Yuri’s favorite white dress?」

「That is Yuri-sama and Taiki-sama’s golem!」

「Mmmm . 」

Now that he mentioned it, next to the white dress really was something similar to Taiki-dono’s golem .

「I didn’t expect that they will come for her in the middle of the night…」

「We were too naive… There are less witnesses during the night and therefore less chances that it will turn into an uproar . 」

「I see . Indeed, Taiki-sama seemed like a person, who didn’t like to stand out excessively . 」

Nodding in agreement with Ditzen’s words, I sighed deeply .

「…Can’t be helped . Taiki-dono was friendly, so most likely there will be another invitation after Yuri returns . I guess I’ll wait for that . 」

「No no no, just when will that be?! I want to go as soon as possible . 」

「There is nothing we can do . There is no way we can catch up to them at that height . 」

Soon after I said so, Ditzen used flight spell in rush and took off into the sky .

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