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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 53

Published at 3rd of August 2019 04:17:39 PM

Chapter 53

Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

When the robot landed on the island, it gently lowered Violette on the ground as if handling a fragile item . Then Aifa also releases his hand from the robot’s shoulder and nimbly falls to the ground .

And, Ditzen, who was groveling on the ground, stood up without caring about the dirt on his clothes . After looking around, he loses his big smile that was always on his face .

“…… No, nobody is here? This is strange…… Taiki-sama should be waiting for me personally now…… No, Yuri-sama, who gave me the letter, is also not here……”

While Ditzen was murmuring something, Aifa, who was watching the situation, knitted his brows .

He looked around and checked the huge trees that grew on the left and right, the group of white houses lining up below and so on . Not only is there no person, there’s not even a noise . It’s completely like a ghost town .

“If it’s a different situation than usual…… There’s no doubt, the cause is probably us . ”

When he muttered that, Violette tilted her head with a composed expression .

“Are you saying that they are busy in preparation to meet their unexpected guests? That’s natural, isn’t it? Because the beautiful General and the eccentric Magician, that the Empire is proud of, are standing together . ”

“… Is the ‘eccentric magician” about me?”

Aifa looked at Violette and said that with sighs . However, he shut his mouth after noticing Violette’s fingertips are slightly trembling and he moved his attention to the castle without complaining in the end .

Maybe because Violette was irritated to Aifa’s attitude, she frowned and clenched her fist .

“…… Even so, they are rude because they still hide themselves and not even a single person comes out . ”

The moment when Violette said that while putting on a brave front, a low and hard sound resounded like with vibrations on the ground .

“The castle’s gate has opened”

Aifa, who was observing the castle, said that and the eyes of the two also turn towards the castle .

And another kind of heavy sound, which is different from the sound of the opening gate resounded and Aifa and Violette became ready for war with natural movements .

Seeing the two became ready and lowered their posture, Ditzen also lay in wait for the appearance of the castle’s lord in a similar posture for some reason .

As the three stared silently, three figures of people showed their appearance from inside the dimmed castle .

A man and two women dressed in clothing similar to a dancer, with cat ears and tails standing up firmly . They are Torraine, Rant and Schnee .

All three of them took a glance with sharp gazes at Aifa and Violette, and they parted to the left and right of the gate and stood up . Rant is on the right side alone . On the left side are two people, Torraine and Schnee .

When the three stood to the sides of the gate, a huge shadow, which obviously not a human being, made its appearance from inside of the castle this time .

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It’s Taiki’s robot .

At first, two robots came out and deep furrows have formed between Violette’s eyebrows .

Four robots appeared in series next and Aifa’s eyes became slightly wide .

And, four more robots appeared, and Ditzen jumped up and raised a cheer .

When a total of ten robots formed two lines in front of the castle and made a path in the center, four people, who look like children compared to the robots, showed themselves .

They are Taiki, Ayla, Mea and Yuri . There was also A1, another robot behind Taiki, but the one who noticed it is only Ditzen .

After looking at Aifa and Violette who are being wary, and Ditzen who’s waving with both hands, Taiki smiled wryly and walked one step ahead .

Ayla and Mea also tried to follow, but because Taiki raised his hand and halted them, they stopped obediently despite having a difficult face .

After confirming with a glance that they have stopped, Taiki started to walk with A1 . Then, the robots that were forming a line on the left and right, also started to advance with the same walking speed of Taiki .

Seeing the scene of the approaching eleven robots that centered around Taiki, Aifa checks the surroundings as he reflexively said .

“…… Is that the man named Taiki? The other magicians are…… are they still inside the castle……?”

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“However, I can’t feel any signs…… This island is really a quiet and creepy like a graveyard . ”

When Violette answered that while sweating on her forehead, Ditzen spread out his hands with a radiant smile .

“Idiot! How can this wonderful environment be creepy! It’s peaceful, undisturbed and a mountain of unknown technology that has never been seen! It’s a dream utopia for everyone if you’re a practitioner!”

Ditzen said that and laughed loudly, and Aifa and Violette look at him as if looking at a pathetic thing .

“Well, thank you…… It seems that you liked it . ”

When Taiki said that and stood in front of the three, Aifa and Violette narrowed their eyes sharply and gave him a glaring look .

Aifa speaks to Taiki who stands between the robots .

“…… Nice to meet you . I’m the Imperial Court Magician of the Blau Empire, Aifa . Due to the command of the Emperor, I came to investigate this Heavenly Country . ”

When he announced that smoothly, Taiki nodded leisurely .

“Well, thank you for coming to such a distant place . ”

When Taiki said that and bowed, Aifa and Violette blinks their eyes with a dumbfounded face .

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While unaware of the changes in expression of the two, Taiki, who raised his head, said his next words with a gentle smile .

“Since you had especially come to the top of the sky, I will welcome you as much as possible . That is, if you are not hostile to the Heavenly Country……”

When he said that in a joking manner and laughed, Aifa and Violette lowered their heads, shut their mouths and couldn’t answer anything .

When the two keep silent, Taiki forced a smile while tilting his head curiously and look at Violette .

“…… Ah, that lady is…… Err, I don’t know how to say this, but I’m really sorry that I intervened during your war with the Kingdom . I even destroyed your golem……”

Hearing Taiki said his words of apology with his eyebrows in ハ character, Violette can’t help but gasped and leaked a muffled voice .

“…… Destroyed my golem…… Then, the maker of the golem at that time is this boy……? Such nonsense……”

Hearing Violette mutterings with a grim face, Taiki scratches the back of his head with one hand awkwardly .

“Ah…… I guess it was an expensive golem . It was more beautiful than others after all……”

Aifa was watching without saying anything to Taiki who said that in a small voice .

It was Taiki who had put pressure on them unconsciously because of his military power, but the person himself is pondering some leisure things like “I wonder if it would be better to do a welcome party for these three?” .

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