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Heavenly Castle - Volume 3 - Chapter 84

Published at 14th of December 2019 11:04:24 PM

Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – The difference in condition inside and outside the city


Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

It was surprisingly easy to get inside the royal capital .

Since a considerable number of people come and go every day, they can probably only perform a minimum check . But I think it should be a national defense standard to check the person’s origin and purpose of entry to the country through questioning and the belongings they carry, and to set only one silver coin for the toll .

I wonder if they are not worried because there are solidly equipped soldiers in the surroundings and inside the gate, and they have war potential due to the power of money? Well, if so many merchants are coming from the surrounding countries, the economy is probably their first priority .

As I passed through the gate and entered the castle wall while thinking such things, I was overwhelmed by the scenery .

There are rows of two-storied stone buildings at the front and crowded street stalls are lined up at the side of the castle wall . There were many people moving around in that area, and a hustle and bustle were dominating the city .

I step firmly on the beautiful road of stone pavement and look around .

There are various people from armored soldiers and merchants in robes to beastmen and elves in just a glance . Their clothes are also diverse and interesting .

And apart from the scenery near us, I face towards the back of the buildings at the center of the royal capital and roofs of tall buildings are sticking up one after another .

I was told that the center of the royal capital rises like a hill, but if you look at it without knowing anything, the towering castle at the center will feel terribly huge .

But for those who have neither status nor money, that place is far away and they may get a feeling like they are being looked down on from a place that they can’t reach .

“…… Taiki-sama?”

When I stopped walking while thinking such things, I was called out to by Ayla . When I turn around, everyone is looking at me .

“Is there something wrong?”

“No…… I was thinking it’s a very interesting city . I wonder how we get to the central part?”

“I think the sturdy building in front is the entrance that leads inside . It is just, the people who enters inside are nobles and those who have a lot of money, and we may have to undergo a thorough inspection to enter . ”

Yuri answered with a troubled look .

“Oh, never mind because I’m not really thinking of going to the aristocratic district . For now, can we go to the stall over there?”

“Yes, I would really like to see it . ”

“I wonder what they are selling?”

Yuri and Ayla looks towards the stall with a great deal of interest . He seems to be grilling meat and the aromatic smell is appetizing . It is being grilled while skewered like a yakitori, but the seasoning seems to be nothing more than salt .

The middle-aged man, who grills the meat, is in surprisingly wealthy clothes . I thought those who grills would be more lightly dressed and a stall-like person, though .

“Excuse me . How much is that?”

When I said that, the man looked at me while grilling the meat . After looking at me, he looks at Ayla and Yuri . And lastly, he looked at Aifa and the robots, and blinked his eyes .

“…… Oh, ri, right, yes . This one is five copper coins……”

While glancing sideways at the man with obviously agitated behavior, I turn to Ayla .

“Is it enough to buy at least ten?”

“Ten? Um, money is not a problem at all, but can we eat that much… . . ?”

I gave a wry smile at the puzzled Ayla and looked back at the stall man .

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“Please give me ten . ”

“Ah, I, I’ll prepare it now……!”

When I make an order, the man hurriedly checked the grilled meat and gave it to us . Ayla received two and Yuri received another two .

When I pay with silver coins while the rest is being grilled, Aifa skillfully received the four that he was paying close attention to and I receive the last two .

“Tha, thank you . Please come again . ”

I gave a nod to the man who bowed very deeply and replied to him .

“Yes . thank you . ”

Leaving the stall with Ayla and the others who holds grilled meat in their hands, I ask a question .

“Why was that ojisan(uncle) so nervous?”

When I ask that to no one in particular, Aifa nods .

“He probably assumed that you are a noble or a rich man who can hire an elf magician and golems as a bodyguard . He is not completely wrong, though . ”

Aifa seriously said that while holding skewers of grilled meat in both hands .

“…… It’s a country with a smaller population than a village, though . ”

When I said that and gave a wry smile, Aifa looks at me without saying anything . No, because the Heavenly Country has a population of ten .

I laughed in self-deprecation while thinking that and turned towards Ayla .

“I want to go outside for a bit, but is it okay with you?”

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“Outside? Ah, Taiki-sama, could it be……”

Ayla closed her mouth without saying anything more and laughed awkwardly .

But Aifa slightly knits his brow and look towards me .

“…… Do you mean, after doing some charity, the life outside might be improved?”

“That may be so . It’s just……”

While muttering that, I once again look around the city .

Until earlier, I was impressed by the cityscape of the different world that I personally saw for the first time, but when I calmed down, my point of view changed .

There is too much difference between outside and inside the city . Therefore, this exciting and unusual cityscape, and the lively crowd of people seems to be somewhat fake .

The real condition of the city is as dark as the outside and I’m getting a feeling like some people are decorating it with papier mache to conceal something unpleasant .

Of course, there is no way that figure is real in this city and it’s probably nothing but the front and back scenery .

However, being unable to honestly enjoy this city due to that is also unbearable .

“…… Alright, shall we go?”

When I said that while making a dry laugh, Aifa gently nodded without saying anything .

Going out of the city while being watched with doubtful eyes by the soldiers at the gate, we head towards the child earlier .

As I thought, that bread would be stolen .

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As I was walking while thinking such thing, a crowd has appeared at the place where the child had collapsed .

Most of those who have gathered are children .

“…… Oya? Somehow, the number of children are……”

When I stopped walking and muttered that, the children turned towards me all at once . Even if they are just children, I can feel an unusual intimidating air when so many people look at me like that .

As I was thinking about what to do, the children looked at Aifa and A1, and groan softly .

“…… Uu”

They are clearly frightened . Well, they would surely be scared if someone like Aifa who always have a stern look and the big A1 are in front of them .

“Ah, we don’t mean to harm you, okay? I have something for the child over there……”

After saying that, I spread my hands to appeal that we are harmless, but this time the children’s eyes are nailed to my hands .

Now that I think of it, we are a weird group with grilled meat in our both hands . And the children have an appearance like they are obviously having trouble in their daily meals .

It will be a waste if the grilled meat is not distributed . But it’s definitely not enough .

As I’m stuck in a dilemma, this time a woman in black robe appeared from behind the children . Somehow, her appearance is like a sister of a church .

“U, um…… I am sorry . For the children’s rude behavior……”

While the sister said that, she stood in front of the children as if to protect them with a blue face and stopped moving after she noticed that we have grilled meat in our both hands .

…… I wonder what should I do?

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