Heavenly Farmer - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221


After Wang Xinyi’s consent, Ye Xiaochen released her hands and opened the lid of the thermos cup . Suddenly, a strange fragrance came out with the heat .

Wang Xinyi sniffed the smell and revealed a touch of surprise .

She made a hand gesture, “it smells good . ”

There was not much medicine in the thermos, only 200 ml .

Although it was packed in the thermos, the temperature of the medicine was not too high, it was about 50 to 60 degrees .

He poured the medicine into a glass, and when it was cold enough to drink, he handed it to Wang Xinyi .

Wang Xinyi looked at Ye Xiaochen and took the glass .

When Ye XIaochen saw Wang Xinyi’s hesitant eyes, he immediately encouraged her with his eyes .

Wang Xinyi then gently leaned and prepared to drink .

Although she doesn’t know what it was made of, she believes in Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was nervous .

Although he showed a confident look, he was a little unsure .

“So bitter!”

Wang Xinyi took a sip and suddenly frowned, her pretty face was a little squeezed .

She only felt the bitter taste in her mouth, and it was difficult to drink .

“Xinyi, don’t spit it, the medicine is good for the illness . ”

Wang Xinyi gently held Wang Xinyi’s hand, communicated with her consciousness with the spirit talent, and transmitted his voice .

This was a technique of combining energy with spirit talent .

If he could have mental power, even if he doesn’t touch her with his hands, he would be able to transmit his voice through the air .

Wang Xinyi nodded gently, she forced herself to endure the strong bitterness, then closing her eyes she drank all the medicine in the glass .

After drinking, she covered her mouth, it was so bitter she felt to throw up .

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly poured water in the glass for her to gargle .

Even after gargling several times, it didn’t work . The bitterness in the mouth was still very strong .

Seeing Wang Xinyi’s frown and uncomfortable appearance, Ye Xiaochen’s heart moved and quickly took out three immortal grapes .

This was already free of immortal qi .

“Xinyi, have a grape . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly gave the grapes to Wang Xinyi .

Wang Xinyi opened her mouth gently and ate the grape . After biting through the grape skin, the cool and sweet justice immediately covered the bitter taste and then spread all over dispersing the bitterness taste .

“Isn’t it very sweet?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile .

Wang Xinyi nodded, her eyes shined .

Wang Xinyi also fed Wang Xinyi with two other immortal grapes .

After Wang Xinyi finished eating, she felt the bitter taste in her mouth had completely disappeared .

Suddenly, she felt itchy inside of the ear . She couldn’t help scratching the ear with her hands, but it was useless because it was deep in her ears .

It was bearable at first, but she couldn’t stand it for a long time .

She quickly made a gesture to Ye XIaochen .

“Ear itching? Xinyi, don’t worry . It might be the effect of the medicine . Yes, it must be so . ”

Ye Xiaochen grabbed Wang Xinyi and excitedly said .

Wang Xinyi’s eyes brightened .

She had taken a lot of traditional medicines and western medicines previously, but she had never felt this way .

“It’s so itchy inside my ear, I can’t stand it . ”

Wang Xinyi couldn’t help try scratching, but it was useless .

“I’ll scratch the ears with a cotton swab . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly entered the room and brought a cotton swab .

“Don’t move!”

Ye Xiaochen used his spirit talent and transmitted his voice in Wang Xinyi’s mind .

He pulled Wang Xinyi’s head closer towards him, then gently put the cotton swab into her delicately clear ear and stirred it .

He didn’t dare to use too much force, otherwise, the eardrum would break .

He gently touched one side, then also did it in the other ear, he repeatedly did it .

Wang Xinyi’s beautiful eyes narrowed, and her pretty face showed a very comfortable look .

“How is it? is it still itching?”

Ye Xiaochen holding Wang Xinyi asked .

Looking at her delicate face his heart softened .

Wang Xinyi nodded gently . Suddenly she seemed to realize something and gently broke free from his arms .

On her delicate face, there was a blush .


At the moment, the loud sound of a firecracker came from a distance .

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi raised her head and looked around, as if she heard something .

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After a long time, she seemed to think of something, and quickly asked in hand gestures, “Xiaochen did you hear anything?”

“Yes, someone has just set off a firecracker, what happened?”

Ye XIaochen nodded and said .

All of sudden, he was stunned . He immediately looked at Wang Xinyi, he grabbed her hand and used the spirit talent to transmit the voice, “Xinyi, did you, did you hear the sound of the firecrackers?”

Wang Xinyi was dazed .

Ye Xiaochen loosened his hand and said it again in a loud voice .

Wang Xinyi was taken aback and looked at Ye Xiaochen . Suddenly, her eyes become moist and gently sobbed .

Because she was sure that she could really hear the sound .

Although the sound was very small, it was very clear in her silent world .

Even though Ye Xiaochen’s sound seemed to come from afar, to her it was like the sound of heaven .

She nodded with excitement .

“Great, wonderful, this medicine is really effective for you . ”

Ye Xiaochen was also very excited .

Next, Ye Xiaochen tested Wang Xinyi’s hearing .

After repeated testing, Ye Xiaochen estimated that Wang Xinyi’s situation has improved a lot, she was able to hear in the range of fifty to sixty decibels .

Below this decibel, it was hard for her to hear .

Ye Xiaochen guessed that the effect of the medicine has not completely disappeared, there should still be some effect .

Moreover, there were still two doses left .

After three consecutive doses, Wang Xinyi should definitely recover .

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Ye Xiaochen was happy .

Wang Xinyi was even happier .

Before Ye XIaochen left, he asked her not to tell Wang Shusihieng about it for the time being .

Wang Xinyi naturally agreed .

She also wanted to give her brother a surprise .

For the next two days, Ye Xiaochen would come and give a dose of Qiyuan medicine to Wang Xinyi .

After the second time, Wang Xinyi’s hearing has reached forty decibels

After the third time, Wang Xinyi’s hearing has reached thirty decibels .

She could hear the normal voice .

However, Ye Xiaochen was not happy, because Wang Xiny’s hearing recovery was much worse than he thought .

Normal people’s hearing range was around 0-25 decibels .

Wang Xinyi’s hearing range at most could reach 25 decibels .

It was still not within the scope of ordinary people .

It showed that Wang Xinyi’s ear disease has not fully recovered, and was not comparable to normal people .

Compared with Ye Xiaochen’s disappointment, Wang Xinyi was very happy, because now she could hear it .

She was finally able to heal different kinds of sounds, the sound of her brother, the sound of her sister-in-law, the sound of her nephew, the sound of birds, the sound of cars starting, the sound of the wind, the sound of footsteps and even the sound of herself .

All this was so beautiful, it felt that her original world had suddenly become alive .

Although Ye Xiaochen was disappointed, he did not show and knew that Wang Xinyi was happy with this .

However, he won’t give up .

Since three doses of medicine don’t work, then he would add a few more .