Heavenly Jewel Change - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

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Shangguan Bing’er did not have any confidence of being able to even harm Luo Ke Di, but for the purpose of the test, to just have him not be able to dodge and be forced to parry her arrows, she was extremely confident. After all, she had the Silent Tracking Arrow, and that was literally the best solution for this test, and she did not foresee any problems passing this first test. This was the reason why she relaxed after hearing about it.

As expected, after Shangguan Bing’er had fired the arrow, Luo Ke Di dodged it in a flash, but the Silent Tracking Arrow in the air spun around quickly and followed him instantly, reaching the front of his face. Luo Ke Di had no choice but to raise his hands, a white light springing out from his hand and stopping the arrow.

Shangguan Bing’er kept her Purple Dawn Bow with a smile, saying to Zhou Weiqing: “He truly is a great senior from the Heavenly Bow Unit, so strong!”

Little did she know that Luo Ke Di on the other side was just as surprised; although he had easily stopped the Silent Tracking Arrow with a finger, that finger was currently feeling numb. With his experience, he could naturally easily determine Shangguan Bing’er’s Heavenly Energy cultivation levels and Attribute. He thought to himself: She is indeed worthy of being called the top genius youth of the Heavenly Bow Empire! At such a young age, she is already of the 10th level of Heavenly Jing Energy! No wonder Old Zhou recommended her to enter the Heavenly Bow Unit, she truly has a great future ahead.

“Alright, you passed. You, brat, it’s your turn.”

Luo Ke Di’s target had never been Shangguan Bing’er, and now that it was finally Zhou Weiqing’s turn, he gave a secret wicked smile, thinking to himself: Smelly Little Brat, how dare you play with me, you’ll see how I punish you later. Shangguan Bing’er might be a Heavenly Jewel Master and pass easily, but you’re at most an ordinary Jewel Master. Hmph!

At the other hand, Zhou Weiqing had released his Overlord Bow. Due to the fact that they were 300 yards apart, although Luo Ke Di could see him releasing his Consolidated Equipment, but he could not clearly see the Jewels around his wrist. As such, he immediately determined that Zhou Weiqing was a single Jeweled Physical Jewel Master. It was hard to blame him for making that snap judgement, after all, in the Heavenly Bow Empire, there were just the two known Heavenly Jewel Masters. Even if another Heavenly Jewel Master appeared, they might not choose to stay in the Heavenly Bow Empire which could hardly afford to provide them with sufficient funds.

As Zhou Weiqing whipped out an arrow and nocked it to the Overlord Bow, he drew it to about half its strength and with a *whoosh* sound, the first arrow flew out.

What was the Overlord Bow? It was one of the top bows amongst all the Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment, and was known for its sheer destructive power, after all only pure Strength Heavenly Jewel Masters could Consolidate it. Even though it was only drawn to half its maximum capacity, the arrow that flew out was still faster than from a Purple Dawn Bow.

As the first arrow shot out, his second arrow flew out almost an instant later. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had drawn the bow to its maximum for the second arrow. This archery skill was known as Dual Shot; the first arrow being shot out at a relatively slower speed followed by the second arrow which would reach first. This skill was taught to him by Shangguan Bing’er, and was usually used against stronger enemies to surprise them.

Luo Ke Di’s eyes narrowed as the arrows hurtled towards him with a loud whistling sound after being fired from the Overlord Bow, and the expression in his eyes changed a little. What a powerful bow, yet it can also be considered a useless bow. In a 1v1 situation, one of the most important thing to an archer was silence. With the sound this bow makes, it was rather useless; as most enemies would be alerted and escape.

As he was thinking about that, he had also made his move at the same time. As the two arrows reached him, Luo Ke Di did not even move his legs, instead his upper body seemed to whip to the left, as if his entire body was being broken from the waist.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s arrows seemed to be targeted at the same spot, but in truth, there was some slight difference, one of the arrows slightly skewed to the left, and one to the right. However, this Luo Ke Di’s dodging was unbelievably shocking, and he somehow easily dodged both arrows.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing thought of several words: Physical Jewel Master, Flexibility. Without question, this Luo Ke Di was a Physical Jewel Master, and amongst his boosts he definitely had the flexibility attribute.

Although he was thinking, Zhou Weiqing’s hands did not slow down at all. Another two arrows shot out again; this time one was targeted at where his upper body was leaning currently, while the other towards where his body would end up if he straightened. In this way, if Luo Ke Di stood up straight, he would be hit by the latter arrow, but if he didn’t, he would be hit by the former. Although Zhou Weiqing knew that this two arrows might not force Luo Ke Di’s hand, his goal was to try and at least make Luo Ke Di move his feet.

However, to his surprise, Luo Ke Di did another high difficulty movement, and his upper body at the left seemed to snap to the back instead like a whip, and without getting up, he ended up in a reverse bridge position, and all the time his legs had not moved an inch, as if they had been nailed to the ground.

“Little brat, is that all you’ve got? Do you really think you can join our Heavenly Bow Unit with just that level of skill? Even in this open space, you can’t even make me move my feet, you should go home and continue suckling milk!” Luo Ke Di’s mocking words came from afar.

That guy, he was definitely taking revenge for just now! Zhou Weiqing’s heart was as clear as a mirror. Although Shangguan Bing’er’s arrow was indeed powerful, but with the abilities that Luo Ke Di revealed thus far, he could have easily dodged it until the Heavenly Energy in the arrow dissipated. Yet, he had easily let Shangguan Bing’er pass, and was just waiting for him!

A cold smile appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face. Hmph, not moving your legs? I’ll see how you do not move for this. As he thought that, his fifth arrow shot out.

Once again, the loud whistling sound rang out as the fifth arrow sped towards Luo Ke Di’s left foot. With a loud laugh, Luo Ke Di lifted up the leg, easily bringing it above his head, in a ‘ Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg posture’1. However, in the next instance, tragedy struck for him.

Previously, the arrows fired and dodged had flown off into the distance; as long as they flew off 1.5km into the distance, the Heavenly Energy in them would have dissipated, and the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow would not come into play. However, this time, although Luo Ke Di easily dodged the arrow, but it landed right on the ground below him.

With a huge explosive sound, Luo Ke Di was caught by surprise, and his reaction was a little slower than usual. The huge explosion caused him to fly up, and although he reacted quickly in releasing his Physical Jewels, twisting and turning in the air to reduce the impact, but his clothes were torn up. “F**k, what bow is that…” Luo Ke Di cursed in his heart, but his troubles were not over yet, as another loud whistling sound was heard, accompanied by a much stronger pressure.

Luo Ke Di’s anger was sparked in his heart. At this moment, his body was in midair, and it was hard for him to leverage off anything. Without any choice, he quickly hit his palm towards the ground, and a strong bout of Heavenly Energy slammed against the ground, and he made use of the impact to spin backwards further into the air. He was indeed a Physical Jewel Master, and had 5 Physical Jewels. In the Heavenly Bow Unit, he was considered one of the weakest, but his Physical Jewel Boost was of coordination and flexibility, and even though he was in the air, he had the confidence to dodge the incoming arrow.

However, another surprising thing appeared. Just as he made use of the impact as leverage to spin higher in the air, and seemingly dodge the arrow, he suddenly felt a pain on his chest, and he flew backwards. With a loud explosion, he was knocked back at least ten metres.

In the distance, Zhou Weiqing said with a wicked smile: “I hope you enjoyed the Overlord Spatial Arrow.”