Heavenly Jewel Change - Chapter 769

Published at 6th of April 2018 09:34:48 PM

Chapter 769

Little Witch's face turned red when she heard what Zhou Weiqing asked . She kept shaking her head . "I… I don't know . "

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Zhou Weiqing then said sternly, "You're lying . A liar must be punished . "


It felt like the world was spinning as Little Witch was pressed on the bed by someone who was heavy . When she looked at the mischievous face that was inching closer to her own face, Little Witch's heart started beating three times faster than usual . She clenched her hands and dared not look at him as she closed her eyes . However, she was not averse to what was happening to her at the moment, and there were some anticipatory feelings even though she was nervous .

In another room, Shangguan Xue'er, Fei'er, Bing'er, and Tian'er were sitting together .

Shangguan Fei'er looked at Bing'er and Tian'er and asked with a curious expression on her face, "Is it possible to elevate our cultivation base by having sex with him?"

Tian'er rolled her eyes at Fei'er and said, "This is the 21st time you've asked that . Why don't you try it to see if it works?"

Shangguan Fei'er's beautiful face turned red . "I'm shy . It's that idiot Little Fatty's fault . Why would he want to go to the Elf Tribe for no reason? Otherwise, we won't be taken advantage of . The Elf Tribe is very dangerous . How can we help him if we don't raise our cultivation base? Do you think this is a wicked plan that the idiot came up with?"

Tian'er burst out laughing and said, "Oh, please . I think you've been wanting to do that since the beginning . We've known each other for so long . Do you want me to teach you a technique or two to make him surrender to you?"

She then got closer to Shangguan Fei'er's ear and said something to her softly . Suddenly, Shangguan Fei'er's face turned red like she had too much to drink . "You! You're so bad . I don't want to talk to you anymore . Sister, Tian'er bullied me . "

The blush on Shangguan Xue'er's face was not any lesser than Shangguan Fei'er's . Although Tian'er had lowered her voice, with their cultivation base, how could she not hear what was said?

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Tian'er giggled and said, "You're all shy now, but you'll have to do it with that idiot sooner or later . If you don't believe me, you can ask Bing'er . "

"Don't, don't ask me . I know nothing . " Shangguan Bing'er lowered her head . However, judging from the way she reacted, it seemed like Tian'er had spoken the truth .

Shangguan Xue'er and Shangguan Fei'er's eyes met and their beautiful faces turned red .

They had the thought of having sex with Little Fatty Zhou . How could it be possible that they did not have other intention apart from elevating their cultivation base so that they could help him get to the Elf Tribe? In their hearts, Zhou Weiqing was their man since the beginning . Did they not want to secure his heart by giving their most precious things to him? Moreover, Tian'er, Bing'er, and even Little Witch had already had sex with him . At this point, they were worried . Would his feelings towards them fade if they did not have sex with him? Although it sounded unfair, there was nothing that they could do, since they had fallen in love with that meanie . If Zhou Weiqing knew what they were thinking, perhaps he would be so happy that even his anus might expand…


In the morning, a soft little lamb was woken up from her sweet dreams by the touch of a pair of warm and big hands . From the blush on her face, one could tell that they had intense sex last night . Even until now, the heat between them had not dissipated . In reality, that was the truth . Little Witch's wisdom was not inferior to the other women's . Although she looked weak, she was still a Heavenly Jewel Master with Seven Jewels cultivation base after all . Her body could not be compared to ordinary females' . Zhou Weiqing was over the moon because of the good time they had last night and was still energetic after being up the entire night .

"Hey, don't mess around . I've just fallen asleep and here you go again . " Little Witch buried her head in his arms and dared not look at him .

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, "You seductive little devil . You're the one that seduced me . How can you blame me?"

"Who seduced you? Hmm? 'Smooch'" Little Witch lifted her head up in disdain, but her lips were kissed by Zhou Weiqing once again . However, her eyes were wide open .

Zhou Weiqing noticed something was wrong and freed her lips immediately . "What's wrong, Hanyue?"

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Wu Hanyue looked at the brightly lit room and exclaimed in surprise, "It's already morning . Oh, no . They're still waiting for me to go back . What should I do? It's all your fault . " She punched Zhou Weiqing's broad chest a few times before she turned around . She then quickly flipped herself over and tried to run out after putting on her clothes .

"This silly girl . It's already morning . Do you think they waited for you until morning!?" Zhou Weiqing pulled her over . Because he had a strong physique, he would not be exhausted even if he had sex for a month without stopping . Even then, he still could not get enough of it .


Little Witch begged, "Please let me go . My dear husband, they'll blame me if I don't go back to them . "

Zhou Weiqing was aroused by her calling him 'dear husband' . Eventually, he let her go . At that moment, he began thinking to himself that he had to get a bigger bed in the future . What would it feel like to be able to sleep with all of them under a blanket? Hehe .

Little Witch ran back to her room and bumped into Tian'er before she could get inside .

Tian'er looked at her teasingly and laughed with her voice lowered, "You must be on cloud nine . We were waiting for you until late at night . "

Little Witch was embarrassed as she replied, "I, I fell asleep . I'm so sorry . " She did not have the urge to compete with Tian'er anymore . Tian'er was already carrying Zhou Weiqing's child . Since Tian'er and Zhou Weiqing were both cultivating Saint Energy, she had the highest position among the five of them .


Tian'er giggled and pushed her into the room . "You wait here . I'll get them to come over . "

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A while later, Tian'er brought the Shangguan triplets over . Shangguan Xue'er was shy, but Shangguan Fei'er could not wait to ask, "How was it, Little Witch? Did it work?"

Little Witch was stunned for a moment before she snapped out of her shock . "I, I forgot to feel it . Give me a second . "

Last night was a crazy night . She had indeed forgotten to feel what she and Zhou Weiqing were doing last night . She felt like she was a small boat in the midst of an ocean storm, as if she was being thrown up and down like she was wandering between peaks and valleys . Now that Shangguan Fei'er asked, she finally remembered that it was an experimental mission .

As Little Witch thought about it, her body lit up while a layer of light reddish gold halo emanated from her body .

"Ahh? What's this?" Little Witch was shocked when she found that her original Heavenly Energy had completely changed . It was now thicker, stickier, and became a massive force that she was unsure of .

As the Heavenly Energy was released, her seven Heavenly Jewels were naturally released as well .

"It's still seven!" Shangguan Fei'er said in a sorry manner . She was slightly disappointed .

However, in the next moment, some changes happened to Little Witch's body . Her seven Heavenly Jewels became reddish gold in color as the reddish gold Heavenly Energy was released . Little Witch suddenly had a change in her facial expression as she sat on the ground with her legs crossed . The reddish gold energy that surrounded her body began to fluctuate . All of her Heavenly Jewels were shining brightly, releasing life, darkness, and demonic aura interchangeably .

The other four women's cultivation base was higher than the Little Witch, so they could clearly sense that Little Witch's cultivation base was increasing tremendously .

"It really works?" Shangguan Xue'er and Shangguan Fei'er looked at each other with shock written on their faces .

Tian'er was the one who understood Zhou Weiqing's ability the most, so she burst into laughter and said, "Of course it works . That meanie's Galaxia Saint Energy has already evolved into the Nebula Saint Energy . He definitely won't be stingy when it comes to us . Actually, he doesn't even need to do anything . All he has to do is convert the Heavenly Energy in Yuehan's body into the evolved Nebula Saint Energy . With the level of pureness and richness of the Saint Energy, it'll naturally cause a change in Little Witch's body . I guess the level-up this time will be big . "

"Didn't I tell you all yesterday? He's right . If you all come with him, there'll be a lot of benefits under the merging of Yin and Yang . It's possible to break through to the Heavenly King Tier . To put it simply, our Little Fatty is the best tonic in the world right now . I've thought it through . To prevent him from seducing other women, we'll have to work together to drain him . Which of you will be going with him tonight?" Tian'er had a mischievous expression on her face when she said that .

She went over to Shangguan Fei'er and embraced her as she said, "Or why don't the both of you go together? Little Fatty is good in this . Since the both of you will be doing it for the first time, you might not be able to handle him on your own . "

"Tian'er, you're so naughty…"

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had no idea what the five of them were talking about . In reality, he did not really do much last night . However, anyone who had sex with him would naturally be affected by the rotation of his Nebula Saint Energy . The tiniest trace of Saint Energy on the heavens and earth had been tempering Zhou Weiqing's body . It was the same even when he was breathing, so when he was having sex with Little Witch, the Nebula Saint Energy would naturally enter her body and synchronize with her original Heavenly Energy . Moreover, Little Witch was absorbing Zhou Weiqing's essence all night, so it made sense that her body was filled with Nebula Saint Energy .


Furthermore, one should never forget that she was different from the Shangguan triplets because she possessed Saint Attribute as well . Although her Demonic Attribute was incomplete, she had the Saint Energy foundation . This made it easier for her to accept Zhou Weiqing's Nebula Saint Energy .

After washing up, Zhou Weiqing went to look for the five women to have breakfast . To his surprise and disappointment, none of the five women were there . He had no idea what they were doing .