Heavenly Jewel Change - Volume 24 - Chapter 233

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Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Hui Yao’s Revival 

Bam!! Duo Si’s heart almost broke into two when Hui Yao’s head smashed viciously into the ground. Everyone’s heart sank, as if Hui Yao’s enormous body had returned to that of a large dragon corpse.

“No—-!!” Duo Si cried out, grief stricken. She charged over, her enormous wings flaring open to cradled Hui Yao’s large head in her embrace. A desolate dragon croon erupted as her head lifted high, pained tears continuously streaming out of her great eyes.

One step short of success? Destruction of hope? Duo Si’s agonized heart could no longer take such blows.

Tian’er’s charming face had drained of all color as she collapsed into Zhou Weiqing’s embrace, but she kept her eyes unblinkingly fixed on Hui Yao’s body.

Duo Si lowered her head and looked deeply at Hui Yao, then turning her gaze to Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing. Her tears suddenly stopped flowing. “Humans, I said before that no matter what happens, I still thank you for trying. I no longer have any strength to save our children. I beg you that when you leave, please help me save my children. I will follow Hui Yao into death, and this Lustre Spatial Realm will no longer continue fragmenting, so there is no longer any need for you all to worry. I really can’t live on without him.”

The look in her eyes turned gentle. The days of waiting and all being for naught in the end had utterly crushed the last hope in her heart. She was going to go with him. She would be with her husband even if it was in another world.

The three Shangguan sisters were weeping soundless tears at this point as they watched the dragon couple’s tragic scene. The were caught up in a thick sense of grief.

Zhou Weiqing’s brow was tightly furrowed. He wasn’t able to voice any words that would discourage Duo Si. Even if he could stop her this one time, how would he continuously stop a woman taking her life to follow her husband, much less a mighty dragon!

Duo Si’s enormous eyes began to close slowly, her strong life force just moments ago beginning to fade. She was closing off her soul, and when it was fully closed off, she would lose her life forever. Outsiders who wished to rob a dragon of its life would have to pay a heavy price, but it was very simple for a dragon to take its own.

Whether Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er or the Shangguan sisters, all parties present were extremely saddened in this moment. Such a strong and majestic lifeform was choosing to leave this world in this manner! How would they not be depressed?

“Duo Si, don’t.” A low and somewhat weak voice suddenly sounded out at this time.

Duo Si’s rapidly dispersing life force suddenly halted when this voice rang out. The humans all widened their eyes, and everyone’s gaze was focused on the enormous body on the ground. What was going on? What was happening?

In the next moment, an enormous and extremely frightening power suddenly exploded within Hui Yao’s body. An eye-searing red light erupted like a volcano and tore through all bindings. Great energy spewed forth in the air, and the terrifying power of the heavens dyed the vicinity red.

Duo Si’s closed eye suddenly snapped open as she lowered her head and looked at her husband’s body.

Hui Yao’s fallen body slowly began moving. He didn’t move quickly, but did so steadily. First to rise was his proud head, followed closely by his enormous body as he slowly stood up.

The great dragon eyes opened slowly and thick, broad wings unfurled to embrace Duo Si. A strong life-force rose steadily as his domineering dragon aura exploded in this instant to soar to the skies.

Yes, he had come back! The dragon Hui Yao who’d once contro

lled the Lustre Spatial Realm had come back!

A remarkable energy emanated from Hui Yao’s body and transformed into five red rings, circling Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er, and the Shangguan Sisters in an instant.

All of them felt an odd pulse of energy drill into their brains via their foreheads, and their minds went blank in the next second.

There was no change to the power and strength in their bodies, but their spiritual energy was exploding beyond all of their expectations in this moment.

Hui Yao’s gaze landed on his wife’s body, finding her eyes and never looking away again.

Duo Si’s life force began slowly rising again as her two claws gripped her husband tightly. She didn’t dare relax her hold on him for anything. She was so afraid that everything in front of her was just an illusion. However, as she felt the dragon aura grow and recover in Hui Yao’s body, she knew that her husband had come back at last. He’d returned to her side.

There was only one thought in their minds at the moment, and that it was wonderful to be alive. Even creatures who’d lived for tens of thousands of years as they still felt that life was terribly precious. Perhaps, it was even more so for them.

The red light slowly faded from the five youths, restoring the splendor in their eyes. They looked at each other with surprised delight as their spiritual strength seemed to have ascended to another level, and the strength of their souls as well. Zhou Weiqing was already at the nine-Jeweled stage, and he could vaguely feel that after this short enhancement in this short period of time, his spiritual strength had already risen to the level of a Heavenly Emperor’s. This held untold benefits for his cultivation to come, and would definitely be of enormous help for forming a Saint Core Nucleus in his future breakthrough.

With the strength of his soul combined with the power of his bloodline, he was confident that he wouldn’t be overcome even if he had to face up against a Heavenly Emperor’s aura now.

This was Hui Yao’s repayment for their help. He’d used the core power of the dragons to elevate the souls of Zhou Weiqing and the others. This was a highly consuming matter even for a dragon such as him, which could affect him to the core.

The recovery of life force, the completely revival of Hui Yao, Tian’er’s successful Ressurection Skill … not only that, but Hui Yao had also gained a trace of the Saint Energy, which held great benefits for him as well. Most importantly, he was back alive again, able to see his beloved wife and children again.

“Thank you, young humans. You saved my life. Thank you all.” Hui Yao’s gaze finally shifted from his wife and landed on Zhou Weiqing and the others. A great sense of gratitude exuded from the dragon couple. Although they didn’t say much, the raw emotions from two dragons was more than sufficient testimony.

“There is no need to thank us,” Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “I just hope that you can continue to protect this Lustre Spatial Realm and not destroy it. That would be the greatest thanks to us.”

Hui Yao looked closely at Zhou Weiqing. However, just as Duo Si who was by his side was about to to slowly nod in agreement, he shook his head. In a solemn tone, he said: “I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing and the others were taken aback, their expressions changing as they looked at Hui Yao with incomprehension. They’d just saved his life! Why wouldn’t he agree to this condition that really wasn’t much of anything at all?

Hui Yao continued staring at Zhou Weiqing, not a hint of compromise present in his gaze. “My children have been taken, and I must destroy this Lustre Spatial Realm for their sake. I can only save them if I leave here. Even though you’ve saved my life, that won’t stop me from saving them. I can at most return my life to you after I rescue my children.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew ugly, but he could not bring himself to voice any opposition. Indeed, if he was in Hui Yao’s position, as a father, how could he be willing to sit back if his children had been taken? He’d likely make the same decision himself!

“Is there no other way?” He smiled bitterly. “Or perhaps, we can rescue your children for you?”

Hui Yao looked at Zhou Weiqing, a red light dancing in the dragon’s eyes. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was being seen quite through, and a faint layer of golden light appeared around him. It seemed to have sensed a threat to Zhou Weiqing and automatically appeared.

“This… this is the energy saved me!” The dragon was astonished. “What, what attribute is it?”

“We call this the Saint Energy, it is actually refined from merging the four Saint Attributes: Divine, Time, Demonic and Spirit.” Zhou Weiqing didn’t hide anything.

Instantly, Hui Yao’s eyes lit up with a bright glow. “Saint Energy… for it to be refined from the four Saint Attributes…! But… how could this be? You’re just an ordinary human. And yet… perhaps it might actually be possible…”

Zhou Weiqing had been thrown for a bit of a loop by this seeming random response. “Senior, we’ll do our best to achieve your wishes as long as you don’t destroy this realm. Perhaps I’m not strong enough at the moment, but as long as I can coalesce a Saint Core Nucleus, I’m confident of being able to hold up against even a Heavenly Emperor. Let us humans resolve human matters. I’ll definitely try my best to save your children.”

Hui Yao nodded slowly, the light in his eyes flickering. “Your strength is far from enough. Even I wouldn’t dare say with certainty that I’d get our children back. That power… it is simply too terrifying, it’s as if it’s from…” A trace of fear actually appeared in the mighty dragon’s eyes.

“From where?” Zhou Weiqing asked in surprise.

The dragon remained silent for a moment. “From the Nether Realm.”

Zhou Weiqing stared blankly. “Nether Realm? What’s the Nether Realm?”


Hui Yao heaved a deep sigh. “You all saved my life, so there’s no harm telling you. The Nether is a place. You could say it doesn’t exist in our world. You see, it’s a reality like the Lustre Spatial Realm, another parallel world. Only this place is much larger and much more terrifying than the Lustre Spatial Realm. There are many nether creatures there. There is no light there, only slaughter and destruction. Simply put, within the Nether ordinary nether creatures are much stronger than you human Six-Jeweled Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. If the Nether connects to your human world, your world will be thoroughly annihilated.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck by what the huge dragon, Hui Yao, had said. He’d never heard anything like that. His eyes shone with doubt.

Hui Yao of course could tell what Zhou Weiqing was thinking. “You don’t have to believe it,” he said flatly. The Nether Realm’s existence is real because the Lustre Spectre Realm was established by the Nether Realm. A hundred thousand years ago the Nether Realm barely managed to link up a portal to the human world. In those days there were a lot of huge powerful dragons like us, and with their help they managed to completely seal off the portal, and someone was assigned to guard it. Later us dragons took up guarding it. That’s why we rarely appeared in the world. The successive dragon clan leaders took charge guarding the Nether Realm. Us dragons paid a hefty price for guarding the Nether Realm. We were affected by energy from the Nether Realm, which made it difficult for future generations to procreate. So our ancestors set up the Lustre Spatial Realm and sent a young Dou Si and myself into it in order to preserve our dragon bloodline.”

Zhou Weiqing gasped. If what Hui Yao said was true, and the Nether Realm’s power was really what was behind the abduction of their children, then wasn’t the human world in danger?

“The force that caused a rift in space might have been from the Nether,” Hui Yao said. “Only the Lord of the Nether has the kind of power to rip open space. Even though it and the Nether creatures can’t come to our world, they can help its representative come here. It was they who captured my children. I don’t know what they want, but it won’t be good for you humans. Your cultivation is good for a human, especially your astonishing Saint Energy. However, I’m afraid it’s not near good enough to match the Nether Realm representative.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment. “What is the Nether Realm representative?”

“Humans,” Hui Yao said without hesitation. Some of you humans thirst for power and will stop at nothing to get it. They can be tempted by the Lord of the Nether Realm and become his lackey. The Lord of the Nether Realm will give them a certain amount of power and have them assist the lord with various tasks. When an opportunity appears they will help the Lord of the Nether Realm in his assault on the portal seal.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes shimmered. “So then our world is in danger. Those nether creatures definitely can’t come to our world, right?”

Hui Yao nodded. “As long as the seal is not broken even the almighty Lord of the Nether Realm will not be able to come to your world. The most he could do is rend space every now and then and teleport some energy fluctuations. And he will have to pay a large price to do it. So in order to prevent the portal to the Nether Realm from opening up you must first resolve the petty matters of your world. Dou Si and I leaving the Lustre Spatial Realm is not a bad thing for you humans. We have keen insight into the Nether. I’m a descendent of the dragon emperor. The power of the dragon emperor that flows through my bloodline veins can guide me to these existences.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled wryly. “But, once you leave here it will be a devastating blow for the entire human race. Perhaps you all don’t know, but there is a place called Heaven’s Expanse Palace on Heavenly Jewel Island within the Lustre Spatial Realm. At the south end of the island there is a huge city with a population of over ten million. Once the Lustre Spatial Realm is destroyed, the most populous city in the human world will be no more. That’s why we have to do everything we can to stop you.”

Hui Yao’s eyes shut slightly as he thought. “There’s nothing else to be done,” he said flatly. “Our children have not yet hatched. No matter what those people want to use my children for, they just have to wait until they hatch. But without our husband and wife’s powers there, no matter how they try to hasten it, it will still take about five years. It’s already been over half a year. If you can help us out here within three years, we will still have a chance.”

Shangguan Xue’er, off to the side, said, “Just tell us what you require and we’ll do our best. Do you have a way to get out of here without destroying the Lustre Spatial Realm?”

Hui Yao nodded. “There’s another way to do it besides breaking through space. Teleportation. Forcefully tear open space and teleport us out. Just like they tore open space in the past to teleport the humans.”

Zhou Weiqing gasped. “Won’t it take a hell of a lot of power to do that? I don’t know if even a Heavenly God Tier Powerhouse would be able to do it.”

“A lot of power is part of it,” Hui Yao said. “If you can find a Spatial Teleportation Gem you can cut down on a lot of power. You can use your Saint Energy to open the Spatial Teleportation Gem. I can give you a coordinate. Just cut the coordinates into the Spatial Teleportation Gem. I’m not really sure how to activate it. After all, the Spatial Teleportation Gem is an incredibly precious object from the ancient past.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Xue’er. “Do you know what that is?” The richest place on the mainland was Heaven’s Expanse Palace. There were countless treasures there. Maybe there was a Spatial Teleportation Gem there?

Unfortunately, Shangguan Xue’er shook her head. “I’ve never heard of such a thing. But if it exists in this world we have a chance to find it.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the gigantic dragon, Hui Yao. Even if the Nether Realm didn’t exist he would still do all he could to get it, so that the dragons wouldn’t destroy the Lustre Spatial Realm. But matters were very grave now. It was not as simple as the Nether Realm merely threatening ZhongTian City, but was now threatening the existence of the entire human race. What was he to say?

Zhou Little Fatty’s boldness emerged. He thought for a moment, then looked at Hui Yao. “Elder,” he said gravely, “what do you think about this. We’ll do this one of two ways. You give three years to do all we can to find the Spatial Teleportation Gem, and at the same time begin evacuating the people of ZhongTian City. If we are really unable to locate a Spatial Teleportation Gem by then, then you two can break open the Lustre Spatial Realm. That will give us time to evacuate its inhabitants. Of course it’s best if we can find it. If so, I will be the first to open up space and get you out of here.”

Without a doubt this was the best course of action they could hope for.

Hui Yao nodded. When he saw the look in Zho Weiqing’s eyes he praised, “You are an intelligent human. We’ll do as you suggest. I’ll give you three years.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Thank you, elder. Well then, we mustn’t let time go to waste. We’re leaving at once to help you search.”

“Wait,” Hui Yao said. “Before you go, absorb some of my Heavenly Energy. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee I will be able to restrain my urge to go find my children.”

Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, but the dragon Hui Yao had already extended its dragon claw before him. Its eyes calm, but Zhou Weiqing knew what he intended. He smiled. “Then this junior will go ahead.”

Heavenly Jewel Island, Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang and Tianyue were standing before the Lustre Spatial Realm Opening Formation with awful looks on their faces.

Half a year had passed since Zhou Weiqing and them had entered the Lustre Spatial Realm. But there had been no activity whatsoever. The occasional energy fluctuations had not been as intense as before.

In a certain sense the existence of the Lustre Spatial Realm was clearly more important than the lives of Zhou Weiqing and the five of them. But, the three Shangguan sisters were the brothers’ only descendants! If they all perished in the Lustre Spatial Realm it would be a fatal blow to Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Plus there was Zhou Weiqing and Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian’s daughter. In the past WanShou Empire people had also entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, but were all expelled due to the danger. They returned to the WanShou Empire and told of Tian’er entering the Lustre Spatial Realm. If they all died there then before long Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya and Lord of Heavenly Snow Mountain Xue Aotian would likely come looking. Heaven’s Expanse Palace was mighty, but they didn’t dare gang up on the likes of them!

Shangguan Tianyue knitted her brows. “Big Brother, send someone in there to go see. It looks like things have calmed down in there now. If they’re alive we will find them. If dead, we will find their bodies!”

Shangguan Tianyang sighed. “Second Brother, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have agreed to their requests and let them enter.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes flashed with a hint of deep worry. He shook his head. “That’s all over now. What’s done is done. We can only pray for our children. Big Brother, I…” Shangguan Tianyue, the Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, cut himself off there as his eyes welled up.

Shangguan Tianyang didn’t know how to console him.

Suddenly, the Lustre Spatial Realm fluctuated violently and the two brothers looked at the golden light shooting out.

Lights and shadows flashed and five figures appeared in mid-air. Another flash of light and the five were before them.


Zhou Weiqing was in front, smiling. Except, he clearly looked different than when he had entered before. With their cultivation the two brothers could sense in the moment he appeared before them an intimidating aura. This was a shock to them. No doubt, this kid had had some adventures in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

Their eyes swept over Zhou Weiqing and landed on the three Shangguan sisters. Shangguan Tianyue teared up when he saw they were unharmed and he was before them in a flash, arms wide open, hugging them close.

“You all finally made it out. You worried your father to death.”

The deep worry in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes was swept away and he smiled at Zhou Weiqing. “You bum, you have some luck. Looks like you made out okay this time!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed. “You could say we helped Heaven’s Expanse Palace resolve a big problem. You can count it as a dowry for Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er.”

Shangguan Tianyang laughed. “You sly dog, you’re just not willing to pay the hundred million in cash, right? Okay. If the Lustre Spatial Realm’s danger has been averted then I’ll let you off.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled wryly. “It’s not completely settled.” He has just left the Lustre Spatial Realm, yet it was still very serious and he didn’t want to delay, so he quickly told Shangguan Tianyang all that had happened while they were in there.

Shangguan Tianyue soon came over and joined in listening to Zhou Weiqing’s story. The more they heard the more troubled they became, especially when he came to the part about the Nether Realm. They knitted their brows.

“Uncle, Father-in-law,” Zhou Weiqing said, “have you been to the Nether Realm? Does it really exist? It all sounds so mysterious to me.”

Shangguan Tianyang frowned. “That gigantic dragon is not lying. Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace elders mentioned the Nether Realm in their ancient records, but there was not much detail. We never thought anything of it before. If it’s really like that dragon says, then we’re in for some trouble.”

“The Nether Realm is still far from us,” Zhou Weiqing said. “So let’s not worry about that for now. First let’s talk about the problem with the Lustre Spatial Realm. The dragon gave us three years, but that’s not really very long. Have either of you heard of a Spatial Teleportation Gem?”

Shangguan Tianyue shook his head, at a loss. Shangguan Tianyang, however, looked to be deep in thought. “I think I have read of it in some classical record. Well. You all go rest while I think carefully about where I read about it.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. After all that time in the Lustre Spatial Realm, they really did need a rest.

This time Zhou Weiqing didn’t stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island Hotel, but stayed in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace instead. However, perhaps by the three Shangguan sister’s arrangement, Tian’er was dragged off by them, and our dear Zhou Little Fatty had to stand guard in his room all by his lonesome.

Despite that, Zhou Weiqing didn’t show the slightest sign of dissatisfaction with regards to this point. Instead, he’d worn a lascivious leer when he parted from the four girls.

It was no wonder he did so. After all, one had to know that he’d already completed Shangguan Tianyang’s demand.

After reviving Hui Yao, the dragon had offered to let Zhou Weiqing Devour his energy. As he continuously Devoured the dragon’s incredible power as well as the atmospheric energies within the Lustre Spatial Realm, not just his own, but even Tian’er and the three Shangguan sisters were completely filled with Saint Energy. The four ladies had broken through in their cultivation once again. Tian’er had reached the eight-Jeweled Stage and was close to creating her own circulation path.

The three Shangguan sisters didn’t possess any of the Saint Attributes and thus couldn’t create a similar circulation path for Saint Energy like Zhou Weiqing. However, since Shangguan Tianyan’s demands had already been met, Zhou Weiqing now had the right to marry the three sisters. This time, he was going to take them with him no matter what. It was only that he’d just left the Lustre Spatial Realm and hadn’t had time to bring it up to Shangguan Tianyang yet.

Zhou Weiqing already had his plans and although he no longer needed to Devour Heavenly Beasts, he still needed to make a trip to the Heavenly Snow Mountain after departing from here.

According to Hui Yao’s words, and his experience with the terrifying destructive power in Hui Yao’s body previously, Zhou Weiqing had some speculations about the Nether Realm. Previously, when they’d been on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, Tian’er’s mother Phelia had gifted Zhou Weiqing the the Nether State Skill. More importantly, from the conversations he had heard, she seemed to be keeping watch over a place, some sort of guard… and it was very likely connected to this Nether Realm. The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was the foremost powerhouse in the world, the only Heavenly God Tier amongst humans. He was definitely the most likely one to know about the existence of the Nether Realm.

As for the Spatial Teleportation Gem, Zhou Weiqing currently did not think of looking for it by himself. After all, with his just his own strength alone, it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. It was more reliable to just ask the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to bring all its considerable resources to search for it. While they did so, he could still head to the Heavenly Snow Mountain and request the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord to help as well. If the two greatest Saint Lands in the world couldn’t find the Spatial Teleportation Gem, then it was likely it was even more impossible for him to find it on his own. If he really couldn’t find it, the only thing they could do would be to evacuate the citizens of the ZhongTian City. Although the destruction of the Heavenly Jewel Island would be an enormous blow to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the preparation period of three years should allow them to deal with it properly.

Early next morning, disciples from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace came to invite Zhou Weiqing to meet up with Shangguan Tianyang.

It was still that familiar palace, the ethereal white mist making it seem like a celestial realm on earth. The Shangguan Brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue were both present. The three Shangguan sisters and Tian’er were off to the side, looking rather close and familiar with each other, putting Zhou Weiqing at ease.

“Uncle, father-in-law.” Zhou Weiqing was quickly getting familiar with calling out these titles.

Somewhat to his surprise, his future father-in-law didn’t seem to reject these titles this time. However, the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters had somewhat stern expressions on their faces.

“Have there been no clues?” Zhou Weiqing frowned.

“We have found some clues, but things will be a bit troublesome,” Shangguan Tianyang responded.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped as he snapped to attention. Shangguan Tianyang was after all the First Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, one of the Great Saint Lands in the mainland. If even he felt things were tricky, it could only mean that the Spatial Teleportation Gem could not be so easily obtained.

“My memories were correct,” Shangguan Tianyan recounted grimly. “There is indeed a record of the Spatial Teleportation Gem in my Palace’s ancient tomes. A Spatial Teleportation Gem once appeared, and it is the utmost treasure of the Xuantian Palace.”

“Xuantian Palace? What kind of place is that?” Zhou Weiqing was rather lost and confused. The five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland were the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Heavenly Snow Mountain, Passion Valley, Blood Red Hell and Heavenly Demon Sect. He had never heard of this Xuantian Palace. However, if this place wasn’t one of the Great Saint Lands, why would Shangguan Tianyang place such importance on it?

Shangguan Tianyang continued: “Even I wouldn’t be too familiar with this place, let alone you… If I hadn’t looked through the historic archives, I would not even have remembered this place.” Pausing for a moment, he continued solemnly. “That is because the Xuantian Palace isn’t even on the Boundless Mainland.”

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Tianyang in surprise and bewilderment.

“In truth, apart from our continent, in this world, there is another smaller continent far out on the seas, called the Xuantian Continent. Very few people know of it because of its great distance from the Boundless Mainland. The only reason we know about it is because their people once came to our lands and conflict erupted. That was was the reason why our archives recorded it. They also seem to have organizations similar to our Great Saint Lands, and the XuanTian Palace is their strongest one. The first time they came, they were defeated by an alliance between all five of the Great Saint Lands, but we could not cause them any serious problems because of the Spatial Teleportation Gem. In the end, we finally set a treaty that the two continents would not interfere with each other, and that powerhouses from the Great Saint Lands of each continent wouldn’t set foot on the other. However, this was a millennia ago, so even amongst the Great Saint Lands, very few know of the existence of the Xuantian Continent now.”

“There’s another continent entirely?” Zhou Weiqing asked. “Is there a map? The oceans are so different from land. Setting aside the question of how many Heavenly Beasts there may be in the oceans between us, how can we even begin to attempt to reach the Xuantian Continent across the vast oceans if we don’t know where it is?”

“For that at least, you do not need to worry about it,” Shangguan Tianyue responded. “We once seized a detailed maritime map from their hands and the position of the Xuantian Continent is clearly labeled. It’s a large landmass after all, not a mere island, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate. Even so, it is tens of thousands of miles away from us, so it won’t be easy to reach. Not to mention that the treaty we made is still in effect. If we send someone to find that Spatial Teleportation Gem, it would not only worsen relations between the two continents, it could possibly start a war. We already have many matters to attend to in the Boundless Mainland, and it might be unwise to make more enemies.”

Zhou Weiqing was quick witted and immediately understood what the ramifications of what the brothers were saying, as well as their subtle hidden meaning. He chuckled and cut straight to the chase. “I’ll go. I’m not part of any of the Great Saint Lands, and my goal is more humble. Even if I can’t steal or rob them, I can still try to borrow it right?”

Of course, in his mind, there was no difference between this ‘borrowing’ and taking without a word.

Shangguan Tianyue was quite satisfied with this response and revealed the trace of a smile. Although his future son-in-law wasn’t a match for his daughter in the looks department, there were few peers in the younger generation that could measure up to his abilities.

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