Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: 237

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Within the 9-9 Approaches to Medicine, the simplest immortal medicine was naturally the Spirit Concentration Pill .

Feng Xueya also knew how to make the Spirit Concentration Pill . Of all the immortal medicines, this Spirit Concentration Pill was the easiest to make .

Nangong Wei sat cross-legged in a corner of this training room . Various colored flames danced on her and rolled across her body . That nine-colored flame was like a cocoon and wrapped her within . In the flames, you could feel the change happening at every moment .

Wu Yu, on the other hand, was at another corner of the training room . He first performed a blood bond on the Three-Legged Cauldron . Then he placed it before his eyes and used his heart to sense the immortal treasure spirit design of this Three-Legged Cauldron . This immortal treasure spirit design included various effects, like air-blast, refining, magnifying, and adjustment of immortal fire . Its immortal treasure spirit design was comprehensive, and compared to a normal cauldron, the success rate was much higher .

Spirit designs were something even more complicated and mysterious than immortal medicines . Wu Yu was not anxious to fashion spirit designs right now . He wanted to first understand how to refine immortal medicines .

It was said that any successful martial cultivator would have relatively outstanding abilities in refining immortal medicines and fashioning spirit designs . This was especially true for fashioning spirit designs . A big offensive spirit design and a big defensive spirit design could determine an individual's battle power .

While the Galaxy Sword Sage was still testing him, Wu Yu was not anxious . The path to martial cultivation was most cautious to having an anxious and irritable state of mind .

Refining immortal medicines required the most precise control and hence, he could train his mind . The fire, the timing, the moment to bring the medicine out, the strength, and more factors all required precise control . They all directly affected the success of the immortal medicine . It was not as simple as just firing everything in quality immortal fire .

Wu Yu spent some time to familiarize himself with the Three-Legged Cauldron before he started to study the 9-9 Approaches to Medicine . In this refining art, the first thing taught was how Wu Yu could control and flexibly use immortal fire . Immortal fire was like his arms - it needed to be trained, to be controlled, before it could perform according to his will .

While this was basic, it was a relatively important basic .

The ability to control fire concerned the strength of the fire, and that was the root of the dao of immortal medicines .

But Wu Yu seemed to be a natural at fire control . Following the instructions in the immortal medicine book, in less than a day, the immortal fire could change into any shape in his hands . He had a high perception . The strength of his immortal fire was practically controlled at the whims of his mood .

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Now he could almost have the fire burn into an opponent's body without burning off the clothes .

Upon reaching this step in the immortal medicine book, Wu Yu started studying the first type of medicine refining method for the Spirit Concentration Pill . It was the nin-type refinement method . It differentiated mainly in the materials used . The steps to refinement were different for different materials, and the supplementary materials required were different as well .

One of these methods required the use of a one-spiritual mark immortal essence - the Hundred Thousand Spirit Flower - and a few supporting immortal essences . Coincidentally, Wu Yu had all these materials, so he was already prepared for his first refinement .

Firstly, he needed to heat up the Three-Legged Cauldron and allow its immortal treasure spirit design to start up . Within the cauldron, a refining environment would be created, and at this point, he needed control over his immortal fire . This was because the temperature was very important to this environment . He had to guarantee that his immortal fire maintained a certain strength . Once the heat increased or decreased, the immortal essences that had just entered the cauldron could be destroyed or fail to dissolve to a satisfactory state .

Wu Yu was very familiar with the 9-9 immortal medicine book . He followed the steps strictly . He had already measured the main and supplementary materials and placed them in the cauldron based on a special sequence and ratio .

Other than the start up of the spirit designs, he also needed to add a few spiritual arts into the cauldron to aid in the dissolving of materials .

When clouds started to surround the interior of the cauldron and he could start to see the mixing of the spiritual plants, the cauldron’s lid would be placed . He had to control the immortal fire, fire up the immortal treasure spirit design, and start to burn it at high heat .

"Why is this so similar to cooking?" Wu Yu was momentarily stunned .

Actually, he was not wrong . The refinement of immortal medicine was very similar to cooking . Disciples who were good at cooking progressed very quickly when they first encountered the dao of immortal medicines . It was because they were very familiar with the theories of cooking, including the difficulties of controlling the timing and adjusting the heat accordingly .

No matter what, the refinement of Spirit Concentration Pills was still the simplest, and the number of spiritual arts required were not many too . At the second half of the refinement, Wu Yu was just controlling fire .

This was his first refinement, so he did not have many ideas of his own . He strictly followed the steps . He carried out the instructions precisely and basically did not meet with any problems .

He basically had no problems, especially on the control of immortal fire . The next problem was when to activate the respective immortal treasure spirit designs . This was not difficult either because the 9-9 Approaches to Medicine had introduced this in great detail . It even included many realizations of previous disciples after reading . Wu Yu had basically avoided all these past mistakes .

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For instance, if the heat increased at a particular moment, the immortal medicine would be flawed .

For instance, if he used the wrong immortal treasure spirit design, then the immortal medicine would be instantly destroyed .

For instance, if he heated it for a longer period of time, the effect of the immortal medicine would be lost and its spiritual power would disappear .

This whole process was still quite unnerving for Wu Yu .

Finally, an aroma wafted out from the Three-Legged Cauldron . It was a strong aroma which indicated that the immortal medicine had been formed . He gradually retracted the immortal fire and controlled the immortal treasure spirit designs to stop . At the last moment, he baked the medicine at high heat and opened the cauldron lid . Instantly, a stream of white fog rushed out .

"It's a success!" The white fog dissipated and Wu Yu looked into the Three-Legged Cauldron . There were more than 10 white immortal medicines . Wu Yu immediately retrieved them and ate one . He realized that he had indeed been successful . It was no different from the other Spirit Concentration Pills .

"It smells so good . " Nangong Wei pushed her dainty nose forward . Then she looked at Wu Yu in an idolizing manner and said, "Big Brother, you are indeed strong . I heard that it is rare to succeed on your first refinement of immortal medicine . In the future, you will definitely be some great master . "

Wu Yu said, "This art is indeed not simple, I must not be proud and must try a few more times . "

Nangong Wei's eyes widened as she said with anticipation, "Big Brother, are you going to refine Golden Essence Pills? If only you could refine the Golden Essence Pills . Then we would have an unlimited supply of them!"

Of course, he would require materials . Except that these materials were not worth as much as the Golden Essence Pills . If he could refine them, then he would save a lot of trouble .

After hearing what Nangong Wei said, Wu Yu was tempted . He felt that since he could succeed on his first refinement of the Spirit Concentration Pill, he might succeed at refining the Golden Essence Pill . If he had this ability, all he would need in the future was to prepare the materials .

He started to study and read through a few methods . He realized that the refinement of the Golden Essence Pill was much more difficult . It concerned the control of immortal treasure spirit design, the control of immortal fire, and the complexity of the spiritual arts . However, this did not scare him . He still followed the steps and carried them out carefully . It was just that the process was too complicated, and with a slight discrepancy, his cauldron would explode . The immortal essences inside the cauldron would be burnt into crisps and turn into ashes . . . .

This time, it was not only that he failed, but Wu Yu also wasted a set of two-spiritual mark immortal essences and five sets of one-spiritual mark immortal essences .

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He still wanted to try, but the materials were insufficient .

"Looks like I still need to take things one step at a time . My learning in refining immortal medicines better start with the Spirit Concentration Pill before I take it step by step to the Golden Essence Pill . In between, I can try the refinement of Antidote Pills and Exorcist Pills . " Wu Yu calmed down and did not push forward recklessly .

But he finally understood what the refining of immortal medicines was .

Resources were paramount to martial cultivators . Of which, the resources of immortal medicines was a relatively important part . If he could have the ability to turn immortal essences into immortal medicines, then the value of the former would at least double .

Immortal essences worth one Golden Essence Pill would be worth at least two Golden Essence Pills once they were refined into immortal medicines . In fact, he could not purchase top-quality immortal medicines . He would need his own unique materials and methods to refine them .

"The methods to immortal medicine refining, the future path to martial cultivation . When I need to do is settle down and be calm . I can try it frequently . At the moment, I still need to study the dao technique . "

Wu Yu had sensed that the need for full focus to control immortal fire for the refinement of immortal medicines would raise his spirits and resilience .

With a calmer demeanor, he could progress faster in refining his Jindan and training in dao techniques . Wu Yu naturally did not waste the great volume of spiritual qi that he had bought for 10 merits per month . After studying the refining of immortal medicines for a few days, he put it down and focused entirely on refining his Jindan and training the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art .

You had to admit that the Great Way of Immortality Art was scary . When Wu Yu was refining his Jindan, at least 3/4 of the spiritual qi in this training room was taken by him and added into his Jindan, causing it to grow in strength and size .

Wu Yu thought about the matter regarding Shen Xingyao .

"In Shushan, I have no one to rely on . This equates to not having any base . Even if I have greater talent, I will still be looked down upon by others and have to abide to their whims . I will even be coveted .

"When I was at the Heavenly Sword Sect, the reason I could rise quickly was because Master had chosen me .

"Today, that Shen Xingyao may have detected that I am different before making that decision . It allowed me to gain fame . If he is as Wei Er said, then he is a senior worthy of respect and I will fight to train with him . This is also a huge opportunity . With Shen Xingyao as my shield, I can practically go anywhere in the Shushan Immortal Sect, and I will no longer need to be afraid of people like Zhang Futu .

"The so-called dao fanatic probably has some morals . If that is the case, then I, Wu Yu, have to grab this opportunity .

“Afterall, there are numerous people envious, jealous and even hating me now .

“They cannot wait to see me embarrass myself . How can I let them have their way?"

After making up his mind, Wu Yu entered his training state .

At the moment, he didn’t have many Golden Essence Pills . Even if he kept using the Jindan Condensation Wondrous Art to refine his Jindan, he still needed to take things one step at a time and stabilize his Jindan first .

Of course, the more important thing was to understand the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art . This was the dao technique worth more than 400 merits . It was a deeply mysterious knowledge even for Wu Yu . It was much more difficult to understand compared to Feng Xueya's Sword of No Form .

There were thousands of words just on the various descriptions .

It was said that yin yang existed in the heavens and earth, yang in the heavens and yin in the earth . Between heaven and earth was a void . This sword cultivator dao technique emphasized on the heavens, earth, and man . This was the reconciliation of yin and yang .

When cultivating, one had to experience heaven and earth, to seek the changes of this world and the yin yang of everything .

In reality, this dao technique that Wu Yu had found was very suitable for him . He had entered sword cultivation from the immortal root of the Yin Yang Dao Sword . It was an immortality art that required two uses with one effort . He understood that quicker than others .

"Visualizing the Inner Ape . "

After meeting with difficult problems, he entered the spiritual world to calm down and think .

The Unparalleled Monkey King bathing in golden flames in his imagination was changing ever so slightly and seemed to always aid Wu Yu in finding a breakthrough point .