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Published at 11th of September 2018 06:58:43 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: King Kong is alive

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There is still some darkness in the sky and it’s not possible to see the sun .

After a lapse of one month, Shen Cong stepped on the ground again, but the earth that once was once lush green was replaced by yellow sand, gravel, and dust . There was no green in the vision .

It seems that he has come to the endless desert .
“Homeland… Wuwei County… The provincial capital Hefei is probably no longer…”

Shen Cong frowned,
Looking around, He wants to find a trace of life .

This huge disaster storm has wiped out all traces of life .

The only thing that can be witnessed is an earth that does not seem to be from this world, or the steel columns that belong to the load bearing columns of the warehouse .

One of them was bent to ninety degrees .
Shen Cong suppressed the pessimistic mood and walked to the warehouse position step by step . He looked at the yellow sand and stones on the ground with his hands and found it too difficult .

Then ran back to King Kong, took out a workman’s shovel, and returned to the previous position to continue to shovel the yellow sand .

At this time, Shen Cong’s body is stronger than a cow . He picks up the shovel and shovel the sand .

After a while, a large pit was dug up .
“The active energy really strengthens my body . I used to dig such a big hole and I will definitely gasp for air . I don’t feel tired at the moment . ”

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Active energy, this is the name of the magical power named by Shen Cong himself, which is why he can make inexplicable contact with King Kong .

Shen Cong, who woke up from a coma a month ago, found that he had a mental connection with King Kong, and he was exploring this perception for a month .

After many explorations, experiments and inferences, he probably understood the generation and function of this ability .

The meteor shower that destroyed the world, one of which was in the warehouse, but with the power of the meteor, the shock wave generated was enough to destroy everything around, but no, even if the warehouse was smashed, there was not even a pit left .

Shen Cong didn’t know what that meteor was made off .

But now it seems that there is absolutely mysterious energy .

Because it gave the King Kong a metal, a “life”, Shen Cong didn’t know if the King Kong was really alive, but it did have a spirituality and slowly repaired its damage . – Shen Cong named this spirituality of King Kong as Huo Xing(active energy) .

At first, the King Kong was melted and most of the armor was burnt down .

But when Shen Cong calmly communicates with King Kong, he can guide this active energy, absorb the free active energy at a slow rate to repair itself, and can do some small transformation according to Shen Cong’s will .

Shen Cong is bored, and the ability to give active energy is named – extension .
At the same time, Huo Xing has two other capabilities, one is the ability to assimilate – alloy .

Originally, the King Kong was only given the active energy by the meteor, but under the guidance of Shen Cong, it was able to engulf the various components on the frame and give them active energy to form a whole .

Conversely, if a component is stripped from King Kong, the component will lose active energy after a short time .

Another capability is the feedback from Huo Xing to the leader Shen Cong – exchange .

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When Shen Cong guided the active energy of King Kong, he strengthened his willpower by driving active energy to the various parts of King Kong, so that Shen Cong could rely on his brainwaves to complete the King Kong .

Then the active energy of King Kong will also be fed back to Shen Cong, Strengthening his body .

Active energy metal’s three properties – extension, alloy, exchange .

This is the result of a one-month study by Shen Cong .

Of course, there may be abilities that have not been developed, and there are many unknown reasons that are unknown .

For example, Shen Cong didn’t know what it was like to be with King Kong .

It is reasonable to say that the King Kong has been given active energy, either to evolve into a deformed King Kong or to become a large-sized slug .

Unexpectedly, He even reached an inexplicable connection with Shen Cong, as if it were one .

The King Kong is part of the body of Shen Cong .

“But this is also good . With the more powerful King Kong, in this doomsday, I have a higher probability of survival . ”

The big pit has bottomed out and there is a steel plate underneath .

This is the secret door of the original warehouse basement . Shen Cong is a patient and victim of paranoia . He always feels that it is not safe enough to be tightly guarded . Therefore, most important items are placed in the basement and steel plates are used as entry barriers .

Now this steel plate is very good for him to protect the basement .


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The basement’s shelves, maintenance desks, and the entire 150-flat space, messy, apparently affected by the meteor falling into the shock wave, fortunately, most things can still be used .

For the next three days, Shen Cong was rushing back and forth between King Kong and the basement, not rushing to leave .

The King Kong was badly damaged . Although it took a month to absorb the free active energy repair, it was slow to repair, and it was not that it could change the substance as much as you like .

Some components are damaged, only replaced with new ones, and then rely on the ability – alloy to complete the assimilation .

During these three days, Shen Cong was also busy, repairing the radio station on King Kong and trying to contact the outside world .

However, the response of each frequency band is always meaningless noise .

Shen Cong occasionally climbs the roof of the King Kong, and looks far and wide . The yellow sand stretches over the horizon and can’t see the end .

The whole world is silent, and there is only one person in the world, and even the dog barking and insects can’t hear it .

Another week has passed .
Shen Cong has completely repaired the King Kong and all the equipment has been alloyed as part of the King Kong .

The King Kong is still using fuel, but some of the power supplies are powered by batteries . Shen Cong also put two solar panels in the car to support the operation of the King Kong in the event of insufficient fuel .

Once the fuel is exhausted, the power of the King Kong is seriously insufficient . The battery voltage is lower, and it can barely maintain the low speed of a motor .

To let the King Kong move at a slightly faster rate than running, Each time, he advanced two hours, he would charge it once with a solar panel .

No way, the fuel takes too much space to carry more .

“King Kong has been fixed and it is time to leave . ”

Mechanical watch prompts On June 28, Shen Cong put down the steel plate in the basement and refilled the yellow sand, just putting a long wave launcher in the basement . The frequency of this launcher was only known to Shen Cong .
When he wants to come back, he can come back as long as he finds this frequency .

Now the yellow sand gravel can only be positioned in this way .

Here is the root of Shen Cong, who doesn’t want to lose his roots .

Pick up the welding .
On the only remaining steel column, Shen Cong melted a line with electric welding: “FM FM90 . 8, survivor Shen Cong, I was here . ”

Done it all .
Finally, he took a look at the steel columns and Shen Cong jumped onto the King Kong .
Turn off the armor, raise the radar, and point the ignition .

The engine made a huge roar, and the exhaust pipe protruding from the top of the car head emitted a light smoke .

The Armoured Vehicle, which was led by Shen Cong to transform using the active energy to transform the streamlined steel armor, raised the chassis, widened the special tires, rolled a deep tire footprint on the yellow sand and gravel, and headed north .

That direction is the direction of Wuwei County .

Mustache .
A gust of wind blew, the yellow sand rose in the sky, and when the wind stopped, there were traces of the wheel .

If it weren’t for those pillars that still stood tall, it was like a desert that existed in ancient times .

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