Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 488

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Chapter 488

Chapter 488 – Love

Yun Ze received the Blood Qi Pills that Qin Feng gave him and immediately ran back to his villa in Acropolis City . After an hour of cultivation, Yun Ze successfully broke through to Stage Four Inner Qi!

Whether it was the inner or outer sect cultivation, the fourth layer was a Feng Shui Ridge . Yun Ziche had already been at the peak of the third layer for more than a year . He really wanted to break through the bottleneck earlier and enter the fourth layer . Now that he had successfully broken through, Yun Ze’s strength had increased tremendously . He was so excited that he wanted to shout out twice!

“Sis, I’ve broken through!” Yun Ze’s happiness had to be shared with someone, so he immediately called his sister who was far away in the capital .

“Really? He broke through to the fourth level? ” A pleasant voice came over the phone, filled with pleasant surprise and gratification .

“Yes, I broke through to the fourth level . Thanks to a big brother I know today, he gave me a Blood vitality Pill, and I broke through directly!” Yun Ze explained what happened .

“That’s great, Little Ze . When you have time, you must thank that person well . If he is also from Acropolis, you can all be friends and help each other!” Sister Yunze sounded very excited, obviously proud of her younger brother . One had to know that Yun Ze was only twenty years old . In the entire capital, very few of his peers had been able to reach this height, having broken through to the fourth level .

At the same time, Yun Xiao’s elder sister had a trace of doubt in her heart . She knew just how precious the Blood Qi Pill was . She couldn’t understand how that person could give her little brother such a precious pill the first time they met .

“Sis, I’m already at the fourth level of the Inner Palace, and I can rely on my own strength to compete for the position of Young Patriarch in the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch Gathering . ” Sis, I’m already at the fourth level of the Inner Palace, and can rely on my own strength to fight for the position of Young Patriarch in the Yun Family’s Assembly of Patriarchs . Yun Ze suddenly said .
Yun Ze’s older sister was none other than Qin Feng’s beautiful teacher, Yun Xiao . Of course, she didn’t want to become the product of the family’s marriage; she wanted to pursue her own happiness . Ever since she was married to Qin Feng at the Flying Sky Bar, Yun Xiao would often think of Qin Feng, but Yun Xiao couldn’t ruin her younger brother’s future because of her happiness .

She knew that besides the candidate’s personal strength, what she was interested in was the power and connections the candidate could garner . Even if Yun Ze was powerful and didn’t have the support of any family, he still wouldn’t be able to be elected as the Young Patriarch . The power behind this would need Yun Xiao to form connections with his little brother through their marriage!

“Little Ze, you are very good, big sister is proud of you, you can peacefully stay in Acropolis City to develop, big sister is fine, I’m already looking for a new marriage family, this time I’ll help you find a strong family as your backer, I’ll definitely let you take the position of the junior family head . ” After Yun Xiao said this, she took the initiative to hang up the phone . She knew that her brother would still try to persuade her, but Yun Xiao had already made up her mind and didn’t want to say anymore .

As the night fell, the stars in the sky became vast . Yun Xiao and Yun Ze both looked at the distant sky . Yun Xiao was looking at the location of the Acropolis City, while Yun Ze was looking at the direction of the capital .

“Little Ze, I wish you good luck! Qin Feng, do you still remember me? ”

“Sis, I will quickly make myself grow up . If you don’t want to be forced to marry, I definitely won’t let anyone force you!”

… … .

In the private room of the Royal Clubhouse .

Qin Feng hugged Lin Bei Bei and sat on one side, while Zhang Hui sat on the other side .

Zhang Hui and Fang Xing were arrogant and despotic in front . Lin Bei Bei was still a bit scared when she saw Zhang Hui . She hugged Qin Feng tightly .

He buried his head in Qin Feng’s embrace and didn’t look at Zhang Hui .

“Sister-in-law, please forgive my offense!” Zhang Hui first accompanied Lin Bei Bei, then looked at Qin Feng respectfully and said: “Ancestor Qin, please don’t kill me . I really don’t dare to oppose you anymore!”

“Cut the crap, are you thinking that your secret is worth it? Hurry up and say it!” Qin Feng glanced coldly at Zhang Hui .

Zhang Hui did not dare to hesitate and quickly said, “Qin Zu, the situation in Acropolis City has changed greatly . The four great families have been replaced, and the Acropolis City’s Fang family, Zhang family, and the previous Zhou and Gao families are the four great families . ”

Qin Feng hadn’t returned to Acropolis City in a long time, so he wasn’t too sure about the current situation . At this time, he asked: “The Zhou Family is Zhou Kai’s Zhou Family?”

“Yes!” This Zhou family is also very strange . Previously, Zhou family’s old man had announced that he was withdrawing from the four great families and had started to keep a low profile . Who would have thought that this time, the Acropolis City would fall into chaos and their Zhou family would come back . ” Zhang Hui didn’t know that Qin Feng had suppressed the Zhou Family, so he felt that it was normal .

However, Qin Feng was very clear that it was precisely because Zhou Kai wanted to violate Rao Shi Man that he was killed by the Spirit Cleansing Necklace she wore . Later on, Qin Feng negotiated with the Zhou family’s people and forced the Zhou family’s old man to withdraw from the ranks of the four great families . Their withdrawal was due to the suppression from the Qin Residence, and now that the Qin Residence had collapsed, the Zhou family naturally became restless and returned to the ranks of the four great families .

The Zhou family’s attitude was the same as Fang Xing and Zhang Hui’s family . They were afraid of the Qin Manor earlier, so once Qin Manor collapsed, they wouldn’t be able to hide their ambitions .
“What’s that Gao family thing?” Qin Feng continued to ask .

“This is the previous Five Small Families’ Gao Family . The younger generation that the Gao Family focused their efforts on cultivating is called Gao Hu . Ancestor Qin should have heard of this, right?” Zhang Hui said .

After hearing about Gao Hu, Qin Feng remembered that he and Liu had met with Gao Hu earlier, caused trouble, and played basketball together . At that time, Sima Tu had also arrived . At that time, Sima Tu wanted to use Blue Wing No Dual Bladed Yin to attack Qin Feng . In the end, Qin Feng used Gao Hu’s name to assault his woman, Liu Wen Jing, and beat Gao Hu up . Gao Hu was beaten half to death, but the Gao family didn’t even dare fart!

Qin Feng understood the new families in Acropolis City . They were all the families that Qin Feng had suppressed before: “Keep talking!”

Seeing that Qin Feng seemed to be interested in his own secrets, Zhang Hui’s worried heart slowly relaxed as he continued: “Although the Acropolis City’s four great clans have appeared, their positions are not stable . Other than the Zhou Family, which was originally one of the four great families, the other three clans climbed up from the five great families .

“Our Zhang Clan and the Fang Clan allied together before slowly gaining a foothold . We originally thought that our clan would stabilize and develop, becoming even more glorious . Unexpectedly, a week ago, a mysterious black clothed man found our two clans, changing their fates completely!”

After Zhang Hui said this, his expression suddenly became dejected . Even Qin Feng became interested when he heard this . He hurriedly asked: “Who is that mysterious black clothed person?” What kind of background? What did he say to your family? ”

“I don’t know his true identity, not even my grandfather, but his strength is very strong . He even said that he came from a large clan in the capital, and that he threatened our Zhang Clan and the Fang Clan to listen to his arrangements, or else our two clans would be exterminated . ” Zhang Hui had a face full of fear …

From that mysterious person’s appearance, just mentioning that person caused Zhang Hui to tremble violently .

“What does he want your family to do?” Qin Feng asked .

“Kill …” “You!” Zhang Hui said .

“Kill me?” Qin Feng was shocked . So this man in black was after him: “How did he know I was coming back?”

“That I am not sure . That man in black told us two great families to guard the Sima family’s territory . The moment they discover you, inform them and we will attack you together . ” The black clothed man has also given us a promise . As long as we can catch you, he will help us, the two great clans, unite Acropolis City and kill off our other opponents . We thought that the Qin Clan would be destroyed and would be easy to deal with, so we agreed to deal with him .

Zhang Hui sighed . Although he didn’t finish speaking, Qin Feng’s heart was clear . They didn’t think that he had become so amazing . He was regretting offending them .

“Is what you said true? “How can I trust you?” Qin Feng’s expression turned cold and a thick killing intent exploded from his body .

Zhang Hui was frightened to the point of trembling, and quickly begged for mercy: “Qin Zu, if I say even half a word of lie, then it will be like thunder striking the sky, our Zhang family is also forced by that black clothed man, although he says that he will help us reunite Acropolis City’s forces on the surface, but even I can see that our Zhang family is completely reduced to the role of that black clothed man, he is only borrowing our Zhang family’s power to indirectly control the

Acropolis City . Our Zhang family appears to be brilliant, but isn’t he just a dog!”

Zhang Hui displayed an expression of unwillingness and anger . Qin Feng had been paying attention to his expression the entire time, but it didn’t seem like he was pretending .

“Little Pig, if my Five Poison Needles were to pierce this kid, how long would it take for him to die?” Qin Feng still couldn’t completely trust Zhang Hui . He had to give this guy some restraints .
“It won’t take too long, probably ten seconds!” “Yes . ”

Qin Feng’s mouth twitched . He thought to himself: “This Zhang Hui is too trashy . He died in ten seconds . The Yin and Yang Elders got the Five Poison Needles, but they’re still holding on and returning to the sect to treat him . ”

“Master, the two Yinyang Elders came from the Poison Sect, and they grew up in a vat of poison . They also know how to detoxify poisons . This brat doesn’t even know a fart, how can he be on par with those two old monsters …” In fact, if an ordinary person were to be poisoned by the Five

Poison Needles, they would die within five seconds . This brat is at least an Inner Level 2 warrior, which is why he was able to last for ten seconds! ” Little Pig explained .

Only now did Qin Feng realize that his Five Poison Needles were incredibly powerful . If the Five Poison Needles were like the Wind Blades and could shoot out endlessly, then Qin Feng would treat them like chickens when facing a group of experts on the sixth floor … Oh no! Kill them like chickens!

“But I don’t want him to die too quickly right now . Is there anything I can do?” Qin Feng was a bit worried . He felt that the Five Poisons Needle was too powerful, so he wanted it to be less powerful .

“Then master can just directly stab that brat with a needle . The poison will be very small this way, and it will only take effect once every half month . By then, master can have him take out the antidote once every half month and control him . ” “Yes . ”

Qin Feng suddenly didn’t understand: “Would it take more than ten seconds to stab him?”
“Master, the Five Poisons Needle requires the activation of Qi in order to release all the poison concealed within the needle . If you are only normally stabbing someone with your needle, then the strong poison within the needle will not enter the other party’s body . It is just that the poison powder on the surface of the needle is absorbed, so the poison powder is not very potent, and it will not die that quickly!”

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