Hello, Heir - Chapter 789

Published at 1st of August 2020 03:50:07 PM

Chapter 789: 789

Chapter 789: The Gu Family’s Reactions (1)

On the other hand .

Mi Nuo walked out of Zhuang Nainai’s condominium, her face full of fury and hatred . These emotions cast a dark glow on her face . She clenched her fists, wishing that she could skin Zhuang Nainai alive .

All her attention was concentrated on her hatred . Thus, she didn’t pay attention to the stairs right in front of her and missed a step!

Mi Nuo was shocked . Her arms flailed in mid-air, but she thought that the two bodyguards behind her would be able to pull her to safety in time . The thought quickly vanished…


Mi Nuo fell heavily to the ground .

Her knee hurt from the collision, and she could even hear her bones creak from the impact . It was excruciatingly painful .

And her palm had also been grazed by the surface of the floor . It was bleeding .

Mi Nuo whipped her head back and witnessed the two bodyguards standing there . Both their hands were folded behind their backs, a stoic expression on their faces .

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The lack of a reaction made Mi Nuo shake with fury .

As she picked herself up from the ground, she scolded, “Why aren’t you helping me up?”

The two bodyguards remained where they were, their expressions stoic, not saying a word .

Mi Nuo knew that it was pointless to say anything . Thus, she shook as she picked herself up from the ground . Then, she strode out .

She had taken only two steps when the heel of her high-heeled shoes broke . She also twisted her foot .

Mi Nuo lowered her head, studying the damage to her shoe . Why was she so unlucky today?

She flung her shoes aside, then got into the car .

The two bodyguards sat in front of the car . After they got in, they waited silently for her instructions .

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Mi Nuo sat in the car and furrowed her brow .

It had been a month .

She had been Gu Qingyan, Mrs . Si, for a whole month . But she hadn’t even seen the children, not even once . She had seen Mr . Si only once!

She was truly anxious . Thus, she had been looking for Si Zhengting for the past couple of days . She had definitely seen a car leaving the Si residence earlier today, so she came over here . But why hadn’t she been able to locate him?

She was beyond annoyed . She turned to look out of the window and saw that they were still in the same district . She furrowed her brows and snapped, “Why haven’t we left yet?!”

The bodyguard replied, “Ms . Mi, you haven’t told us where you want to go . ”

Upon her hearing how he had addressed her, Mi Nuo’s annoyance bubbled up from within her . She wished that she could smash everything around her!

She pounded the seat next to hers angrily, then slumped back into her seat .

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She pursed her lips . She thought for a moment before saying, “We’re going to the Gus . ”

Half an hour later, she arrived at the Gu residence .

She knocked on the door, and the housekeeper answered, addressing her respectfully, “Madam, you’re back . ”

Mi Nuo coldly acknowledged her greeting and walked into the house .

The two bodyguards were about to follow behind her but Mi Nuo turned and said to them, “Wait outside . ”

Then, she closed the door .

Li Yufeng and Gu Xingshan were watching the television in the living room . When they saw Mi Nuo walking in, Gu Xingshan’s expression turned cold . She stood up and headed for the stairs .

Mi Nuo’s shrill voice pierced the air, “Stop right there . You haven’t greeted me yet!”

After she heard that, Gu Xingshan trembled with anger .

Once the news had broken that Mrs . Si had become Gu Qingyan and Mr . Si’s wife, the Gu family had been thrown into chaos!

Gu Deshou had flown back from his trip abroad . The blow that Mother Zhuang’s death had dealt him made him wallow in his despair . He felt desolate .