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Henan Zhong - Chapter 77

Published at 13th of September 2019 12:15:07 PM

Chapter 77

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Crown Prince was awake .

In Fact, he did not sleep .

He was looking at the bracelet and his eyes dimmed as soon as he remembered as to where did he saw this bracelet .

He stood up but a servant came and with his permission he spoke, "All glories for Crown Prince, Queen sent this humble servant to inform the Crown Prince that Queen is waiting for you to join her today on breakfast," he bowed deeply .

"Tell mother that I will be there soon," he was blankly looking at the bracelet .

There were several questions in his head .

"Diu, did you really scheme to kill Yin Ya? But why?" in his eyes she was mere a brave young girl who was simple and sincere from the core of her heart, this was the image in his mind about the girl who timely saved his life .

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"What could be the reason behind it?"

He changed into an elegant atire and moved out, there were several servants who started walking behind him silently .

He was manly handsome not Sissy handsome .

His attire defined his well shaped body, and his demeanour showed his high upbringing .

He only wore a small stylish strip to fix his hair .

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There was a gem ring he was wearing not excessive jewelry .

His sharp but manly features were adding to his charm .


Since Wei Lan could not come up with better plan, she left all the copied bracelets to her table and wrote another note .

Henan reached her room, much exhausted because of continuous effort to remain hidden during her search .

And most of all, she killed someone .

She reached her room and met two written notes .

She saw her wrist and she was not wearing her bracelet .

She thought that she must have kept it somewhere but she could not find it .

Then she had to believe the written note because Wei Lan wrote her name at the end of second note .

She also expressed that she sadly could not compe up with a plan .

There were Nine bracelets which were copy of her bracelet .

She thought and kept thinking and thanks to her brain, she come up a better and clean clear idea .

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It was early dawn yet .

She washed her face cleanly and took out best dress which was in her wardrobe .

She prepared hurriedly .

Her maid came but got surprised to see her early day preparation .

"Miss Diu, are you going somewhere? How can I help you?" she bowed to this strange young girl .

"Mm, yes, I need your help, take this small letter and deliver personally to the Elegant Queen and remember you have to do it immediately, if you needed to run and reach there, go, run and reach there, either I no longer needed your services if you failed to deliver the letter within least time," she waved her hand and kept her preparations .

Her personal maid staggered to hear but react immediately, took the letter from her hand and started a mad run .

Why mad run?


If she argued that to reach First Court in this short time was near impossible then she would be wasting her precious time .

She did not want to lose the affection of this young girl . No One ever have treated any maid or servant with respect or care but this girl despite being in favor of Queen and Crown Prince, she was still humble .

Henan have to order this rudely because she have no other choice .

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She would be blamed for a crime she did not commit, well it was not the big case, the most important thing was that her plan to live in the Palace and search Wan Hu would be ruined .

But today she came to know the true colors of Court Concubines .

Really, true color .

Hypocrisy was at the peak here .

"Is it the Crown Prince a hypocrite too toward me? and he did not show up his true colors yet,?" she shrugged her shoulders .

The matter about the murder of Yin Ya was not reached to the Queen .

She was sitting on her couchant elegantly .

A maid came rushing .

Her chest was huffing puffing due to speed run .

She smoothed her breath a little and greeted the Queen .

She took permission and handed the letter to the Queen in hurry .

Queen waved her hand and dismissed the maid .

"What the young girl has to say this early morning?" she opened the letter and read through it .

She read the letter and smiled, "A small girl and her small wishes, this simple," her personal maids were standing there to fulfill any order given by the Queen .

Soon Henan came with a tray covered with the red cloth .

She placed the covered tray on the floor in front of the Queen .

She had veiled her face in order to hid the little mark which was caused by the a bush in the night .

Queen smiled to see her manners and did not ask for veil as to why did she hid her face because she had told in the letter that on this special day young unmarried girls wear veil .

And that she had prepared nine bracelets which she wanted to gift the married or one who serve a male, it would brighten her luck and that she would be able to get a good husband in future, and if Queen herself accept this gift, it would not only exalt the luck of this young girl but also would be an honor for her .

Henan took out a bracelet and bent on her knees and presented to the Queen .

Queen was flattered .

She accept the gift and wore on her wrist .

She ordered her personal maid and sent the remaining bracelets gifts to her dotted ones .

The concubines which were able to win the favor of Queen were gifted these bracelets including those who serve Crown Prince and they were specially invited today to lunch together .

Henan bowed again and took permission .

She wanted to go back and prepare for something else now .

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