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Published at 27th of July 2017 07:23:14 AM

Chapter 17

Bloody Battle - #2

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The D rank hunter that almost died agreed .

Even if someone used a dual blade, one of the hands was bound to be weaker than the other .

But, if there wasn’t any difference in strength between the two, that meant they were ambidextrous .

“Hmph . ”

It seemed like Ba Yan didn’t care whether we knew about it .

As he switched between his left and right hand, he managed to break the hunter’s formation .

The hunters were busy just trying to block him .

They had to be extremely cautious due to the fact that he had a wide range of knowledge and was ambidextrous .

While attacking, as if he found out their weak spot, he kept on attacking the same place .

It was where the E rank hunters were .

When they created the formation, the guild leader told them to stand by him so that he could protect them, but it wasn’t enough .


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Not being able to block his attack, an E rank hunter was close to dying when a magician behind him casted a shield spell .

But, it was nothing more than a trap since Ba Yan jumped quickly and took out the E rank hunter .

Then, he started heading towards the magician that casted the shield spell .

This was what he was aiming for since there a cooldown time until the magician can cast another magic spell .


Being surprised, the magician didn’t know what to do .

It seems like their body froze due to the shocking situation .

Although there were tankers around to protect the magicians and healers, they weren’t able to predict his attack speed, making them a bit late in their attack .


Eun Hye managed to cast a shield spell in time .


The magician had survived the attack .

However, Ba Yan turned his attention to Eun Hye and started attacking .

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But, Si Hyun had predicted his attack and blocked it .

Clang! Clang!

The daggers hit twice .

‘Damn it…’

Due to his massive amount of strength, he almost let go of his long sword .

Despite of him gripping tightly onto it, he almost let go .

…Is this the difference in rank?

Si Hyun gritted his teeth .

“Ha ha . ”

Even though his attack failed, Ba Yan didn’t waver and instead, laughed out loud .

He didn’t stay in one place .

He continuously moved around and trapped the hunters .

‘Damn is this…?’

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The guild leader of the Black guild had a dark look on his face .

Everyone felt it .

It was a miracle that they were able to survive this long .

If it weren’t for the scrolls that buffed the hunters and the potions, they wouldn’t have had the strength to go against him and many of them would’ve already died .

But the effects of those scrolls were starting to wear off .

As soon as they completely wore off, a scream could be heard .


As blood sprouted like a fountain, a hunter wrapped his hand around his neck and fainted .

“Healer! Hurry up and heal!”

“It’s already late! Don’t worry about him and focus on the battle!”

The guild leader yelled .

But, their formation was already broken up .



Another hunter’s wrist was cut off, causing them to drop their weapon .

‘Damn, is using that weapon the only way?’

Si Hyun bit his lip .

If the Hell Fire misses, then it’ll be a problem .

Unless they were an idiot, when they see the letters carved into the sword, they’ll know that it’s a sword with magic abilities and that’ll be a problem .

If he finds out, then Si Hyun’s probability of hitting him will drop .

There should be perfect timing for when he’ll be able to surprise the opponent, but with the current situation, it was hard to even find that timing .

Right, I have no choice but to take it out .


Just when Si Hyun was about bring out the Accuratus .

“You crazy bastard! What the hell are you doing here?!”

A sharp voice that belonged to a woman could be heard .


<Bloody Battle - #2> End .

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