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Published at 25th of June 2017 07:01:56 AM

Chapter 9

He's the Legendary Guard, Isn't He?

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< Top Class – Part 1>

 Translator: Hikariichan


Si Hyun’s eyes were automatically set on the girl .

She was as skinny as a model and had pure, white skin, making it impossible to not look at her .

On top of that, she had intellectual charm .


‘She’s seriously a top class…’


A website called, MPark, which Si Hyun frequented, there was a thread where people would upload pictures of pretty girls and ask if they were the prettiest girl . This thread would have new comments every day .

There would be various comments, such as, ‘She’s nothing special,’ ‘I would say she’s the prettiest so far,’ ‘I’m sure she’s the prettiest on her campus . ’


Although he didn’t post any comments, he would visit the thread and look at the pictures that were posted on there .

But he saw a beautiful girl that he would only see online .

Without noticing, he thought about how the other guys would be jealous of him if he dated a girl like her . But, he felt someone glaring at him .

Sang Hyuk, who was always nice to him, was now glaring at him .

Si Hyun noticed that he was staring at someone he had just met, causing him to cough awkwardly .


“I’m sorry . I should’ve introduced myself first…My name is Lee Si Hyun . I registered into this guild as an E rank hunter . Please take care of me . ”


Si Hyun stood up from his seat and greeted .


“Oh, yes, nice to meet you . My name is Im Eun Hye and I’m a D class hunter . ”


Her voice was music to my ears .

Her charm increased .

On top of that, she was a D rank hunter .

It’s very rare to see a family where all the members woke up to their powers .


“What do you think? Aren’t you glad you joined our guild?”


Min Joon asked with a playful expression .


“She’s really pretty, has a body of a model, and on top of that she’s an Economics major at Seoul University . And she’s also an awakened one . You can only meet someone like her in our guild . ”

What? Seoul University?

Si Hyun felt the need to break his judgement about Seoul University not having any beautiful female students .

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…Her charm was increased again .


“What are you talking about? I always thought I made the right choice . I don’t like places where there’s a lot of people . I prefer a small group like this . ”


Si Hyun looked at Eun Hye and gave her an honest smile .

Guys that work in an all-male company will understand .

That bland atmosphere .

Working at the prison, I work with 100% men almost every day, making it just a job .

The prison was his first job, so Si Hyun only worked in that kind of environment .

That’s why, he was often curious about what it’s like to work at a place where there’s women . The atmosphere is probably nicer and filled with laughter .

For that reason, at least on the weekend, he didn’t want to work at a place that was filled with men .


“Seeing you talking to Min Joon casually means you guys are the same age . ”


Eun Hye said with a bright smile .


“That’s right . ”

“Then, you can talk casually to me as well . I can call you Si Hyun, right?”


Is this it?

Is her personality amazing as well?

Then she’s really perfect…

Si Hyun had an awkward look on his face .


“Okay…then should we do that? No, I’ll do that . ”

“Nice to meet you, Si Hyun . Thank you so much for joining our guild . Every person is precious . ”


Looking at her expression, she really meant it .

He was able to assume that guild was in a serious situation .


“If we recruit five more people, we’ll be able to go to the D rank gate . ”


She said with excitement .

The D rank gate’s attack rate was 100%, which made it different from the E rank gate, which they approved to everyone .

The Hunter Association gave approval depending on the attack rate .

In order to be approved of the D rank gate, a group must have 10 members that consists of two C rank hunters and the remaining, D rank hunters .

Of course, the Grace Guild was short on people .

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That’s why, they didn’t have a choice but to group up with other small guilds when going on a hunt .

But that wasn’t an easy task either .

Group registration was always about the number of spots .

The Hunter Alliance was preferred a team that was made from one guild . They keep saying it’s due to teamwork and other things .

That’s why for the Grace Guild, getting approved for a D rank gate was rare, so they’ll usually go for the E rank gate .


“It would take years to recruit members at this pace . ”


Min Joon said .


“No . As the number increases, more people will join . That’s just logic . ”

“Yeah, let’s think positively . But, where’s Jae Min? The only thing he’s good for is being on time . ”

“Oh, Jae Min told me he had a cold so he won’t be coming in today . ”

“And he only told Eun Hye? He didn’t even tell the leader? How rude . For a young guy, he sure likes older women . ”

“Don’t talk like that . It happens . ”

“If you keep treating him like that, he’ll be spoiled and won’t be good at socializing . He just started college and he’s already being called an outsider . ”

“That’s not Jae Min’s fault though . He’s introverted to begin with . People around him should understand . ”

“Now, now . All the members are here, so we should talk about the raid . ”


Sang Hyuk changed the subject .

And then he placed the white board at the end of the table .


“Since you’re new, you’re probably not familiar with the raids yet . I’ll explain it so listen up . ”


Sang Hyuk began explaining .

First, it was the position .

The Grace Guild had a very unique formation .

Im Sang Hyuk was a C rank and he was the healer .

Im Eun Hye was a D rank and was a long range attacker as well as the commander .

Kang Min Joon was a D rank knight and was the main attacker as well as the main tank .

Go Jae Min, who was absent today, was an E rank and was a long range attacker .

I was surprised they made a group with one close range attacker . On top of that, he was a tanker too .

Honestly, the guild only went for the E rank gate, so that’s why this group was possible . But thanks to Si Hyun joining, the group was now balanced . While one person acts as the tank up front, they now had a person that could aggravate the enemy .

Next, he explained the rules of the guild .

First, don’t act on your own . In an emergency, we follow the commander’s orders .


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“Close range attackers are pretty busy since the enemy is right in front of them . That’s why I stand in the back and observe the situation . Based on that, I give commands during crucial moments . ”

“Raid is always about teamwork . If you attack alone, the team is bound to break up . That kind of team will just end up being the monster’s meal . Always think of the members first . ”


Eun Hye and Min Joon added to the explanation .

Second, always spend money on gear .


“You know how you have a higher chance of survival when riding a larger car? Raiding is the same thing . If you can purchase a rare armor, buy it . Don’t save it and buy a magic armor instead . You’ll just end up dying . Although there’s a limit, it’s not a game with HP . Even if it’s a low ranked gate, if you’re injured badly, healing won’t help you and can end up dying . Remember this . ”

“Although a weapon and armor are the most important, I recommend purchasing other items that are rare or above . Even though I said above rare, unique is pretty expensive…there’s no point . ”


Min Joon and Eun Hye added this time too .

Third, study up on the monsters on the Hunter Alliance’s website whenever you have the time .


“Attacking an unknown enemy and attacking an enemy you have information about can determine life or death . That’s why, at the A rank gate, when a monster they haven’t expected appears, the hunters lose their lives . ”

“You have to know the monster’s attack style as well as their weakness . Of course there’s nothing you can do if a new monster appears . ”

“I know you’re busy with your job, but study when you get the chance . ”

“Got it . ”


Si Hyun nodded his head in understanding .

They were all important and understandable rules .

First, he thought about purchasing some gear, even if he had to take money out of the bank .


“Then, want to experience a raid today? There’s nothing better than experience . ”

“Huh? Today?”

Si Hyun had a surprised reaction .

He was told to come without any gears, so he assumed they wouldn’t go on a raid today .


“Worried? Everyone is unskilled in the beginning, so don’t worry . The members will support you . ”

“You said the other member had a cold…?”

“Jae Min? He’s no help . He’s a bad archer, so unless they’re close to him, he can’t hit a target . ”


Min Joon explained .


“Honestly, I really want to go, but my gear…”

“What about your gear?”

“I don’t have any . ”

“You should’ve gotten some gear when you awoke . There are some things I haven’t mentioned, so use those for today and participate in the raid . ”

“Hey leader…I honestly only have weapons in my inventory . On top of that, it’s normal . ”

Of course I had a legendary inventory as well, but…”


Si Hyun looked at everyone .


“Only a weapon? And its normal?”

“Yes . ”

“They do have these kind of cases . Wow . Would he have to use the gears that are dropped by monsters?”

“Father, I don’t think that’s a good idea . ”


Eun Hye raised her hand in disapproval .


“A guild member’s safety is the most important, so let’s not recklessly raid the gate . For the gate we got approved, we can raid it tomorrow . ”

“Okay . ”

“Let’s get some gear for Si Hyun today and raid it tomorrow . Are you okay with that Si Hyun?”

“I would prefer that . ”


Si Hyun answered .


“Then let’s do that . Everyone agrees, right?”

“Agreed . ”
“Let’s do that . ”


Min Joon and Sang Hyuk both agreed .

“Si Hyun, do you know where the hunter item store is?”

“No, I don’t . ”

“It’s located behind the Hunter Alliance building . ”

“I see, thanks . ”

“It’s nothing . They work till 6 o’clock on the weekend, so it should be okay if you leave now . ”


Si Hyun nodded his head and stood up .


“Should we meet tomorrow at the same time?”

“Sure . ”

“Okay . I’ll see you tomorrow . ”


 < Top Class – Part 1> End

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