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Chapter 449: 449

Chapter 449: It’s Time to Change the Form of Address, Wifey

Without waiting for her response, Mu Xichen’s lips started to explore her silky pale skin . But when he saw the marks on her body from last night, he softened his touch and said, “Tell me if it hurts . ”

There was a rare tenderness in his slightly hoarse voice, a silent yet clear expression of his insuppressible desire .

On hearing this, Li Beinian immediately called out, “It hurts!”

The man ignored her and continued what he was doing .

Realizing that he didn’t stop, she raised her voice and complained, “Liar!”

His actions became a little more aggressive, and she trembled, almost moaning aloud .

Flushed, Li Beinian bit down on her lip as her body tensed up .

She could barely tolerate it as she felt his lips carefully and meticulously exploring every inch of her skin .

Her sensitive body quivered in response, as she kicked off her shoes and ran her fingers through his hair . All sorts of strange and wondrous sensations consumed her, causing her toes to curl involuntarily .

Her teeth dug deeper into her lip as her hands tightened their grip on his hair .

Eventually, even the new and sturdy bed was creaking . Li Beinian started gasping and cried, “Mu… Xichen…”


He let out a single sound from his throat and quickened his action . He deliberately asked again, “What’s the matter?”

“Ha… you…” Tears formed and rolled down from the corners of her eyes now . Tilting her head back, she was unable to speak . “Slow down…”

He knew what she was trying to say, but before she could finish, he took her chin in his hand and lowered his lips onto hers .

Li Beinian held him as she gasped and moaned, unconsciously tightening her grip .

Finally, under her dull cry, the man forced himself to bring this battle to an end .

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It was over at last .

Wiping her eyes dry with many grievances, Li Beinian hit him on the shoulder and angrily said, “You lied to me!”

“Hmmm?” Mu Xichen didn’t leave her side but embraced her and asked softly, “What did I lie to you about?”

His voice was deep and carried hoarse sleepiness following the act .

His reaction irritated her further . “You told me to let you know if it hurt!”

“Uh-huh . You told me, and I heard you . ” He gently positioned his face next to hers, exhaling warm air and appearing completely innocent . He continued, “And?”

She finally saw the light .

The scoundrel . He had asked her to tell him, but indeed, he didn’t say he was going to stop!

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Livid, she shoved him away and chided him . “You bastard!”

Mu Xichen laughed aloud and drew even closer so that he was leaning onto her now . He said softly, “We got married today . ”

His voice was hardly audible and carried in it a deep affection and lazy charm . He rubbed his face against hers lightly, teasingly . In his eyes were unmistakable obsession and attachment .

Li Beinian felt herself oozing with sweetness, but she didn’t dare to show it, for fear that he would want to do it yet again .

She deliberately turned away and mumbled, “Uh-huh . ”

He smiled at her reaction, then reached out and turned her around to face him again . He repeated, “We’re married . ”

“You’ve said that umpteen times!” She elbowed him and looked at him with disdain . “Go away!”

Mu Xichen didn’t . He continued, “It’s time to change the form of address, wifey . ”

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Such a simple form of address, but it sent her heart racing madly .

She lowered her gaze to look at him . The color of his irises deepened .

As he stared deeply at her, the anticipation that lit his eyes was like the gathering of a million stars, shining straight into the deepest recesses of her heart .

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