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Chapter 450: 450

Chapter 450: Serious Flirtations

Although both of them were spent, Li Beinian’s heart was still racing .

He seemed to be able to stir her up with great ease .

They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for her to respond .

However, she refused to speak .

The skies had turned dark .

The moon hung high in the sky among the constellations . The sound of waves could be heard as the breeze brushed against the water surface . A sort of tranquility that no words could describe hung around them .

Having had no response from her, that glimmer of hope in his eyes grew cold .

Placing his hand by her side, he sat up and gazed down at her, asking in a quiet voice, “If I hadn’t cornered you today, would you have married me?”

If he hadn’t put her at knifepoint or threatened her, would she have married him?

“And what about you?” She returned the question . “If I hadn’t taken the drug, would you have wanted me yesterday?”

Obviously, the answer was no .

She understood that too well .

Her heart sank . She reached out for her shirt that had been tossed aside and covered herself, struggling to get up .

But the man took the shirt away from her and threw it onto the ground . He held both her hands down and looked at her in all seriousness, saying, “Regardless of you taking the drug or not, I would have wanted you . ”

“You’re lying . Clearly, the last time…”

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Ah Nian . ” His body weight bore down on her . His voice was deep and carried muffled hoarseness . “If I were to have taken you, I’d want to marry you . ”

So, did that mean he didn’t wish to marry her at the time?

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Mu Xichen continued without giving her time to ponder, “If you did it only because of gratitude, because you wanted to repay me, and not because you really liked me, it would have been meaningless for me to take you . ”

There was a subtle shift in her expression as the sense of loss she was feeling dissipated and was replaced by surprise .

She held herself back as emotions built up within her . Finally, she muttered, “I can’t believe you’re such a prude!”

“A man has to take responsibility for his own actions . ” Mu Xichen didn’t think there was anything wrong with his ideology, and he said in all earnestness, “I really do love you . ”

He looked at her deeply and steadily and couldn’t help but lean towards her slowly . “I love you so much that I want to hold you in my arms and look at you and love you every day of my life, and then… torture you in bed . ”

Initially moved by what he was saying, her fantasy shattered when she heard the latter . She glared at him and raised her hand to push his face away .

Grabbing her hand, he closed the distance between them and nuzzled her neck, breathing warm air onto her skin . Though he looked serious and decent, his words were flirtatious . “Honestly . Every time I look at you, I feel like getting on top of you . ”

“Get lost!” Li Beinian couldn’t take it anymore . With a reddened face, she shoved him aside and hissed . “You’re such a pervert!”

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“This is a natural response of my love towards you . ”

The more agitated she became, the more he felt he had her attention .

He lightly sucked on her earlobe and whispered, “I’ve waited a long time for this day, Ah Nian . ”

Li Beinian attempted to resist him . However, she found herself pinned down once more .

His face was a picture of calm, but his eyes suggested his insatiable desire—it all went without saying .

Mu Xichen made no move beyond staring deeply into her eyes, however, and asked, “If I hadn’t cornered you, would you have married me?”

He came back to the same question .

He was obsessed with getting an answer to this question .

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Ticklish from his warm breath on her neck, Li Beinian shrank back and looked away . She said hesitantly, “Didn’t you… propose to me a long while ago…”

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