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Chapter 451: 451

Chapter 451: Uncontrollably Kissing Her Over and Over Again

How many times?

She couldn’t recall .

What was real, what wasn’t?

In her dreams, in her real life, he had proposed to her too many times .

But each of those times, no matter what, she only had one answer for him .

Yes, she would .

She was only too willing .

And now that her dream had finally come true, she felt a little bashful, being confronted with this question .

Mu Xichen smiled and refused to let up . “Well, would you?”

He already knew the answer!

She glared at him and said, “You’re such a nuisance!”

“Well, would you?” He continued to ask, his smile broadening as he planted a series of kisses on her . He asked once again in a muted voice, “Answer me . ”

“I would, I would, I would . ” The exasperated woman pushed him away, saying, “How shameless can you get!”

Satisfied with the answer, he kissed her on the lips as his hands started to grope her again .

“Ummm…” Li Beinian resisted . She raised her leg to deliver a kick and pushed his face away from her . “No, I’m sore . ”

As though she feared he wouldn’t believe her, she put on a pained expression and said with a grievance, “I’m really sore . ”

Mu Xichen knew that she had probably reached her limit, so he had no choice but to restrain himself .

He got up and picked her up in his arms . “Let’s go take a shower . ”

“Umph… I’ll do it myself!”

“Why don’t you rest for a bit and save up some energy . ”

“Get out!!” she yelled .

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Mu Xichen laughed aloud and couldn’t hold himself back from giving her a light peck on the lips .

The shower seemed to go on forever . She was exhausted by it .

He couldn’t keep his hands off her, while she fended herself against the hungry wolf that was ever ready to strike .

Eventually, she gave up and played dead, letting him wash and clean her up as he wished .

It had been a torturous day, and she was completely spent . She started off playing dead, but eventually fell asleep .

The man blew dry her hair and placed her on the bed gently, pulling the blanket over her .

As he studied her closed eyes and listened to her even breathing, he felt himself being consumed by a raging fire .

He kissed her over and over again uncontrollably, forcing himself to stop and look away only when he saw a subtle frown forming on her forehead .

He put on his clothes, swung open the bedroom door, and walked out .

The mood downstairs was festive, with the boorish men making fun of Gu Mingye and Mo Shengyun . He heard them as soon as he opened the door .

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He stood by the stair railing for a moment and smiled silently before walking down .

All of them turned at the unmistakable sound of the bedroom slippers against the timber stairs .

They were surprised to see Mu Xichen coming down from the third story . “Good grief, Boss . Weren’t you in the basement?”

“To think we’ve been stuck here all this while . We even went to the basement a few times to look for you, and thought the both of you had hidden away for some hanky-panky!”

Everyone laughed and unanimously craned their necks to look behind him . Someone asked, “Where’s Sister-in-law?”

Bai Yuan, who saw through it all at once, said with envy in his voice, “Need you to ask? If they haven’t already finished up, do you think Boss would have changed out of that smart outfit he wore to get married!”

“Damn, I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said it . He’s changed out of his clothes!”

“Boss, you’re being rather unkind!” Gu Mingye said, putting his arm around his girlfriend and almost tearing in anger . “You run away by yourselves to have a good time on your wedding day, leaving us to be bullied by the rest . That’s too much!”

Mo Shengyun was indignant as well and added, “That’s right . It’s too much!”

His only response to their complaints was a raise of his brow and a satisfied smile .

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Even without saying a word, his expression was enough to gain him hatred .



“Shameless stinker!”

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