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Chapter 5

„Tang´er greets eighth highness, pays respect to eighth highness.“ Qu Tang´er didn´t worry. Since the right one wasn´t him, then it´s the left one. Alas. There´s left and right side. One of them had to be right.

One eighth prince alone was enough. Are they taking it for going to a market? Even fourteenth prince  tag along for the ride.

Although Qu Tang´er needed only to raise her head to see clearly who was who, but, she didn´t have even the slightest desire to do so.

Despite raising a head and though one could see the bright moon, cough, it was the same as seeing the roof. Indeed, bending head down couldn´ t make one think about homeland, but at least it enabled to see that the pair of shoes one was wearing…… evidently needed to be replaced with new one.

„This child. You are paying respect to me, your father.“ Qu Jianglin was so angry his whole face turned red. Yet because of Mo Liancheng´s presence, he couldn´t flare up. „Eighth highness is in the front seat.“

„Oh, I apologize.“ Qu Tang´er´s little face appropriately flashed an awkwardness. Well, she admits just a moment ago she was a bit deliberate. But still, aren´t you, old fellow Qu, a little too easy to stimulate?

Hence, still with lowered head, facing the front seat, she has not too hurriedly nor too slowly made the curtsy. „Tang´er greets eighth highness. So actually eighth highness went there-ah. It was truly rude from me.“

Once these words were spoken!

Pu (sound of escaped laughter)!! Someone laughed.

On the other side, Qu Jianglin was so angry that he almost vomit blood. Anyway, on the outward he still had to act politely, „Daughter made fourteenth highness laughed.“

„Very well.“ Mo Liancheng´s handsome face showed a faint smile. Since Qu Tang´er arrived, his sight seemed to follow her every step as if waiting for the expression she would show the moment she raised her head.  Only, his wish was apparently  going to die on the vine. A certain woman had obviously no desire to raise her head.

Very well?

What very well?

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Qu Tang´er´s eyes turned. She honestly couldn´t understand what in the end meant the words very well Mo Liancheng spoke.

Qu Jianglin smooth-facedly spoke some courtesy words.

Unexpectedly, when they were chatting, someone mentioned Qu Tang´er´s appearance.

After a while, Qu Jianglin said: „Tang´er, lift your head to let eighth highness see you.“

„Father, daughter has a headache.“ she spoke softly, appearing very delicate.

„How come you have headache? Even if you have headache you still have to lift your head.“ Qu Jianglin´s complexion changed. He shouted with a low voice. His expression already looked a little enraged. Why this daughter of his in the critical moment dropped the chain[1]?

„Father, there are pimples on daughter´s face. They are ugly.“ Is it clear and easy to understand? Should she be more detailed?

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„Are you deliberately going against me?“ Old Qu finally got angry.

„Father——“ Qu Tang´er´s timid and aggrieved voice made people unable to refuse. Her acting skill made the stove fire to turn bright green[2].


„Father, don´t be mad. You must take care of your body. Daughter is shy, truly doesn´t dare to lift head. If I looked too ugly and frightened eighth highness, what should I do? Then it would be the wrong of Qu manor.“ Get angry, get angry. Better If he got so angry that he vomited blood. It would be even better if he got so angry that the marriage would fail. It´s only……

Damn! Which untactful fellow was secretly laughing up his sleeve?

Left side, right side or it´s the front seat……that darned fourteenth prince Mo Jingxuan.

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„This is Ben Wang´s[3] future princess consort?“ Mo Liancheng´s one slender jade like finger was just lightly tapping on the tea cup on table. And his narrow phoenix eyes[4] watched Qu Tang´er with an interest. He would like to see, what kind of show are these Qu father and daughter playing.

Qu Jianglin thought things got bad. He hurriedly, trembling with fear, kneeled before Mo Liancheng, „It was my negligence in discipline. Beg your highness´ forgiveness. If your highness doen´t like my daughter, then this marriage can be canceled. It´s my daughter who doesn´t match your highness.“


[1] an idiom meaning one didn´t do well or ruined it all in the critical moment or an  important thing

[2] an idiom meaning to bring (something) to the point of perfection

[3] this is how princes refer to themselves

[4] refers to narrow eyes, which outer corners are a little arched upwards