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Published at 17th of June 2019 07:28:01 PM

Chapter 59


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Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce

"Boohoo~, found, found . . . finally found you . " she couldn't help it, she was so excited that she cried and laughed at the same time . "I can finally go back, go back! Dad, mom! . . . two years, I miss you guys . . . I really always think of you . . . I miss you very much! We can finally meet again . Boohoo~!" The beautiful little face cried so miserly, but also so excited that it makes people touched .

Without thinking much, she jumps directly!

Lying flat, tears stopped, but the corner of the mouth was lightly drawn with a smile of peace of mind, sleeping quietly .

One, two, three . . .

Thin lips counting numbers earnestly, with high expectations she counts and counts, as if when she stops counting and open her eyes, she will return to the 21st century . However, after a long time, she blinked, wanted to determine the location, looked around, but found she was still in an ancient room .

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Then close your eyes once more . . .

One sheep, two sheep, three . . .

"Is it comfortable to lie down?"

Suddenly, a low male voice sounded inside the room, and the sound was not too big, making people not able to notice any dangerous atmosphere .

"En, it's okay . " Qu Tan'er closed her eyes and only wanted to go back to the 21st century . She didn't think much about the question that came out of nowhere, and answered him back directly .

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"The size of the bed is convenient?"

"En . "

"It's still early, so anxious to rest?"

"En, don't be noisy . "

Mo Liancheng leaned on the screen, looking at the person on the bed with a smile . If he is not sure that she really doesn't know that he is coming in, and she doesn't know that he has just returned, he would surely doubt that she is so good at pretending that he can't find a hint of mistake .

"Since you are already lying down, it is better to cover yourself with the quilt . " Mo Liancheng kindly reminded, the interest that flashed in the eyes became more and more intense .

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"I know, you are very wordy, shut up, don't make noise . " Qu Tan'er was angry, she had just counted to a certain number, but someone suddenly popped up a sentence and let her forget to which number she reached . In her fury, her tone was not very good .

Just . . .

wait, she just seems to hear someone talking?

Illusion? Or real?

"Are you satisfied with ben Wang's bed?" The familiar voice rang again .

"of cou . . . " The word has not yet fallen, the whole person of Qu Tan'er jumped up and looked around . The environment around is still the bedroom of Mo Liancheng, I did not go back? Still here?!!

She instinctively jumped out of bed and wanted to see what was going on, but because she was too excited, her right foot accidentally hooked the quilt, and the body could not be stabilized . The whole person was brought back to the bed . (she fell backwards)

"How, seeing ben Wang is so excited?" Mo Liancheng smiled indifferently, the person leaning against the screen has not moved, his voice is gentle and calm, but it gives people a sense of emptiness(void), deep and unmeasurable .

(deep and unmeasurable: idiom meaning unfathomable depths)

"That, that . . . Wang ye, how come you are here?" Qu Tan'er laughed and quickly crawled up, hurriedly picking the quilt from the ground and throwing it back on the bed . The result . . . she was too anxious, and forgot one thing, for instance, the quilt fell down on the ground and was picked up without shaking it, patting it, then putting it back .

"He he (gentle laughter, chuckle), the quilt is a little dirty, I'll pat it . "

Finally, Qu Tan'er held the quilt above her head, patted it, and put it back, carefully folded and smoothed . Although she was a bit embarrassed, she finally realized that the situation was serious and she was buying some time trying to figure out how to solve this issue .

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