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Chapter 75

Chapter 75 weakness is the perfect protection cover part 3


 Yun Youlian disgustedly swept the snacks on the table . Then turned around, took the bowl from the maid's hand and handed it over to the front of Mo Liancheng .

" Keep it . " Mo Liancheng waved his hand, his eyes still focused on his hand painting , as if not wanting to stop .

"No, Wang Ye, how can you not eat anything? That's not good for your health . These are light refreshments which your concubine has poured her heart making them . How can Wang Ye not accept it?" Yun Youlian said sorrowfully, with a slight wetness in her eyes, as if the words of Mo Liancheng had hurt her heart .

Chichichi! This woman, her dramatic play is even more excessive than hers?

( 哧哧哧 chichichi: sound of giggling)

Qu Tan'er shook her head, her lips moved, but did not utter a sound, and continued to watch the play while grinding the ink .

"Wang Ye, you can drink as much as you like . " Yun Youlian was dissatisfied, she must not fail in letting Mo Liancheng eat the porridge .

"Aiyo~, my stomach is hungry . Since my eldest 8th brother doesn't want to drink, it is better to let this 14th younger brother drink . " Mo Jingxuan really can't stand by and continue to watch, and just in time his stomach really felt hungry . 1

(Aiyo: Aw, ouch, ow, . . . etc . )

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"Sorry, 14th Wang Ye, if 14th Wang Ye truly wants to drink porridge, then this Youlian will let the maid give you another bowl . " Yun Youlian replied without even thinking it over, directly refused .

"That's no need . " Mo Jingxuan shrugged, too lazy to care about such a small matter, and poured a cup of tea for himself .

" Wang Ye, which courtyard's maid is this? How come the concubine has never been seen her before? Is she new? However, seeing as this servant girl is not very good, it is better to let this concubine change her for a more flexible one for Wang Ye, so as to not have her cause unhappiness for Wang Ye . " Yun Youlian glared at Qu Tan'er .  

Because Qu Tan'er had just married into Wang Fu not long ago, she(Yun Youlian) also held herself high and did not go to the Snow courtyard to pay her respect, she still thought the one serving Mo Liancheng today is still a maid, but seeing such a beautiful servant girl actually exist in the 8th Wang fu, she unconsciously felt threatened and placed her as a strong enemy .

"I am not a maid . " Qu Tan'er whispered back, her head lowered, continuously grinding ink . Although she was unhapy by the words of Yun Youlian, her eyes never had a touch of contempt, and unexpectedly she ignored her directly .

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"If not a maid, then how can you be in the study? Not only that but also helping Wang Ye to grind the ink . From the first glance you seem like a maid, looking at that figure of yours, that appearance and gestures . Do you think you're a Wang fei or what?

" I am indeed not a servant girl . "

"She is indeed the Wang fei of this Wang . "

Qu Tan'er and Mo Liancheng, both, with equally indifferent attitude, almost simultaneously responded .

Strange, not even a little dissatisfaction exists in their voices, it really makes people doubt whether the both actually understand what is called anger .

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Qu Tan'er swept her eyes over Yun Youlian, then turned toward Mo Liancheng, said nothing, continued to grind ink .

This woman (meaning Yun Youlian), when she opens her mouth, she makes people annoyed . . . she's got too much arrogance .

"Yo! It turned out to be Qu fu's 4th young lady . Meimei greets Wang fei . However, meimei heard that Wang fei was not so favored when she was at her parent's house . Did not expect that even in the 8th Wang fu, Wang fei is also not favored by Wang Ye . Ya, look at my mouth, my words are not good . If I said something wrong, and made Wang fei feel bad . Wang fei should not take notice of my words . " Yun Youlian's cold eyes swept Qu Tan'er, her words were bitter, not leaving her half a face .

(The concept of face (mianzi) in Chinese culture is a complex one . It can perhaps be most closely defined as "dignity" or "prestige", but no translation can aptly cover all its fine nuances . . . . One of the worst things that can happen to someone in Chinese culture is to "lose" face . )

"How come . " Qu Tan'er smiled, good attitude, good temper, and even the expression on her face never changed .

This woman, if you want to say something talk about it, don't say it so cruelly, but also looking at me with contempt and not leaving any face .