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Chapter 362

Everyone couldn't believe what they just heard . The legendary business genius Lu Jianhong came to the party? This was totally unprecedented!

"Are you telling the truth?" Long Meng asked the youth who brought the news .

"Yes, Grandaunt Meng . Sir Lu Jianhong is currently mingling with the guests . He asked where the celebrant is . He said that he wants to greet Uncle Tengfei a happy birthday . "

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go and greet Sir Lu! We shouldn't keep such an esteemed guest waiting for too long," Long Jufang said and looked at Long Tengfei impatiently .

As for the Wu family, they didn't wait for Long Tengfei's permission . Wu Qianxi and her parents left the library and headed directly to look for the business legend . They treated this as a once in a lifetime opportunity . They didn't care whether Sir Lu Jianhong came for Long Tengfei who they just cut ties with . Establishing a connection with someone as powerful in the business world as Sir Lu was more important than leaving the party because of their anger at the hosts .

"Alright, let's go," Long Tengfei finally said .

Upon receiving his permission, the elders and the relatives moved like they had rocket boosters in their shoes with how fast they left the library . They were all extremely excited and couldn't wait to meet such a powerful figure . Long Jian also followed behind them, not waiting for the rest of the "main family" to leave together .

Chen Fei and Long Jinjing also couldn't wait to meet Sir Lu Jianhong in person . Both of them were business majors . Their professors and even their textbooks used him a lot as the best example of a successful businessperson .

They all walked out of the library together . Except for Chen Fei and Long Jinjing, all of them had already met the business legend through Iris .

"Father, you invited Grandpa Lu?" Iris whispered to Long Tengfei .

"Yes, of course . He's your mentor and has done a lot for you . It would be rude if I didn't at least send him an invitation," he replied . "But I never expected him to come . "

"Well, he's probably bored so he came," she said with a shrug .

Then Iris excused herself and separated from the group . She needed to use the powder room . Meimei and Jiang Ying Yue went with her . Long Hui went ahead with Long Tengfei and Yang Jiahui to greet Grandpa Lu .

Seeing them, Long Jinjing pulled Chen Fei to accompany the three to the powder room . Chen Fei complained a bit because she was so excited to meet Sir Lu . But in the end, she still went with them .

The five of them chatted while inside the powder room . They took turns using the toilet . They also retouched their make-up .

"Xiulan, you started a business?" Chen Fei asked .

"Yes," Iris replied while washing her hands on the sink .

"What kind of business?"

"The one the elders were talking about during the meeting earlier is my beauty company . "

"The one? What do you mean? You have more than one businesses?"

Iris nodded . "Yes, I have two others for a total of three . At least for now . "

Chen Fei looked at her in surprised disbelief .

"Three businesses? That's amazing, little sister," Long Jinjing told Iris .

She was holding her dress up because it was currently unzipped at the back . Meimei was applying cold compress made from small towels soaked in cold water on the ugly bruises decorating her waist .

"I built two of them from the ground up . My beauty company and my gaming company . Orchidia Beauty hasn't launched yet, but my gaming company Planet Monkey recently released our first game . My third company was given to me by my fiancé as a gift, so I don't really have to do much . It's already well-established and running on its own . I just need to monitor its performance now and then," Iris explained to them .

"Your fiancé gifted you a company?! Is your fiancé crazy?!" Chen Fei exclaimed . She couldn't believe a man could be so stupid as to gift a company to a spoiled brat . She pitied the poor company, thinking that it was doomed to become bankrupt soon .

"Your fiancé must really love you a lot, little sister," Long Jinjing commented, wincing a little when Meimei accidentally pressed hard on her bruises .

Iris smiled . "Yes . My darling loves me a lot . I also love him a lot . "

"Yeah! The couple always drown me with dog food whenever I'm near them . I even feel like I'm in danger of getting diabetes whenever I witness their overflowing sweetness to each other," Meimei told them .

The inner door to the toilet opened and Jiang Ying Yue came out . She headed straight to the sink to wash her hands .

"Yes, Xiulan and her fiancé are perfect for each other . I've never seen a man so in love with a woman before I met Xiulan's fiancé," Jiang Ying Yue said .

"But you have Elder Brother," Long Jinjing told her . "He loves you very much . "

Jiang Ying Yue gave a slightly subdued smile . She was happy that she and Long Hui were together, but there was still a sense of uncertainty as to whether they could live in peace as husband and wife .

"If that big idiot hurts you or makes you unhappy, just leave him and find a better man . " Iris was merciless in her words regarding Long Hui .

Meimei giggled .

"Little sister, he's our brother," Long Jinjing said .

"Hmph . So what if he's our brother? A jerk is a jerk whether he's family or not . "

The ill feelings towards Long Hui and most of the Longs were still roiling inside Iris, making her grumpy when talking about them . In fact, she was actually still feeling annoyed at Long Jinjing as well, but at the same time she was starting to like her . That was why she was tolerating Long Jinjing and Chen Fei, even though they annoyed her . She thought that the two women weren't that bad .

They continued to chat until Chen Fei grew impatient .

"Is everyone finished already?" she asked . "Let's hurry! I can't wait to meet Sir Lu Jianhong in person!"

"Me too…" Jinjing said shyly . Her dress was already zipped up . As for her bruises, they still hurt but she could manage .

Meimei and Jiang Ying Yue looked at the nonchalant Iris . They were amused, knowing Iris' close connection with Grandpa Lu who Chen Fei and Long Jinjing idolized .

"Let's go, then," Iris announced .

The five young women walked together, not knowing that this night was the start of their life-long connection to each other .