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Chapter 363: 363
A great crowd of people surrounded the legendary Sir Lu Jianhong . They couldn't believe that such a super important figure attended this party . They were very impressed at Long Tengfei's capability of inviting such a personage .

The Wu family arrived, but they couldn't squeeze through the sea of people surrounding Sir Lu . Nobody made way for them because their status wasn't really higher than any of these people .

Besides, the guests' impression of them lowered after witnessing their crass behaviour earlier . Some of the ladies even started looking down and ridiculing Wu Qianxi behind her back, calling her a desperate man-chaser .

The elders came shortly after . Compared to the Wus, the guests parted and made way for them because they were Longs, the hosts of this party .

"Welcome, Sir Lu! It's an honour to our entire Long family to receive your presence tonight . I am Long Jufang, Long Tengfei's uncle and an elder of the Long family . "

Long Meng and the other elders also introduced themselves, including some of the younger heads of the various branch families .

Grandpa Lu only greeted them out of politeness . He wasn't interested in chatting with any of them . To his eyes, most of the Longs were self-important, haughty people who foolishly thought that they were better than others . If his Lu family and the Jins didn't rise up to where they were now, these Longs would probably look down on him now .

It was an open secret in high society that the "aristocratic" Longs used to disdain business families like the Lus and the Jins . It was only when they transformed into a business family themselves that they began to treat other successful business families with respect .

Although his beloved granddaughter didn't tell him anything bad about them, he learned from his own sources how the elders and the other members of the Long family badly treated her . Granted, he discovered that his granddaughter used to be such a wild and disrespectful spoiled brat, but she was just a kid back then! That was just part of youth! Even his Haohao used to be so wild and happy-go-lucky before his accident as well .

That was why he didn't have any good opinions about these snooty Longs . Despite his obvious disinterest, the elders continued trying hard to engage him in conversation .

Finally, he was relieved from the annoying flies when Long Tengfei, Yang Jiahui and Long Hui arrived .

Everyone's eyes almost popped out of their heads when the three acted like old friends with Sir Lu Jianhong . The business legend also seemed to transform into a gaily old man whose voice and laughter boomed throughout the place . All the people watched in awe at the group . Long Tengfei's status was instantly elevated in their eyes . They couldn't wait to use him to get close to the business legend as well .

As for the elders, they looked very proud . Their chests puffed out, feeling superior that their family was connected to such an extremely important figure .

Grandpa Lu, Long Tengfei, Yang Jiahui and Long Hui continued to chat with each other in their own little group . They acted as if nobody was around them and weren't the centre of attention .

"Where's my beloved granddaughter? I want to know! I was told that she will be attending today, that's why I came!" Grandpa Lu's voice boomed .

"She just went somewhere with her sister and friends . They should be back soon," Yang Jiahui said .

The people around them heard his booming words . They were very surprised by what he just said .

"Does Sir Lu have a granddaughter? Maybe my memory is failing me because I don't remember him having one," someone commented .

"I don't think he has a granddaughter, but I know that he has a grandson who reportedly fell from a mountain and almost died . "

"Yeah, I heard it was a ski accident . Tsk tsk . How careless . But about this granddaughter, I'm so surprised . Oh, I'm so curious what she looks like!"

"I'm so glad that I attended this party tonight . It's so eventful! Long Tengfei keeps on throwing surprises at us one after another . We had no idea that Sir Lu was coming, and now we discover that Sir Lu's granddaughter is also here . So many important figures!"

The Wu family looked in envy at Long Tengfei and his family happily chatting with Sir Lu Jianhong . But hearing the conversations around them about Sir Lu's never before seen granddaughter, hope and ambition ignited in the Wus' hearts .

Madam Wu whispered to her daughter, "Qianqian, this is a big chance for our Wu family . Let go of that scoundrel Long Hui . Let's also forget about the Longs . The Lus are on another league than them . Wealthier and more powerful . Make sure to befriend that granddaughter . Once you establish a close friendship with her, it'll become more natural for our Wu family to get closer to the entire Lu family . I also hear that Sir Lu dotes on his grandson . If you marry the grandson, you'll be set for life . You'll also elevate the status of our family . Then the Longs will be beneath us . "

"I understand, Mother," Wu Qianxi replied . Her eyes flashed with greed and desire .

Sir Wu nodded in approval at his wife and daughter's plan . This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to rise higher in the social hierarchy of high society .

The Wu family forced their way through the crowd until they arrived close to the little group . Then they shamelessly introduced themselves to the business legend, disregarding Long Tengfei and Yang Jiahui's disapproving looks .

"Sir Lu, this is my daughter, Wu Qianxi . She's quite a successful interior designer who worked with many celebrities on the international level," Sir Wu bragged to Grandpa Lu .

Wu Qianxi flashed her sweetest smile . "Sir Lu, I hear that your granddaughter is present tonight . I can't wait to meet her . I hope we can be friends . I think we'll get along quite well . "

Long Tengfei, Yang Jiahui and Long Hui looked at her as if she was the biggest joke in the planet . This fool wanted to befriend Iris? How laughable!

Until finally…

"There you are, my girl! Where have you been? I want to know! Come here and greet your beloved Grandpa!"

Grandpa Lu's booming voice caught everyone's attention . They followed his line of sight and felt confused when all they saw were Iris and her group . They looked behind the five women, thinking that perhaps the granddaughter was behind them .

Then Iris' expression lit up . A breathtaking smile broke out of her face, blinding the people with her beauty . She hurried, almost running . Her companions followed after her .

"Grandpa Lu! You came!" she exclaimed happily .

"I got bored so I came! Bahahaha!"

She giggled and gave an "I told you so" look at Long Tengfei .

Long Tengfei and Yang Jiahui chuckled .

Many minds went blank after watching this scene . What did they just witness? Long Xiulan, a . k . a . Iris Long, was Sir Lu Jianhong's granddaughter?

Everyone couldn't process the information inside their brains right away . It was just too unbelievable!

Chen Fei and Long Jinjing looked at Iris as if she just transformed into a unicorn right in front of their eyes . The elders and the other relatives also had similar reactions . It was as if they were seeing Iris for the first time . Behind them, Long Jian wore a serious expression . He looked like he just encountered a new threat .

As for Wu Qianxi and her parents, they paled from utter disbelief . Wu Qianxi, who claimed earlier that she couldn't wait to befriend Sir Lu's granddaughter, wished for the ground to open up and swallow her . How could that useless spoiled brat be the business legend's granddaughter?!

Unbothered by the shocked silence surrounding them, Iris and Grandpa Lu continued to chat with each other . Of course, Long Tengfei and the others who already knew about their connection joined in as well .

"I was planning on dragging your Big Brother Haohao to attend with me tonight but I can't find him! Where in the world is that rascal? I want to know! Does he not know how worried his beloved Grandpa is? I'll smack that dunderhead the next time I see him! Hmph!" Grandpa Lu complained .

"The last time I talked to Big Brother was a week ago . He said that he'd be very busy, so he might be unavailable to be contacted," Iris explained . "He also mentioned travelling in several parts of the country for some business . I'm not sure exactly where he is now, though . "

"So he's still in the country? He didn't go abroad? He has been so busy ever since he returned to the country! His body isn't 100% recovered yet . What's he thinking running around? I want to know! What if he breaks his neck again?"

Iris was also worried but she trusted her brother .

Hearing their conversation, the crowd began to regain their senses . They gossiped among themselves . A speculation formed in their minds .

Someone gathered his courage and asked Grandpa Lu directly, "May we ask if Miss Long's mysterious fiancé is Sir Lu's grandson?"

Because Grandpa Lu also treated Jin Liwei as his own grandson, he immediately replied, "Yes, of course! What a lucky man that grandson of mine is! I can't wait for the two of them to marry and give me great-grandbabies!"