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Published at 7th of February 2016 08:36:22 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Status!! Beyond Promised…

Now then, Luna started her story while we drank tea in my room . By the way the things that were in my room back on earth were all switched here while using magic as a substitute for electricity…well that was a difficult concept so I’m gonna leave as is . I can get the internet and cable here well as long as the Earth doesn’t get destroyed .

[Then, I will let you look at my abilities so you can understand better . There really is no meaning in having a practice battle with me, so I can’t have you learn like that . ]

[I understand, then, how do I see you abilities?]

[It would be fine if you just say “Status!!!”]

Name: Luna

Race: God

Social Position: Higher God

Gender: Female

Occupation: God

Age:■■■■■■■■ years old

Lv . 10493

Skills: No Details can be revealed but are over 10,000 .

OK, that’s definitely a God alright . I can’t tell if the status is low or high but age wise, I think she’s definitely in the millions of years old . I guess I can believe it since she’s a god .

[Why are you just looking at my age?!!! Be surprised about the other things!!!]

[Uh, no, I don’t understand the standard so I can’t be surprised . That’s why I’m looking at the age since I can understand it . ]

It was beyond perfect reasoning .

[Hurry up and open yours too!!!]


Name: Kasuya Torino

Race: Ex-Human Base – Dungeon Administrator (This is his current race . So he’s not human)

Social Position: Chief Executive +others

Gender: Male

Class: Dungeon Administrator

Age: 18

Lv . 5


Unique Skills:

Isekai (different world) language

Isekai reading and writing ability

Earth’s Knowledge

Earth’s Technical knowledge

Soko Hore WanWan

Ability to Learn Dungeon Skills

Guardian Appointment

Instant Death Evasion Transfer


Talent in Magic…

Normal Skills:

Mathematical Ability Lv 3

Negotiation Ability Lv 3

Administration Ability Lv 2

Monster Appointment Lv 1

Chantless Magic

All Magic Affinity Lv 3

Japanese Fencing Lv 2

Earth’s Taijutsu (physical martial arts) Lv 2

Commander Lv 3

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Tactician Lv 3…

It seems like I have a lot of skills . Of course I can’t compare it to Luna’s skills . I still can’t tell if my status is low or high .

[Hoooh, as expected from someone from Earth . Magic and Intelligence are really high . ]

[Wait, there’s now magic on earth, right?]

[No, its different, its just not being used . It wasn’t necessary right? You didn’t need it to live right?

I see, it’s just that we never needed it .

[Well I don’t know compared to you so please teach me . ]

[You’re right, for now let me teach you the average . Here on Arourite, an average 18 year old’s status would be…]

Then she told me to wait so she could show me .

[Wait a second, Why am I 18 years old? I was 26!!]

[Well, that was your prime so that’s why it was chosen . ]

She could rejuvenate me too huh… .

[This is the average of this world . ]

Average 18 yr old Lv 5

Lv . 5

Skills: About 4

I see, my status isn’t really that different from the average except for things related to magic . I guess I can’t help it if my physical ability is a little behind . After all this world is in the middle age of Europe and the average here high because of the jobs that need a lot of physical ability . But how is physical ability calculated, as I think that and ask Luna…

[Ahh, physical ability is simpler than you think . Do you think Physical ability = Offensive ability then you subtract defensive ability and if it is high enough you won’t take any damage no matter how many attacks hit you?]

[I see, Even if 150 Str at most you would be able to punch with full power about 10 times and if it its just right you might die from even that . ]

[That’s how it is, well if you guard right and avoid a critical then that probably won’t happen . ]

[Oh, right right, you have the [All Purpose Judgement] skill so why don’t you look at the statuses of those goblins]

[Alright . ]

After saying that, I called each slime and goblin one by one . I can summon them using the Dungeon Skill Monster Summon Skill so its pretty convenient . So let me explain the monsters’ statuses . Monster can be called using my mana from the summoning circle . Basically, Spending 300 DP: Both the summoning circles for goblins and slimes cost me 100 DP . Each one’s maintenance costs is 2 DP . So I have about a 100 of both slimes and goblins (50:50) loitering about . This will also probably increase based on their rank and rarity huh…(he’s talking about summoning cost) .

Let’s look at their statuses .

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Name: None (Can be evolved into a Unique Monster for a minimum of 10 DP)

Race: Goblin

Social Position: Dungeon Protector

Gender: Male

Class: Goblin

Age: 1 year old

Lv . 9

Unique Skill: Breeding (Can use a human female to conceive their own race . )

Normal Skill:

Dagger Lv 1

Shield Lv 1

Bow Lv 1

Collective Action Lv 2

Name: None (Can be evolved into a Unique Monster for a minimum of 10 DP)

Race: Slime

Social Position: Dungeon Protector

Gender: None

Class: Green Slime

Age: 0 year old

Lv . 11

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Unique Skill:

Soft Body (Reduces Damage by 50% from physical attacks)

Liquid Body (Can be activated based on any designation)

Free Body (Can manipulate the body based on thought (tentacles))

Blessing of the Dungeon Administrator (Status Up)

Normal Skill:

Spear Lv 1

[What? The level’s higher than mine…and this world’s slimes seem pretty strong . ]

The slimes from games and stories have varied stats . Soft body is probably because they are living creatures . There also setting where they can be defeated by anything except fire magic . Well the weak image was formed by that game anyways (I think it was dragon quest?) . But even in that game if you raised it to Lv 99 it would become legendary .

[What are you talking about? Having slimes be higher level than their summoner but if you look at their statuses buhaaa, what are these slimes and goblins?! They have way too many skills!!! And then compared to their level their intelligence and magic ability is so freaking high!! Earth is scary!!!]

Luna used her own analyzing ability and started laughing looking at the statuses of the goblins and slimes .

Looking at two of their statuses, I thought if their intelligence is this high, are they smarter than humans?

[Hey are these guys smarter than humans?]

[Ah, the status describes potential ability . Are you able to use your current abilities to the fullest?]

[Meaning that even if they are clever, if they haven’t learned anything then its no good?]

[Yeah, even if they have the ability to memorize 100 things, if they can’t recall anything than they will always fall behind those who can recall even 1 thing . Physical ability and offensive ability are easy to understand but intelligence is more complex . Its easy for humans to learn but hard for monsters . ]

I see, if I teach them, then maybe in the future they may even be able to use math . First lets stuff them full of battle tactics since if they don’t have them then they won’t even have a future . Both me and these guys .

[Then, I guess I will go back too . If you use that mail-order delivery then you can contact me too . I can sell you the map of this place for DP so do your best . This place is in a position where both monsters and humans will come . If you do things well, you won’t run of out DP . ]

Saying that she got up from her seat and I saw her off without standing up .

[Really, aren’t you skipping a lot of steps . Can’t you teach me things like this place’s location and the surrounding countries’s relationships . ]

[Oh my, if I gave you all the information, it would be too boring right? It’s good to fumble . Since that’s how you grow . ]

Saying that, Luna disappeared .

[Well my environment was prepared for me but I still have no clue what circumstances I’m currently in . But exploring myself is probably too reckless . For now let’s just shut myself in the dungeon and play some games . ’

And that’s how the first day in the new world ended…


Sorry guys for the late release . I think it might have been the recent storms but my Internet was gone for 2 days and I pretty much died a little inside .

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