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Chapter 23

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Planet Inay

Kingdom of Kaia

Maid Pia waited outside of the Gods' temple . Her mistress sat beneath Kaia statue in prayer . Every night seen Lady Lyra would bring her as she prayed to the Gods . She didn't know what her mistress prayed for, but she hopes it was a child .

Lady Lyra was the seventh wife of Lord Mano . They had been married for years with no show of a child . If this continue Lady Lyra's position, which is already poor, will be ominous . Power struggles with the wives were already bad . Now that all of them are either pregnant or have children, the fights will be more intense .

Maid Pia amused in her thoughts didn't see Lord Mano and her steward walking towards her .


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Lord Mano just came back from a tiring meeting with the counsel . Times were changing, and they didn't look good . He wanted to seek in under everyone's noses . But when he pass by the clan's temple . He saw a maid in a daze . Seeing his Lord captured by this scene, his steward offered up an explanation .

"My Lord that is Lady Lyra's maid . Lady Lyra comes every night for prayer . "

"She does?"

His steward nodded his head in the positive, knowing why this shocked his lord . The people of Inay Kingdom have long ago drop their sacred traditions, at most they would celebrate the festivals . Let alone his wives, who only think about gaining of control over the clan .

Walking over the Lord wanted to see if his steward's words were true or if it was just for show . Though he has not spent enough time with Lady Lyra in their bond as husband and wife, he didn't see her as one for theatrics .

*Cough* *Cough*

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The steward cleared his throat when he saw the Lady's maid hasn't notice their presence yet .

Coming out of the stupor, Pia quickly drop to her knees on seeing Lord Mano . Bowing deep Pia tried to regain her composure .

"My Lord! I-"

"Shhh!" The steward rapidly hushed the maid for Lord Mano .

Mano walked into the temple, not paying attention to the maid outside . He silently watched as Lady Lyra, in her own world bowed her head over and over while mumbling her prayers to the Gods . Truthfully Mano himself hadn't been in this temple for years . Maybe if came more he can seek guidance in these hard times .

Learning from Lady Lyra devotion, he walked in front of Kaia statue . Bending down, his head touched the floor before picking it back to say his prayers .

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Lady Lyra never thought someone would come in here at this time of night . That's why she made it a point to come at night . Who would have thought the first person to ever catch her here would be Mano .

Seeing he didn't want to be disturb Lady Lyra continued to finish her prayers, without says a word to him . When they both finished they left the temple quietly to not disrupt the serene feeling .

Standing outside Lady Lyra waited as Lord Mano made his way down the steps after closing the temple's doors .

Face to face with his wife, Mano had forgotten how beautiful Lyra was .

Her pointed ears holding soft curled hair that followed natural down her back . Eyes of golden molten lava, hazel skin, high cheek bones, full lips, and a button nose . With womanly curves Lord Mano felt entranced by just looking at Lady Lyra .

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Noticing the Lord was looking at Lady Lyra favorably . Pia decided to stick her neck out for the betterment of her mistress .

"If it pleases the Lord, please join my Lady back at her courtyard . It's been so long since yo-"

"Pia! You over step . " Lyra abolished . "My Lord please forgive Pia, she is still young . " Lyra tries to save her maid from getting punish by bowing deep .

But before she can fully bend down on the ground Lord Mano, grasped her arms holding her in place .

"Though she has over stepped her boundary, she is not wrong . I can't remember the last time I have spent time in your courtyard . Do you care to keep me company?" Lord Mano stood there smiling holding a blushing Lyra in his arms .

Lord Mano was still one of the top handsome men of their Kingdom, even after leaving his prime years . Tall with a medium built, though his skin wasn't as rich as Lady Lyra's hazel, he still had clear café au lait skin . His pointed ears held back his long black straight hair from falling onto his face . While his features caused a lot of fae to be jealous . Especially his teal eyes, which looked as if the ocean was captured within them .

Lady Lyra had always found him a feast for the eyes . How could she deny his attentions he was giving her . Walking back to her courtyard hand in hand, Lord Mano and Lady Lyra felt giddily mischievous this evening as if they were drunk on sweet wine .

This feeling followed them all the way to Lady Lyra's bedroom .

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