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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Waste Child

It hurts .

Her head feels like exploding . Body can’t move, burning pain spreads all through-out, extremely uncomfortable .

Han Yixue struggle to open her eyes, struggling to see her surroundings, she suddenly completely sober up .

“Where is this?”

She remembers finding a mysterious ring in the secluded lake, accidentally dropping her blood in the ring . A sudden blow of gust comes up and, heaven knows, when she wakes up again, she’s in this strange place .


Han Yixue furrowed her eyebrows, her hands in her head . Numerous familiar and unfamiliar memory fragments rush in her mind, feeling as if her head will split open any moment .

Soon after, the splitting headache gradually disappear, a trance of confusion can be seen in her eyes, heart was shocked .

“I actually crossed?”

Her face shows astonishment .

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“The amazing thing is, this place turnout to be a thousand years from the future of my original time . ”

The original her was from a distinguished medicine-oriented family . With exquisite talent in the field, she was well-known in the whole continent . But she didn’t expect that after wearing the mysterious ring…her soul will transfer to the body of General House’s waste child! Coincidentally, this girl’s name is also the same as hers!

Pitiful thing, Miss Han(past Han Yixue) was not favored by the general . Her mother died when she was but a child .  Fortunately, the Emperor bestowed her an engagement with the Crown Prince . Due to this title, she retains her place in the General’s House .

Three months ago, she suddenly become blind . Declared to be unfit to become the Crown Princess, the Emperor canceled the engagement .

On a spur of moment, Miss Han committed suicide by swallowing gold(T/N: This is a new method of suicide but I didn’t invent this . That’s what it says . ) . This suicide is cause by her “good sister” . Even the sudden blindness can also be credited out of her .  Han Yuyan! You will pay for this!

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“What a messy ring!” Han Yixue exclaimed .

From a stunning talent to a wasted child, the gap is too big!

Han Yixue sighs a she bow her head, she suddenly solidified in place . She can she the mysterious black ring being worn in her hand!

“This is…how could that be?”

She touched the ring with her fingers while thinking how the ring also traveled through . But at this moment the door suddenly burst open, shortly followed by footsteps . A figure of a girl and a guy cuddling together enters her sight .  They are no other than Han Yuyan and Xu An  Huan!

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In contrast to Miss Han who is a waste material, Han Yuyan’s cultivation talent is outstanding . Her fame rings all-throughout Bo Feng State . Due to this, people expect her to replace Miss Han’s position as the future Crown Princess .

When Han Yuyan saw who was sitting on bed, her eyes flashed with a hint of surprised color . Her maid clearly confirmed that this waste was died, how come she didn’t die?

“Well sister, why burden yourself to much? Even committing suicide by swallowing gold ah!”

Han Yuyan walk beside Han Yixue pretending to care about her well being but her eyes shows a faint hidden disgust .

Yesterday, she spread the news about how Han Yixue committed suicide . Today, she felt incredibly happy while accompanying the Crown Prince to tell the news . She didn’t expect to find this waste to be alive!

Waste is waste! Even if she survives today, she can deal with her in the future!

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