HOTD Mature Parody - Chapter 36

Published at 14th of October 2019 09:37:29 AM

Chapter 36

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Tonight is a calm and peaceful one inside the Takagi Family's mansion and courtyard . You can't even hear a single growl of walkers, only the chattering of the guards on patrol are being heard as they circle the mansion's perimeters .

However this serene and quiet atmosphere might be ruined because at the chambers of the mansion's mistress a man is with her and what's more he's not her husband, with the plan of 'helping' her alleviate the emptiness she is experiencing with the absence of her husband and him lacking the 'sufficient length' to satiate the mistress's carnal desires .

Inside Yuriko's chambers, Takashi is currently admiring Takagi's mom's curves because despite being already a mother she still has the allure and charm to seduce a man easily .

"Uhm . . . . Takagi's mom" said Takashi not knowing what to say at this moment because its not that he's still embarrassed about fucking someone . Doing a MILF especially Takagi's own mother is new to him and there's still a little bit of guilt shrouding his consciousness .

"Call me Yuriko, Takashi" she said with a giggle because Takashi is looking way too cute by acting this embarrassed in front of her .

"Uhm . . . Yuriko" said Takashi finally he bolstered his pride as a man because acting like a shy cat in front of a woman would be detrimental to a man's ego .

"That's better" said Yuriko as she sat on the bed instead of laying down on it . "Come and sit here" said Yuriko as she gestured Takashi to seat besides her at the bed .

Takashi have already gone this far so there's no backing out now . Takashi then went towards Yuriko and sat besides her at close proximity .

"Takashi . . . If you're not up to it we can . . . " said Yuriko because she doesn't want to force him to have sex with her if he don't want to, that would be rude .

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"No its not that I don't like it, this is just a first for me having an affair with my childhood friend's mother, so yeah I'm a feeling a little bit guilty and such" explained Takashi why he's acting like this .

"Hahaha, you don't need to worry about an affair as long as no one will know" said Yuriko in a soft voice because she felt relieved knowing that Takashi is not being forced by her .

Yuriko is feeling a little bit uneasy too because the act they're about to do is immoral but she can't be blamed in doing this . Her husband, Soichiro is just not up to the task of satisfying her so she must find some other way to vent her lust and that's in the form of yeah . . . cheating .

Without further ado, Yuriko then moved first as she slithered her hands towards Takashi's dick that's already hard by looking at her curves .

She can't help but giggle at the sight on how big Takashi's junior that's hiding at his pants, she can't wait to have a taste of it .

Takashi then stood up while Yuriko is down there kneeling right in front of his cock that's still enveloped by his pants but the bulge is enough to make Yuriko's body get hot .

She then caressed the dick in front of her, going up and down, she then licked her lips, she really want to have a go at this ginormous cock .

Yuriko can't seem to control it anymore as she took down Takashi's pants and after that his boxers, with his raging boner now exposed for Yuriko to see he can't help but say, "Yuriko" .

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"Yes~" seductively said Yuriko as she admires on how big Takashi's dick is, the length and width clearly bested her husband's so she can't help but gulp at the sight of such a magnificent cock, thinking that she'll get to have fun with this for the entire night made her even more horny .

She then swallowed the throbbing cock of Takashi in her mouth but only managed to take in half of it because if she takes in even a centimeter more it will ram dowm her throat and make her gag, but surprise, Takashi grabbed Yuriko's head and slammed it in and out of her mouth, his cock making her gag so much that her blowjob turned into a sloppy one with Yuriko's saliva going everywhere on Takashi's cock .

*GLURK(3X)* Continuous gagging sounds is being made from Takashi's constant thrusting of his cock deep inside Yuriko's throat . Yuriko then held onto Takashi's legs for support because she didn't expect that he can get this rough during sex .

Yuriko kept on gagging on Takashi's massive cock as it reached the deepest part of her throat, salivating non-stop as she experience her very first face fuck and at the same time making her gag all the way .

After face fucking her for at least a minute or two, Takashi released his grip on Yuriko's head for her to also breath comfortably because with the size of his cock blocking her throat it will make inhaling and exhaling air for her difficult .

"I-i thought that you would choke me to death with your cock" said Yuriko as she takes in a mouthful of air .

Takashi can't help but smile and scratch his head because even he himself can't explain why he did that stunt just now .

Yuriko then stood up, turned his body away from Takashi and said, "can you unhook my bra and take down my panty?" asked Yuriko in a voice that makes it hard for him to decline, i mean who the hell would decline an inquiry this good .

"Sure" said Takashi as he unhooked Yuriko's sexy black bra revealing her ample and round breasts . Takashi then also took off her panty and thrown it besides the bed the same with her bra .

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"Can't you be more gentle?" said Yuriko but not in an angry way, she's just teasing Takashi because of her being the older one, the privilege of teasing is hers .

Takashi just decided to laugh it off and then began to caress Yuriko's sexy body starting from her waist, he then stopped when his hands reached her breasts .

"Ahhhhhh" Yuriko moaned for the first time, Takashi then started to massage her breasts at the same time pinching her nipples softly .
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"Yessss, Takashi that's gooood, ahhhh" Yuriko then moved a backwards a little, Takashi and her body is now glued to each other, with them feeling each other's skin and temperature .

Takashi's dick is being squeezed between Yuriko's legs and is constantly sliding in and out of her legs, grinding against her wet pussy down below, lubricating his dick making it easier to move .

Takashi's right hand then moved slowly down below as it stopped in her wet pussy . Yuriko can't help but giggle and thought, "where did this kid's techniques came from?" because the way Takashi moves is even better than her husband that only knows to stick it in without even doing a bit of foreplay to make her wet and now Takashi is doing her fantasy making her very happy .

Takashi then began to play with Yuriko's pussy as he moved his fingers in a circular way to stimulate and give pleasure to her vagina .

"Ahhhh, ummmmmm, y-you even know how to make a woman wet first before sticking it in, aren't you an old man pretending to be a kid?" teased Yuriko . "Yuriko, am i really that good for my age?" replied Takashi with a smile .

"Y-yesss, ahhhhh" moaned Yuriko because Takashi is now rubbing her vagina's most sensitive part, her clitoris and at the same time he is also thrusting his dick in and out of her legs, grinding against her pussy lips adding more stimulus and pleasure .

Suddenly, "Ma'am are you ok in there?" asked someone from the outside maybe one of her maids inside the mansion that's cleaning the house for the night .

Takashi immediately stopped whatever he is doing but his dick is still in between her legs and his hands on her breasts and vagina .

"Ah, no, i mean yes, I'm fine its just th . . . " Yuriko was startled because Takashi resumed in moving his hips, making his dick grind against her pussy and his hands played with her breast's nipple and her vagina's clit .

"W-what are you doing, ahhhh" Yuriko's mind is in disarray and can't think straight, "Ma'am?" asked again the maid that's still outside the room .

"Y-you can go now, I'm fine" said Yuriko because she must make the maid go away before she lets out moans that she can't control .

"Yes Ma'am" immediately replied the maid and hearing her footsteps gradually decrease, Yuriko is now at ease .

"Why did you that?!" exclaimed Yuriko because that's just too close . "Well i have always wanted to try that, watched too many adult videos, i guess?" said Takashi .

He then took his dick out of Yuriko's legs and said, "lets continue it at the bed" Yuriko then followed Takashi, he then layed on the bed first .

Takashi then gestured Yuriko to get over him, position her vagina at his face and lay down on his body, Yuriko is now facing Takashi's throbbing dick while on the other hand he's facing Yuriko's vagina .

"Now let's begin" said Takashi as he planted his mouth straight at Yuriko's pussy and his tongue slithering inside of her vagina . Yuriko can't help but moan in ecstasy as she covered her mouth with her hands to avoid it getting heard by others .