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Published at 8th of September 2019 09:31:25 PM

Chapter 18

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"Hurts . " Huang Qiuyan winces in pain when she tries to move . She opens her eyes and looks at the orange sky . She blinks several times when she notices two extra porcelain arms on her body . When did she grow two more arms?

However, she isn't surprised . The last few days have been hectic for her . The world has turned upside down and she is a vampire in this crazy world . If she grows two more heads, she won't be surprised . She tries to move them, but these arms don't budge . She can't move them at will .

Oh! Wait, these are not her arms .

There is someone beside her who is holding her with these arms . She can feel something hard pricking her from behind strangely . Her muddy head starts to clear up .


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[System: Dear Host, you are awake . You are a genius, my favorite host . You have unlocked new ranks and levels . Because of you, I have also upgraded and gained new features . I have a better understanding of magic now . I have installed all the new skills in your mind and body while you were resting after the super strenuous activities . ]

Huang Qiuyan becomes still . She feels his hot breath on the back of her neck . She can hear his soft breathing sounds . She shuts her eyes close .

It's a nightmare . She didn't do it with him . Not that many times . She isn't even married yet . How could she do it before marriage? How will she get married now? Who will marry her?

[System: Dear Host, congratulations . We have entered the inter-dimension rank top 1000 list with 1001 points . In a short time since you have registered, you have managed to gain 1001 points by having sex with this pure-blooded vampire who is more than 4 thousand years old . Our current inter-dimension rank is 878 . If we keep working hard like this, we will be able to become the top system-host pair in only a few months time . ]

Huang Qiuyan feels like crying, but no tears come out . She wiggles out of his arms as slowly as she could . She is afraid that he will wake up . She looks down at her body with pity and grievances . Though most of the bite marks and bruises have healed, she can still see some shadows of disappearing wounds . How did her poor vagina survive after 1001 times with a vampire who is more than four thousand years old? She has slept with such an old man . He is even older than her great-great-great grandfather . It was HER who started it . She was the one who kissed him first . Was she so desperate that she jumped on any man?

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She has taken care of herself for such a long time . She wanted to get married and lose her chastity like a virtuous woman to her husband . All is lost . Her dreams are over .

The system can hear her thoughts clearly . He doesn't understand the problem . The pure-blooded vampire king has a sculpted body . He is quite energetic during sex too . His host has clearly enjoyed it . He knows because he has been observing her body reactions and cultivation level ups . He has even fed her blood when she became a bit tired . After absorbing so much male energy and drinking his blood, she is way stronger and beautiful . Her skin is glowing and clean . Her black hair is glossy and smooth . Her old scars have disappears . However, the first bite mark given by the vampire king on her neck hasn't disappeared . It is not bleeding, but the scar refuses to go .

In his opinion, the vampire king is the right match for his host . This vampire king can make her into a powerful being . She will rank up faster . He can even protect her during dire times . In the apocalypse, a weak host like her should take the shelter under a stronger one .

Huang Qiuyan doesn't make any sound . She carefully tries to find her clothes, but she only finds leftover scraps of her dress . She opens her mouth to scream, but she stops when she sees him move a bit in his sleep . When he falls deeper into sleep, she grabs his intact coat and his shirt . His leather pants won't fit her . So, she puts them down .

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The black leather coat is so long that it reaches her ankle . The shirt nearly reaches her knee . It will do .

After she is done, she walks away on her toes for a while . She stops and turns around . She takes a glimpse at the vampire king who is having a good deep sleep . Time to run!

[System: Dear Host, what are you doing? Don't run away . He is an energy minefield . You need him to level up . ]

However, Huang Qiuyan isn't listening . She runs and runs and runs . She doesn't stop or replies to System until she reaches her home .

Fu Sheng wakes up when he hears the sound of rustling . Who is running away? There is no shadow of her around him . He realizes that her scent is going further and further away from him .

What's going on here? He recalls everything that happened between them . He frowns when he recalls that he has completed the bonding between her and him . They are mated for life now .

She has tried to seduce him . But, why did he fall for her lowly charms? Even the nymphs couldn't tempt him . She is his true mate, but that doesn't mean that he will lose his head over her . What triggered him?


The vampire king gnashes his teeth . How dare that kid cast a lust spell on him? Because of him, he is mated to that woman . He has been too lenient with that kid . After he goes back, he will punish him for 1001 years .

But, first, he needs to capture this rogue woman who has the courage to run away after eating him .

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