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Chapter 43: 43

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The VIP private room was opened, and Jin in black mink shawl came in with two subordinates . Meanwhile, Xia Nuan found a blade from the drawer . She put it on her wrist and stubbornly looked at those who broke into the room .

When Jin saw it, her smiling face was full of fear, “What are you doing? Put the blade down!”

The two subordinates behind her stepped forward and tried to approach Xia Nuan to take the blade from her hand as soon as possible . Xia Nuan realized their intention immediately . With the blade pressed, her wrist suddenly overflowed with blood .

“Back off!” Xia Nuan raised her voice, repulsing the two subordinates of Jin .

With tense nerves, Jin frowned and persuaded Xia Nuan softly, “Well, I will not ask them to get close to you . Put the blade down, or you will kill yourself!”

“Let me go! I want to leave here!” Xia Nuan glared at Jin fiercely .

With unwillingness on her face, Jin meditated for a moment and said, “Nuan, calm down and listen to me . You met a man of great possessions . He paid millions at the very beginning . When he left in the morning, he paid another ten million yuan . He also told me to take care of you and he would come again tonight, so let’s cooperate . You can share half of the money and I’ll let you go once the man is satisfied . Is that OK?”

Xia Nuan shook her head and sneered, “I will not cooperate with you . Don’t you ever think about it . If you do not let me go, I have to die here . I have already called the police in advance . You all would be the murderers who get me killed when the police come here . I’ve got nothing to lose . You really think I’m afraid of you?”

She hated to trade her body . The first time she was forced to accept surrogacy was an indelible experience for her .

It was a humiliation for her that she could never forget in her life, but now she had become a totally filthy woman who was exactly the kind of person that Ye Sichen said before .

The world of Xia Nuan turned dark . At the beginning, she hoped to find a ray of light in the darkness, but now she would never find it .

“Little bitch, you think you are tough, huh?” Jin changed the face when she saw the situation, “You are the first one who dares to threaten me . ”

As Jin spoke, she pulled out a black object from her chest . Before Xia Nuan could see it clearly, with a swoosh, her hand with the blade was numb . Then she lost consciousness .


Xia Nuan was woken up by a splash of water poured from head to foot .

Opening her eyes, Xia Nuan was wet all over and found herself tied to the bed .

Her legs were tied in different directions with chains and handcuffs .

Dressed in burgundy high-waisted split skirt, Jin sat on a chair not far away, with her legs overlapped . She held a thin cigarette in her hand, squinting at Xia Nuan .

There were two tall men standing on both sides of her, who looked at Xia Nuan struggling on the bed . With greedy light in their eyes, they itched to peel off Xia Nuan’s clothes by their eyes .

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“I’ll give you a choice . You can choose to either serve the guests or be played by them for free?”

“Kill me!” Xia Nuan would rather die than choose any of them .

Jin smiled scornfully, “Chick, I won’t let you die, but your life will be worse than death . Since you don’t want to serve the guests, I have to leave you to my subordinates . Both of you, get Zuo and Wen here . You four are free to sleep with her together . After that, you can sell the tapes recorded which may make a profit . ”

“Yes, Jin, I’ll get them here right away!”

“Enough! I choose to serve the guests!”

When the two men were about to call others, they were stopped by the sharp voice of Xia Nuan .

Jin gave them a wink, and the two men came back with a little disappointment .

Xia Nuan was shivering all over with fear .

She was firmly controlled in this place, and there was no chance for her to resist . The only thing that she did was to cooperate with Jin . She would rather sleep with the same guest than several men at the same time . . .

“Well, that’s right . Untie her and take her to Mr . X’s room . ”

Mr . X was the guest who paid a high price for Xia Nuan last night . He would come again tonight .

Some guests did not want to reveal their real identity, so they would use letters as code names . That’s how most of the celebrities did . And the staff in the nightclub would never try to figure out the real identity of the guests .

Of course, no one knew that Mr . X was the famous superstar Ye Sichen . . .

Xia Nuan was daubed with red lips and exquisitely heavy makeup, wearing a white sling skirt and sitting in the luxurious VIP private room .

She twisted her hands and looked at the opposite window blankly .

Outside the window, there was a bright moon hanging in the dark night .

The bright moon was the cleanest, just as clean as Ye Sichen .

Xia Nuan burst into tears and then slowly closed her eyes .

“Mr . X, Nuan has been waiting for you for a long time . She did nothing but miss you all day!” At this time, Jin came in with a thin man dressed in black .

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The man wore a silver mask . His black hair was hidden in his hat . Xia Nuan could not see his face at all . But his eyes were clear and deep enough to shock people’s mind .

Xia Nuan’s heart shivered uncontrollably as she looked at him .

He looked like Ye Sichen!

Especially the eyes, and his figure!

Xia Nuan was very nervous . As the masked man getting close to her, she held her breath .

Ye Sichen would never come to such a place . It must be her illusion .

Xia Nuan felt disappointed to think of this, but she also felt grateful that Ye Sichen did not find her so dirty .

“Nuan, it pays to serve Mr . X well . ” Jin patted Xia Nuan’s hand . Finding Xia Nuan looking at Mr . X indifferently, she frowned and pushed Xia Nuan into Mr . X’s arms .

Jin smiled vaguely and left wisely .

“Since you are here to trade your body, don’t pretend that you are innocent . ” A low and cold voice sounded over her head . He grabbed her chin . Then she was pushed close to the bedside by his strong body .

His eyes were like a strong magnet, which attracted her deeply .

She fell weakly on the bed, losing her ability to refute him . Her scattered black hair spread on the big bed like a seaweed, which filled his eyes .

“Don’t you know how to please me? I do not pay money to see you fool . ” His sexy throat said again in a deep voice, and his slender fingers brutally tore up the sling on her shoulders .

His dangerous hegemony and power gave her a sense of suffocation and made her realize the fact .

Ye Sichen’s voice was softer and warmer than that of this man . There were contempt, disdain and cruelty in his eyes .

Xia Nuan closed her eyes and touched his neck reluctantly .

As he treated her hard when they were having sex, Xia Nuan was stuffy to buzz because of the pain .

“Open your eyes and look at me . ” The cold voice sounded like a command that could not be rejected .

But Xia Nuan looked away, avoiding his gaze and looking at the moonlight outside the window, with a drop of tears falling into his palm .

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His heart twitched slightly . After a pause, he treated her a litter softer than before .

“Don’t you know exactly how to serve a man? Why do you pretend to be pitiful?”

With lack of strength, Xia Nuan heard the man’s cynicism .

Xia Nuan was silent . Her eyes were filled with sadness .

The man pulled her shoulders and forced her to face him . His eyes were full of anger, “You are such an unscrupulous woman . You can do anything shameless for money . ”

Xia Nuan was not angry but laughed, “Mr . Noble, if you don’t have such a dirty mind, how can I have the chance to be shameless? We are just the same . ”

“You feel honored?” What she said was really unbearable!

He had never been a regular customer here before . If it wasn’t for her, he would never stay in such a place .

“Didn’t you say that I am doing this for money? Wealth can bring nobility for me . ”

Xia Nuan didn’t care about anything anymore . Since she had already involved in such body trades, it didn’t matter how dirty she was . The only thing she wanted to do now was to leave here .

Jin would not allow her to leave, so she had to count on the guests . Thinking of this, Xia Nuan raised her head with one hand and pulled back the quilt, showing her graceful body, “Mr . X, what kind of posture do you like? I will fully meet your needs . ”

“You make me sick when you are acting like this . ”

He looked away and did not look at her .

“Didn’t you enjoy yourself just now?” Xia Nuan snuggled in his arms, “If you love me, take me out of here . ”

He got crazy and grabbed her waist violently . . .

He did not know how long he enjoyed himself, but Xia Nuan could not get out of the bed .

The third night, the fourth night and the fifth night were the same . He would not stop until she had no strength every night .

Because of the fear of pregnancy, Xia Nuan took the contraceptive at the instruction of Jin .

That night, Ye Sichen did not come until midnight .

When Jin took him to the VIP private room, Xia Nuan was sleeping .

Jin was about to wake Xia Nuan up, but he stopped her .

Asking Jin to stay outside, he slowly approached Xia Nuan . The soft orange light shone on her white and clear face . He could not help touching her .

Inadvertently, he found that she was holding a stuff in her arms . Then he fixed his eyes upon it and found it was a book .

Ye Sichen gently took the book .

He was astonished for a moment .

This book was about the teaching of fashion design, which was given by him .

There was his autograph on the opened page .

Below his signature, there was a line of beautiful Chinese fonts,

“Because of you, I look for the light in the dark . However, I am abandoned by the light, then I fall into the abyss beyond redemption . . . ”

“Those photos were not taken by me . Why don’t you believe me?” Xia Nuan talked as she slept and frowned .

Ye Sichen’s heart tightened . He stared at her thoughtfully .

“Why don’t you give me a chance to explain but drive me away? Am I so ignoble in your heart? Ye Sichen . . . Now I become the kind of person you said before . . . ” Xia Nuan burst into tears as she lay on the pillow .

A force drove him to take her in his arms . Her fragrant breath was tingled with a pungent smell of wine, which made him a little dizzy .

Xia Nuan held him tight, with her tearful cheeks leaned against his chest .

Ye Sichen turned off the lamp, and then pulled the mask vigorously off his face . Lowering his head, he held her face and kissed her lips fiercely .

His kiss was like intoxicating wine so that Xia Nuan could not extricate herself . She could not help responding with silent cooperation .

With the moonlight shining in the room, Ye Sichen’s delicate and handsome face was reflected in her blurred eyes, and she was so intoxicated and murmured in a low voice, “Mr . , Mr . Ye . ”

“Call me Ye . ”

He ordered her vaguely .