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Chapter 47: 47

Xia Nuan felt that her waist was circled a little bit tighter as she kept struggling .

She almost felt breathless thanks to the unique overbearing atmosphere, which made her even more excluded about it .

She had already known who he was .

“I am free now and no one can force me!” Especially, this place was bought by Ye Sichen, so she struggled more fiercely .

“Didn’t you say that it would be more interesting to do this in another place?” He held her chin and pulled her back . However, she still struggled and didn’t follow him .

Under the light, the man with the silver mask was coquettish and mysterious . Behind the mask, he wore an evil charming smile . He forced her to turn around, which could make it convenient for him to get closer to her .

“If you don’t leave, I will call someone here . ” Xia Nuan did not want to listen to his flighty remarks . She turned aside and said seriously .

At the beginning, she had counted on him to leave Mood for Love . The so-called “interesting” had been just an excuse for her to curry favor with him . She had been in a condition where she had had to say that . But now she did not need him and she could leave here by herself tomorrow .

He didn’t seem to be frightened . Instead, he calmly circled her waist and pressed her onto the bed . His slender fingers slowly put her long hair behind her ears, “I am not afraid of your calling anyone . You’d better let Ye Sichen know about our affairs . ”

As he said it, he found that Xia Nuan was in a panic .

He chuckled to himself .

“It seems that you are really afraid of being discovered by Ye Sichen . ” He said, “Do you care about him that much?”

“Countless girls care about him . What do I mean to him?” Xia Nuan laughed at herself . Even if she had only a little strength left, she would not give up struggling under him, “Please let me go and leave here, or I will not be kind to you!”

He sniffed the unique fragrance that she emitted . His eyes were filled with tenderness . But he pretended to be a frivolous bully and couldn’t help making a joke on her, “I am here tonight to accompany you . I will not leave until you call someone here . ”

He made her firmly fixed and did not allow her to move slightly .

“You . . . ” Xia Nuan was angry . Her chest violently heaved . She put her hands in front of chest in case he touched her .

Seeing that she was reluctant, his eyes flashed a sense of jealousy .

However, the fact was that he was jealous of himself .

He loosened her . His eyes ran down the room and then fixed on the precious jewelry and clothes .

“These clothes don’t fit you well? Or you don’t like these jewelries?” He asked Xia Nuan who was tying the buttons flurriedly in a corner .

“I don’t like them and they do not fit me as well . ” Xia Nuan replied simply and clearly . Seeing that he had no intention to leave, she still stood in that corner .

“So how are you gonna deal with them?”

“It was you who bought them . You can take them away . ”

“I bought all these clothes according to your size . They are all famous brands . Are you really sure you don’t want them?” He looked at this determined woman with a strong interest .

“No, I don’t need them . They are not suitable for me . ” Xia Nuan said decisively .

“Ah . ” He touched his chin and paced back and forth in front of Xia Nuan, as if he was pondering an extremely serious matter .

Under the light, his straight figure was covered with a soft halo . Xia Nuan stared at him, but her thoughts “drifted” to Ye Sichen .

Unconsciously, she couldn’t control her mind to think of him . His name seemed to be engraved in her heart deeply .

“Since you don’t want to wear them, I will not force you . However, there is a list here . The clothes I bought for you cost me nearly ten million yuan . You have to compensate me for these expenses . ” He said slowly .

“You were willing to buy them . I didn’t force you to do that . You should ask my opinion before you bought them . ” Xia Nuan almost stamped her feet in frustration .

“I asked Jin . She said that you wanted them, so I bought them . ” He said seriously .

“Mr . X, is this a blackmail?” Xia Nuan shivered with anger .

“Not really . A necklace alone is worth nearly ten million yuan, or more than that . I will not ask you too much . You just need to pay 15 million yuan for that . ”

He was good at taking advantage of her weakness .

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There was nothing to say for Xia Nuan . Indeed, all the things he bought were the famous brands .

“Well, I like these clothes and jewelry very much . I will not return these things to you . ” Xia Nuan did not have any money to pay . So, she was planning to accept these things for the time being . Anyway, when she left, she would throw them all into the sea .

“Well, wear it regularly, otherwise, I will still ask you for money . If you don’t wear them, you are wasting them . And I don’t like wasting . Fortunately, there are monitor chips installed in these clothes . Once I find that you are not wearing these clothes, I will ask you to compensate the money at any time, 15 million yuan . ”

He was frightening her with the chip monitoring . That was his small trick .

“Well, I will wear them . I wear them every day . Can you leave now?” Xia Nuan was almost driven to mad .

How could he be such a rogue!? He was simply obsessive-compulsive!

He wore a smug smile, which could make one be fascinated . But Xia Nuan didn’t want to see him, even for a second . She only hoped that he could leave as soon as possible .

“I’m leaving now . Don’t miss me . ”

Getting close to her once again, he held her delicate face, lowered his head and tried to kiss her . But she turned away her face and escaped from him .

He was disappointed for a moment . Then he turned around and left the room .

Xia Nuan finally breathed a sigh of relief . After he left, she locked the door in fear of his unnoticed coming once again .

She was at a loss as she saw that box of valuables . She checked if there were any chips like Mr . X said, only found nothing after a long time .

Xia Nuan lay in bed, frustrated .

She would rather wear them than pay for 10 million yuan .

Unconsciously, she fell asleep in a lying position .

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The knock outside the door awaked Xia Nuan .

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She got up, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and then went to answer the door .

Manager Lian Kang of the public relations team was standing outside the door . His expression was serious and solemn .

It seemed that she had met this complexion before .

Last time, because of the photo affairs, Ramon stared at her with this condemned expression .

“Mr . Lian Kang, what’s up?”

“Follow me to the storage room . ” Lian Kang turned back after he said that .

Xia Nuan followed him without washing herself .

They came to the storage room on the third floor and found nothing unusual . It was full of various boxes just like yesterday .

Xia Nuan could not help breathing a sigh of relief .

She guessed if Lian Kang intended to pay her salary .

However, at this time, Lian Kang asked a staff to uncover a box underneath .

Inside were costumes . Ye Sichen’s costumes .

These clothes were elaborately made based on Ye Sichen’s size, but why they were not hanging on the closet or hangers? Instead, they were casually stuffed in these boxes?

“These boxes are filled with Mr . Ye’s costumes . You moved them here yesterday, right?” Lian Kang took out a costume and asked Xia Nuan .

Xia Nuan nodded, “Yes, you asked me to carry them yesterday . ” But she did not know that they were Ye Sichen’s costumes .

“Where are the buttons of this clothes? And this one was torn . And the same are true to these clothes . Besides, that box was empty . There was nothing inside . Tell me, where are the clothes? Tell me . ” Lian Kang questioned Xia Nuan .

Xia Nuan’s heart jolted and desperately recalled the process she carried these boxes yesterday . After confirming that her movements would not break the costumes, she shook her head, “I don’t know, Mr . Lian Kang . Is it empty originally?”

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Lian Kang’s face turned serious immediately, “That is impossible . Mr . Ye’s costumes are strictly checked and packaged . There is no possibility that the box is empty, so this is your fault . ”

“Sorry, I didn’t open the box and I even didn’t know what’s inside . ” Xia Nuan argued . Facing the powerful public relations team, she felt that her defenses were insufficient .

“Impossible . We do every step of our work with great care and it is impossible to go wrong . These are all caused by you . ” Lian Kang kept saying that it must be Xia Nuan’s fault .

Xia Nuan had nothing to say . She helplessly frowned .

It was really bad luck . From last night to present, she was questioned frequently .

“Now these clothes are either broken or lost, and Ye Sichen’s concert will start next month . You have a month to find a way to remedy it . If the concert is delayed because of this, you will be sued by the lawyer . ” Lian Kang said to Xia Nuan solemnly .

“I’m telling you the truth . The costumes are not taken by me, or broken by me . Mr . Lian Kang, you can’t slander me like this!” Xia Nuan was infuriated by exasperation .

She really hated being wronged .

“Do you have any evidence to prove your innocence? The absence of evidence means that you are quibbling . If they were taken by you, you’d better return them immediately . If you want to prove your innocence, you must design the lost costumes completely . Otherwise, I will certainly hold you responsible for that . ” Lian Kang interrupted her without listening to her explanation .

All the staff who were carrying out internal rectification surrounded her and looked at her with reprimand . She became the target of public criticism .

“Only one month . It’s all your business . ” After Lian Kang said that, he left the storeroom in the name of answering the phone .

Xia Nuan frowned . Looking at the boxes, she clenched her fist .

The costumes were not taken by her, but she had to design costumes that could make Ye Sichen satisfied to prove her innocence .

Looking at those incomplete costumes, she was inexplicably thinking of the costume design book . Immediately, she was enlightened and returned to her room to take that design book .

While studying the drawings, she observed the costumes, pondering and thinking over it carefully . She drew it back and forth . Unconsciously, she became indulged in it .

She drew dozens of drawings for a few days continuously . Then she selected a few decent designs and gave them to Lian Kang .

“Mr . Lian Kang, I drew these designs . Which one do you think is suitable for the costume?” Xia Nuan tried her best to ask in a nice way .

Lian Kang handed them over, scrutinized carefully and frowned, “They look fine, but it’s not my decision to make . I have to hand over these drawings to Mr . Ye . If he is satisfied with them, the problem would be solved . But you’d better not hold too much hope . Mr . Ye is a person who pursues perfection . What ordinary people deems to be good would be considered mediocre by him . After all, artists are born with different views . ”