Published at 30th of December 2018 03:37:23 PM

Chapter -1

I read from somewhere a saying that goes like this:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, seeking perfection is not a worthy goal; No one is perfect in this world, and if one does exist it could only mean its not a human . [unknown]

We human being tends to be 'greedy' a perfectionist . We can never be satisfied even if we were born with a fine figure, a beautiful face, wealth and power etc . . etc . . As a human, we will strive to be perfect into someone eyes, a boss, a co-worker, a friend, most especially to the one we dearly love, our family .

I want to pinpoint 'Greed ' that consumed us the human being . Everywhere we turn around there's greed lurking, in the back of our mind and within our heart .

We the human being all have a different type of greed; Ambition, satisfaction, accomplishment, acknowledgment, etc . etc . But most of all enjoyment and happiness .

I find enjoyment when I see people acknowledge the effort I put forth, and the time I spent thinking of a way to make everyone be a part of the novel I'm writing . The satisfaction I feel when I'm able to provide a little happiness to all the reader's life; However trivial it may be .

When you the readers give me recognition for the hard work I had done . Support this novel and made it in the ranking where it is now,[in the top#10] along with all my grammatical errors along the way . I feel fulfilled and accomplished .

The many hours I spent staying up very late at night when I know I still have work early in the morning . When I only take a couple of bites of my lunch instead of taking the full hour . All those's are part of what they called "Greed" in my self . All of that is because I'm greedy . I'm greedy to want to see my reader ask for more chapter . And with my greed to make my reader happy, I do my best to comply .

Having written the above about greed and myself . Now is to follow a brief description of this novel .

The setting of this novel is a combination of [Amerisian . ] America & Asia .

The story revolves mainly around the two main characters . How they meet, accidentally marries each other, and after being apart for some years, they finally got together and fell in love with one another . [ Simple right?] Very plain Jane Doe story . [Then maybe not . ]

Life, in reality, is never dull . I had seen countless times in an article or tv news that a famous, rich, etc . etc . committed suicide, killed in an accident, doing drugs, what have you . What I'm trying to say is that, no matter how famous, rich, powerful a human being, there still that greed that needed to be feed .

Within this story, I want to portray a real world, more than a fantasy .

The lead characters are a normal human being like us with many 'greeds,' and I want us to explore all those through them . How they will feed and satisfy the greed within their body and soul .

We will be along with the two main characters dealing with their day to day lives . How they tackle the family issue, conquer the business world etc . etc .

However, the main question remains unanswered; After all, said and then will the two main characters live happily ever after and ride into the sunset . Or would they end up inside the court off law signing a divorce paper?

Within the story, there are side characters that will do everything in their power to separate them . Along with side characters that would help them stay together along the way .

Who will win in their battle, the good or the evil?

It's mainly a feel-good story . After a long hard day and your tired, your not feeling wanted, you think there's nothing out there to do . You need a little laughter in your heart . That's when greed in your mind kicks-in .

How about read a chapter here in there, or follow along with me as I write their story .

One thing I know for sure . No matter what the ending of the story . I will be enjoying and living with it until THE END .

Thank you for your continued support, I'm hoping that the 'greed'in the reader's mind will want to continue the journey with me .