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Chapter 1


All Characters, places, event, depicted in the novel are entirely fictitious, any similarity to the actual events or persons, living or dead is purely coincidental .


CEO Jeff Go of Mega International Group had a business deal and needed a translator .

Ann Wen 18 years of age, recently graduated from High School . Orphan and destitute . She needed money and a fake husband to complete a job . They accidentally met in a club and made a deal, [Fake marriage . ]

A fake marriage that will be annulled once the translation job completed . However, why are they still married four years later and might even become permanent for life?


For years before:

Ann had just turned 18 years old, freshly graduated from high school . Her dream was to become a famous singer like her idols ' Celine and Whitney' . Since young she had been practicing and singing her idols song whenever she has a chance, hoping that someday she can become famous . Just like the Mother who abandoned her at birth .

Ann knows she has talent, many people that had heard her sing said so, she was born with the gift just like her Mother who's a very famous personality in the entertainment industry in Asia .

Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, she was abandoned by her mother at birth . Growing up parentless, she was raised by her grandmother alone in America .

Ann grandmother passed away just as she was turning adult, leaving her all alone in this world . She doesn't know who's her biological father and her Mother doesn't acknowledge her at all .

In all of her 18 years of life, not once did her mother visited her, even when her grandmother passed away . She didn't even attend the wake or the funeral . Probably afraid people will recognize her and put two and two together which it can affect her career in the process .

Ann never realized how bad her situation was, until bills from the hospital and funeral start coming in the mail . On top of that, the rent that had been passed due for the last couple of months due to her grandmother being hospitalized started coming as well .

The girl that once have a bright future ahead of her is now destitute and penniless .

On one lucky day, she finally had a break . There's a singing competition auditioning in another city . If she can go to the audition, she knows, she will make cut and pass . One problem is how is she going to get there? She's flat broke she still owes the funeral parlor and hospital . Pretty soon she could become homeless too; She already received a notice from her landlord that she needs to move out by the end of the week if she's unable to pay the back rent .

She's so depressed, trying to figure out where is she going to get the money? She thought about her friend Lea . But she already owed her too much . On top of that, she doesn't know anyone else that would lend her money . Last option if worst comes to worst and nothing else . She could try and contact her lousy Mother . Decided against in the end .

Ann never once laid her eye on her Mother in person in all her eighteen years of life . The only thing she has is a picture and a story that her grandma told her about her .

Sophia Wen, A famous entertainer in Asia who recently got married to one of the wealthiest men in the country . Never once thought about the child she had left, now destitute and penniless with no one to run too .

Ann decided she's better off taking a chance asking her friend Lea for another loan . On the other hand, maybe she can work part-time and earned enough money to get to the next city where the audition will be held .

When Ann arrived at Lea's place she found her arguing with her boyfriend . " I don't know anyone all right! no matter how much your friend's boss is willing to pay!" Lea told the man screaming from the top of her lung .

"How about you? I know you can speak at least four or five languages?" the man answered .

"So, what if a can it doesn't mean I'm willing to do it! Lea replied angrily .

Suddenly, he remembers Ann: "How about your friend the one that's always hanging around you?

Always borrowing money, I know she could use some cash right now why don't you ask her?"

"I can't believe you have the gut's to ask me that . that's my friend, and I'm your girlfriend for god sake! " Lea said it with tears in her eyes . "You know what! I don't need a boyfriend like you, let's break up!'

"No . . . No . . No! Please don't say that" Actually I was doing this for the commission you know that .

Ann heard what the man just said and out of curiosity, she asked: " What about me?"


Four year's later:

A private plane is heading its way to America, sitting inside is the handsome young CEO Jeff Go of the biggest group in Asia on the way to attend his wife's graduation . From the look on his face, you can see the concern in his eyes . Four years ago was the first and last time they were together, he left without a word just left a sticky note in her bathroom mirror . The time has come to bring his wife home . They are supposed to annul their marriage four years ago, but he did not give her a chance to do so . This time would she be willing to stay married or finally file for divorce?