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Chapter 10

Ann was the first to wake up . She slowly removed Jeff's hand from hugging her and replaced herself with a pillow . She quickly took a shower, dressed quietly, then jot down a note for Jeff then left in a hurry .

She still has a lot of time on her hand but, she doesn't want to stick around just in case Jeff wakes up . Part of it is because she's embarrassed, the other is because she doesn't know how to face him .

Ann arrived at the hotel, she was greeted right away by Ronald and taken to the Penthouse .

Ronald did not have the chance to interrogate Ann like he planned the night before . He was afraid that his boss will find out and he can get in trouble big time . Jeff doesn't like it when he does things without his permission .

Since he knows that she is his boss, new wife, he just ushered her right away were the contract signing will be and started the process . Jeff arrived at the hotel ahead of Ann, he needed to briefly inform his assistant what to do . He then when to the adjoining room and turned his laptop on .

Ronald made an excuse to the other party that Jeff had to catch a cold and don't want to spread it to everyone . Therefore, the contract signing will be done via conference video-, call, and the other party agreed .

The job was done to the point of perfection . Ann had fluently translated everything just like she's speaking on her own native language in which had made the other party satisfied . As promised she received a bonus for doing a great job .

As soon as she received her payment, she bid Ronald goodbye and Left in a rush . She can't wait to go home, she left in a hurry that morning trying to avoid Jeff, but now she can't wait to see him .

For some odd reason, she feels like someone is following her, but when she looked around, she didn't see anyone, "that was weird," she just let it go and continued to the direction of the bus stop . While she was waiting for the bus, it suddenly came to her that once she paid "Jeff," he might also run off just like herself just now, that made Ann sad just thinking about it .

She didn't want to face the situation and decided to take her time going home . She needed time to think about their situation . She can stop by first at Lea's workplace was Jeff, and herself tied the knot the night before to see if Lea's there . She's professional when it comes to a relationship, who knows she might have some advice . Hold and behold, Lea was not at work, she tried to call here once again, but same as the night before, no luck .

Since she's already there, might as well find the Manager to asked him how to go about the annulment . " I apologized but, both of you must be present to annulled your marriage . " . The man in front of her said . Ann smile a little then said to the Manager " is that so!, then I'll be back, I will go get him and come back . " . Ann left and went home only to find an empty apartment, there's no Jeff around . "Where could he go?, did he left for good?, what do I do now!" Ann was almost in tears when suddenly she heard someone knocking at the door .

She runs towards the door excitedly and opens it, as soon as she saw that it was the culprit . . . she cannot stop herself and said," where have you been!" Ann asked Jeff almost screaming . . . Jeff was speechless and stunned at the same time, he just stared at her while rooted at the door, don't know what to say or do .