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Chapter 100
The flight back to Asia was very long . Ann took this chance to get caught up with what's going with Tan Corporation . She nestles to Jeff who's also busy reading some significant documents .

The private Jet has a very luxurious cabin that accommodates them perfectly along with the spacious outer area where other's can enjoy the comfort and luxury during the flight .

" Honey' may I ask you a question?" Ann was playing on Jeff's upper torso making him shiver as she caresses it slowly . Jeff is not wearing a top shirt; his eight pack is spread out ready for Ann take advantage during the flight .

Jeff stop what he's doing, put the tablet down and gave his full attention to his lovely wife . "What is it? Tell me' what's bothering you?" He swept the strand of hair toward her ear that was partially covering part of her face .

" How are you going to help me with Tan Corporation when you have enough to worry about at Mega Group?" Ann looked at Jeff with concern . But in Jeff's eyes, she was more like begging to be swallowed whole .

" Let me worry about that Okay! All you need to do is concentrate on how you are going to win everyone's heart at Tan's Corp . I have faith in you . I know this will be a piece of cake once you take action . " Kissed her deeply in her red lips to end the conversation . [ Snu-snu ] to ease the boredom of a long flight back to Asia .

They arrived back to Asia without a hitch . It was very late in the evening . Everyone was so tired from the long flight . Jeff and Ann are worn out from the activity they had done during the trip back . Ann can barely walk, her legs were still sore . Jeff had overdone it this time .

Ronald bid his goodbye and head back home . He cannot wait to show his Father all the recording he made during their visit with the Kuan's . Ronald cannot contain the happiness his feeling that waiting to burst . He started laughing so hard on the way home .

Lea still in the dreamland, elated to the max didn't even know Ronald had left for home already . As she was walking toward her room, she can't help to think . 'This is surreal, the life of the Billionaire is something . To be able to have breakfast in one Country and have dinner in another is fantastic! Thanks to my best friend, I'm living a life of luxury along with her . ' She glanced at the couple heading to their bedroom, smiled and went into her room .


The next morning Jeff had to leave early for a Business trip to Korea . They are building twenty new Vessels . The plan is to finish in the next couple of years . There's a problem in the Shipyard that requires his attendance . Living Ann on her device on her first day at Tan Corporation as the new Interim CEO .

" Sweetheart, I'm sorry! It's inimitable that I attend, If I can send another, I would but I can't alright! I'll make it up to you when I come back . ' Jeff is looking with sad eyes to his wife that sulking like a little child .

" Do you have to go? It's my first day, and I'm nervous . Couldn't you wait till this afternoon at least? " Back hug Jeff as he was putting his tie getting dress . Ann pleading her might come with a hint of tears in her eyes ready to drop anytime .

" Oh! . . . Sweetheart! You're breaking my heart . What can I do? I don't want to go, but I must ok? " Jeff turned around and faced his wife now has tears streaming down her beautiful face . Kissed it away, then turned and left before he changes his mind .

Just as Jeff was walking towards the door to leave, Lea who had just woken up walking toward the kitchen saw him . " Good morning! Leaving so early?" asked Jeff with squinting half-opened eyes .

" Good morning to you too!" Nods to bid Lea goodbye and about to step out the door . Suddenly, he stopped and turned around to speak: " Lea, do me a favor? I know you will never let anyone bully Ann, but you never know? "

He looks Lea straight in her eyes; "Today is her first day if anyone tries to give a hard time, please don't hesitate to contact me . If you can't get a hold of me to call Ronald and he will relay the message alright!" Once Lea agreed only then can Jeff feel at ease to move on .

Ronald was already downstairs of Ann's Condominium waiting patiently . He didn't want to go up . Afraid he will run-in to Lea and will not want to part as well . Their relationship had progressed into the second stage since the trip to America .

Ronald opened the door for Jeff to get in . 'He felt terrible for the way his boss has a solemn look on his face . ' Ronald shakes his head in shame .

' I wish this can be handled by myself, and I would volunteer to go alone on this trip . Unfortunately, the situation is more complicated than what my little knowledge can process . ' Ronald thought sadly .

Inside Ann's Condominium, she was still seating on her vanity trying to sike herself out to be courageous and to start getting ready . ' I know I can do It, Ann Jai-Ho! Your smart, this is a piece of cake!' Once she starts feeling the surge of confidence in her; Ann went to her wardrobe and pulled out the suits she needed for the part . " READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!" Ann yelled to herself .

Lea who's standing by the door of Ann's bedroom started clapping her hand and yelled as well:

"You said it Girlfriend, 'TAN CORPORATION; YOU BETTER BE READY! A TORNADO IS COMING!' " Lea yelled on top of her lung then started laughing happily . " LET'S GO!"