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Chapter 101
'Ready or not I must face reality . I'm the new Interim CEO of Tan Corporation . Many lives now depending on me for their livelihoods; I need to be strong for everyone that's believing in me . ' Ann keeps telling herself on the way to the Hospital to visit Albert Tan .

Lea was observing her best friend the whole time . 'She can feel to her bone that Ann is scared as much as her . The only thing she can do right now is to show courage to encourage Ann to do same . '

Lea nudges her friend to say a comforting word . ' Hey! Cheer up, if; it's any consolation your husband was kind enough to remind me of my responsibility as your friend and Manager . Now that your career as an entertainer is on hold . I will take the position of your P . A . until such time when you go back into the industry .

Ann looks at Lea blankly . " Friend, do you think I'm doing the right thing? I mean . . . this, putting a big responsibility on my shoulder . You think I'm the right person for this job? "

" If you're not, then no one else is the right person alright!" Lea is trying to cheer her up with kind words .


Still many Reporters were waiting around the lobby of the Hospital when they arrived . Luckily she did not forget to changes into her other personality — the Business Woman, not the Celebrity Ann . They pass through the bunch of Reporters without a hitch .

She asked Lea to stay at the VIP waiting room, to give some private moment with her Father . In which Lea happily complied and went into the direction of the VIP Room .

When they arrive at Albert's VIP room, there was only a nurse standing by outside the room . Ann asked the nurse to take a break for a couple of minutes to give her some time to discuss a business matter with Albert Tan who's now conscious and watching the news .

Ann quietly stands by the door for a moment before lightly knocking at the door . *knock knock* " Hello! CEO Tan, I'm Joanna Wen the new Interim CEO of Tan Corporation . " Ann introduced herself professionally and extended her hand for a handshake .

Albert Tan who's engrossed to the News he's watching turned his head in Ann direction and stared at her with a full eye in shock speechless .

Ann was feeling uncomfortable the way her Father staring at her . " Is there something in my face?" She jokingly said to sooth the atmosphere a little .

" No! I apologize, it's rude of me to stare at you like that . The way you look right now reminded me of my Mother when she was young . Your resemblance is cunning . ' Albert Tan explained the best he can to Ann like a doting Father .

"It's alright! no harm came . " She smiled sweetly .

" What brings you here? Is it not today is your first day at the office? Is there something you want to speak to me about for you to be here now?" Abert Tan is trying to coax Ann to speak freely .

"I want to ask for a few pointers . Who I need to watch out for within the Company, etc . etc . " Ann is now feeling more relaxed, sat by Albert's bed waiting for a reply .

"Well if you must know it all, it will take some time . I can give you a few pointers now, and who you needed to keep your eye out . The rest you will need to come back and revisit me . If that's not too much to ask? " Albert hoping earnestly .

" Sure! I will come back this evening to report back to you . " Ann happily replied almost hug Albert in turn .

Albert Tan gave Ann all pieces of information she needed to tackle what's ahead of her .

"Off you go! Give every single one of them old folk hell . Hahaha!" Albert who's still in so much pain from the incident, laughing happily .

The Nurse heard his laugh went inside without warning with concern in her eyes . " Please! Sir, don't exhaust yourself, you're still in bad condition . " She pleaded .
"She's right CEO Tan, Is not suitable to exhaust yourself at this point . Let me go ahead and be on my way . I will visit again, I promised!" Ann got up and gave him a light hug .

Albert Tan embraced her in return and whispered to her ear: " When the time is right we will need to talk alright!" Then released Ann from his embrace .

" Yes! sure!" Ann bid her goodbye with sadness in her eyes, slowly made her way to Lea who's waiting in the VIP room .

' Yes! Father, when the time is right, we will have our talk . I have many questions, and I'm sure you do too . Till then, please! take care of yourself and get well soon . ' Ann is telling herself to ease the pain she is currently feeling .


Tan Corporation:

Every upper Management is anxious and nervous at the same time . They all received the report on the day Ann became the Interim CEO . No one knows about this new kid on the block . If she's as good as they say, there's a lot of people that will get terminated once she started sweeping .

Tan Corporation Headquarters is a Twelve-Floor building . The first floor is well designed in a modern ambiance with a glass window all around .

The 2nd~6th were occupied by the lower level employee . 7th to 9th all various department . Marketing, New Product Development, Accounting, Human Resources . Etc . Etc .

10th & 11th Occupied by upper Management . COO, CFO . Etc . Etc .

The Twelve-Floor is where the CEO office, occupying almost half of the whole floor . Sharing it President, VP, and their secretaries .


The upper Management including Elder Tan are ready and anxiously standing by waiting at the Lobby all lined up from the door .

One car arrives, then a Black Limousine, then another car following the Limo . Jeff had hired a bodyguard for his wife .