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Chapter 102

Jeff sent bodyguard for his wife to accompany her to Tan Corporation . With all the incident that had happened recently, Jeff did not want to take a chance with Ann's life .

Before they left for America, Jeff has already resolved the issue of the falling price of the stock of Tan Corporation .


The bodyguards all stepped out of the first and last car . Lined up to protect Ann with their lives . Finally, the most anticipating moment . The driver opened the door .

Lea stepped out first, then Ann who looks dashing in her Business attire . Even though she's now in a Business suits, it's hard to hide the curve of her body with body-hugging outfits she's wearing and how tall and elegant she looks .

She slowly made her way into the Building where everyone is standing still waiting for her arrival .

Everyone who's a male, are salivating on Ann's beauty . While the ladies are all Jealous of this young Interim CEO, that's making her way toward them .

Ann put her best Business looks she can come up . Copying her husband, aloof and cold, she greeted everyone as she passed with a stern look on her face .


The office of the CEO is to die for, overlooking the city and huge! With a small private room to rest if needed . ' Father sure is living the life . " Ann thought after touring the whole office .

Lea was overwhelmed with the whole set-up . " Girlfriend!!! I mean CEO Wen, apology . Will you, please! Slap me just a tiny bit . Enough to make sure I'm not dreaming, and will not leave any bruises . Hahaha!" Lea was laughing out loud that the secretaries outside started looking at each other .

"So! Boss lady, where's mine? Am I going to get as big as this office? Don't have to be, you know! a little smaller is good enough for me . " Lea asked joking and curious at the same time .

" Well! I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you will have to share this large office with me . " Ann teased Lea who gave her a side glance and pouted .

"Stop playing around and call a secretary in her, we need to send a memo out to all the Department Head first," Ann ordered Lea who's still admiring the whole set-up .


*knock knock* " Good morning Ms . Wen, I'm Mrs . Lim the Head Secretary of CEO Tan and will be temporarily under your command . I had been brief by Mrs . Tan to give you all my support . " Bow to Ann then stands still waiting for her order .

Lea was standing curiously gazing at Mrs . Lim up and down like seizing her up . ' You will do! it seems that your honest and trustworthy . ' Gave a thumb up to Ann and nods her head up and down .

" Thank you!" Ann replied to Mrs . Lim without looking away from what she was doing in front of the Computer . After it seems to be an eternity, Ann stopped raised her had to the air them told Mrs . Lim to send the message to all the Head Department .

Written in the message: [ Interim Memo]

[To All Department of Tan Corporation Headquarters .

Warning: Everyone has a full week to prepare all the documents regarding the finances of each Department .

All expenditures, income derived from any source, etc . will be audited for accuracy . Anyone finds to be misappropriating funds will be subject to disciplinary action and punished accordingly .

The first Department to report is as follows: No exception .

She named the Department in order of submission . ]


Once the memo reaches the intended recipient, chaos was everywhere in the whole Building . Department Head and their cronies are all going crazy .

Many Department Head are upset about the memo while there are others that satisfied with her decision .

" Ms . Wen, it's already lunch hour, would like me to order from the Cafeteria to bring your lunch or would you be going down also to meet your employees?" Mrs . Lim was asking but also suggested to her at the same time without making it visible .

Ann heard what Mrs . Lim suggested; " We will be going down to eat with the employee in the Cafeteria, no need to inform them ahead of time . Thank you!" She looked up from what she's doing and gave Mrs . Lim a smile with respect .


Ann and Lea went down to the Cafeteria to have their lunch . As they were walking in, employees were whispering to each other .

"Who's, is that lady? Anyone know who she is?" Employee-1 asked .

" No! It's the first time I saw her" Employee-2 replied .

" Look what she's wearing, that suits cost probably my whole Month salary . " Employee-3 jokingly interjects .

Ann smiled at every employee that greeted her . Afraid to interact, she continued on toward the line to get their lunch .

"I can believe this, you are the Boss lady, but we still have to stand in line? Why can't we get special treatment as VIP, you know what mean?" Lea is now agitated having to stand in line .

When they were almost in the line, a young attractive lady cut-in without making excuse . She's the Secretary of the VP and also his Mistress .

" Excuse me! you can't do that! we had been in line for Ten minutes . It's our turn, you can't cut-in like that . " Lea now fuming and hungry .

The line employee continued serving the Secretary without paying attention to Ann and Lea's remark .

Lea was about to repeat something, but Ann stopped her and warned her . The Secretary did not like it when she saw what Ann did . " What If I cut-in, do you know who I am?" She told them acting high and mighty .

Ann looked at her straight in her eyes and asked: " No! I don't know who you are, but if you tell us now . Then we will know in the future . " Turned to Lea's direction then asks: " Won't we?" Ann quickly winks to Lea with a sarcastic smile on her sweet lips .