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Chapter 103

Lea understood what's Ann meant by that comment . She looked at the VP Secretary straight in her face, then said; "We know! ' Ms . ??' Please, introduce your high and mighty self to us right now .

We . . . ' pointing at herself and Ann . ' can then properly greet your ' Highness' when we run across to you in the future . " Lea, bend and bow at the same time . {Secretly cursing the girl in front of her . }

Lea and Ann are two peas in a pod, one look at each other's facial reaction in an instant, they can conclude what's on each person in mind .

The VP Secretary is now fuming with anger from Lea's comment . " What did you say? Are you mocking me or what? What is your name and which department you belong? Let see if you still have a chance to run into me in the future . " Pointing her finger at Lea and Ann like a mad dog .

Lea is about to refute when Ann pulled her to the side and whispered . " I'm hungry, let's not waste any more of our energy on nonsense alright!" Ann, looking exhausted and out of energy from hunger .

"Oh! Alright!! But this girl is asking for a beating . She better watch herself, If I run-in to her in a dark alley, I will beat the crap at of her! Let's see if I don't do what I just said . " She whispered back .

The VP Secretary didn't like it that Ann and Lea were whispering in front of her, she grabs the tray full of food ready to pour it to Ann and Lea . However, in a flash, all the food was on herself instead .

" Oh! My bad! Clumsy me, I didn't mean it . Sorry! [Not!]" Lea apologizing in a sarcastic tone of voice . She then turns to Ann, winks then continued to the line to get some food .

" YOU!!!" Pointing her finger at Lea, while trying to clean up the food that was spilled all over her brand named clothes and shoes . The VP Secretary was embarrassed with the turn of the event, ran off to the nearest restroom to clean herself up cursing all the way through .

" Hahaha!" " Hahaha!" Lea and many of the employees that were currently having their lunch was laughing hard and loud in unison .

"TAKE THAT! You Bitch!" Lea yelled to the woman seen running for her life with embarrassment .

Ann is too tired and hungry to get upset at her friend childish attitude at that moment . She shook her head and continued to the line to get some food to eat .

They found a corner table away from the prying eye to eat their much-needed lunch .

A group of employees from the Marketing Department came in . Happily teasing one another while lining up to get some food .

" Did you hear what happens to the Vice President's secretary just now? I heard someone finally got her . Hahaha! " One person from the group said .

" I know right! She got what she deserves . I heard that she's the hidden mistress of the V . P . did you know? " Another person interject .

" Shss! You better watch what you say, or you can get into trouble . "

" I don't care, what can she do to us, our big boss is here! Right boss?" Asking George Hao who's not paying attention to their conversation . Instead has his focus on the two girls eating quietly at the far corner table .

' She looks familiar? Could it be that it's her? But I thought she's in the Entertainment Industry?" George was seriously looking at Ann who's far occupied staring intensely at her cellphone .

Once George got the food he needed, instead of going towards same directions with his subordinates, decided to walk by where Ann and Lea was seating .

As he was getting closer, he was able to see clearly . George was stunned for a moment, unable to breathe . ' The Goddess! She is the Goddess! The woman that occupied his mind days and night for many years . ' George thought .

' What is she doing here? ' George was unsure how to proceed . Suddenly Ann turned her head to look around; there she saw a stunned cold face of George Hao with his hand holding a tray of food and feet rooted to the ground .

When Ann recognize the person standing there staring at them to be George Hao, she smiled so sweet and waived motioning for him to come .

Ann got up and met him halfway through . Once they were face to face, the awkwardness started to surface . Especially on George Hao side . " Wow! Georgie! George Hao, how are you? Long time no see? "

George was speechless; he gawked at the beautiful woman in front of him unable to move like a statue .

"Annie! I mean Ann Wen! What a surprise, what are you doing here? I thought you would be continuing with your career in Entertainment Industries . The last I heard you are here in Asia trying out your luck, but what's this all about" Once George found his voice, he couldn't stop bombarding Ann with a question .

"Hold off! Hold your horses alright! One question at the time . Are you with anyone right now? If not, would you like to join us? ' Oh! by the way, remember Lea?' " Ann turned to look at Lea's direction who's not paying attention to them at all . Busy with her cellphone texting and giggling like a teenager . [ Who do you think Lea's texting with?]

George Hao looked at the directions where all of his subordinates sat down . " No! I'm alone; If you don't mind, I would love to share tables with you both . " He gave Ann honey-sweet looking smile he can concoct at that moment with a face all red .

All of George's subordinates had their mouth open in shock . None can believe what they were seeing — the aloof very handsome Marketing Director of Tan Corporation currently immersed in conversation with the most beautiful woman they ever laid their eyes . This is surreal! Big news!